Comic-Con Phase 5: Nathan and MORE!! (Updated and Complete)

Hello There Clammers!

Phase5  of Comic Con is upon us!  Another celebrity has hit our towns!

More details are on the way…just as soon as we go through everything ourselves.  But for now…as usual..Felicia will kick things off for phase 5!

Peter will kick off the new Stewie mutation…

Demon Stewie 2

Let’s get this rolling…

Warning mild Spoilers ahead…

New Buildings:

Fillion's Maid ServiceFillion’s Maid Service- 5,000 Blam!  Earns $30, 20xp/4hrs

Quahog Copy CenterQuahog Copy Center- 100 Clams Always drops Porno Mags

Bath and BodyFoaming Clam Bath and Body Shop- 100 Clams Always drops Lotion

Paper and StuffPaper and Stuff- 150 Clams Always drops Calculators


Biggest Change….Stewie has Mutated AGAIN:

Giant Stewie is no longer in Quahog…instead he’s replaced by Demon Stewie.  He’ll loom over your Convention Center and you have to attack him, just you Giant Stewie…only this time with Harpoons!

2014-08-21 22.53.16

Defeat Demon Stewie with Harpoons:

2014-08-21 23.02.45 2014-08-21 22.53.25

So at this point pesticides are no longer valid in the game.  HOWEVER…TinyCo has provided a FREE pesticide conversion box.  Where you can convert pesticides you had to Harpoons.

Conversion Boxes:

At this point pesticides are useless…so you’ll have to convert what you have into Harpoons by using the Conversion box:

(Side note from Bunny: Rupert is Dr Manhattan from Watchmen for those curious. Hence…the box placement. Lol. )

2014-08-21 23.03.51

2014-08-21 23.03.57


Inside you’ll be able to convert your pesticides to various amounts of Harpoons in the varieties required to beat Stewie:

2014-08-21 23.04.20 2014-08-21 23.04.02 2014-08-21 23.04.13

New Questlines:

Stan and Felicia BOTH got new Questlines AND tasks (We’ll have more on those later).  Stan the Man, Stan kicks off, and Feminerd, Felicia Kicks off. (hmmm are they channeling Bunny???)


New Character:

New premium character released…Nathan Fillion.  He’ll cost 250 Clams.

Nathan Fillion

He will ALWAYS drop 3 Harpoons with his 4hr task.

New Costume:

Multiplier has been released for Quagmire!



To unlock the Multiplier you’ll have to collect STUFF…here’s what you’ll need:

Porno Mag20 Porno Mags (rare): Earned by: Bomb Minion Stewie OR Make Quagmire Write a Haiku OR Get from the Quahog Copy Center

Lotion20 Lotions (rare): Earned By: Clearing Gold Nerds OR Zapping Latcher Stewie OR Make Chris Break the Scale OR Make Jerome be a Superior Athlete OR Get from Fillion’s Maid Service OR Get from Foaming Clam Bath and Body Shop

Calculator10 Calculators (extra rate): Earned By: Zap Latcher Stewie OR Make Peter Train in Crazy Drunk Hammer Combat OR Make Peter Swim in Geek Trash OR Make Nathan Fillion Shop for Gadgets OR Get from Paper and Stuff

eventcurrency_45x45_comiccon@4x10,000 Blam!

New Challenge:

This week we’re after Chris’s vehicle…Gorge-ous Bike!

2014-08-21 23.02.38

You earn the Bike by defeating Demon Stewie 9 Times in 4 Days…

2014-08-21 23.16.54


This will start AFTER your first Demon Stewie attack.  Chris kicks it off.

What Happens to Bryan Cranson? I brought him because of the Pesticides

Bryan Cranston will earn 2 Harpoons everytime you do his 4hr throw pizza task.   So he’s still putting out a decent amount of Harpoons….

2014-08-08 01.13.25


What’s My Incentive To Keep Playing?  I’ve Already Got my 100,000 Blam! 

They’ve built in a bonus exclusive prize for beating Demon Stewie 30x (streak)…you’ll get an Action Movie Set!

2014-08-21 23.16.00

2014-08-21 23.16.07

Clam Deal:

3 day clam sale….spend $9.99 or more on clams and get a 48 Bomb Pack (to help you bomb more Stewies)

2014-08-21 22.53.55


And that’s in my friends…the Phase 5 Thursday night update.   Some new premium, now new freemium and yet another Stewie Mutation!

What do YOU think of Phase 5?  Will you be purchasing Nathan?  Thoughts on the multiplier?  How about the 4th vehicle?  Or the new Stewie mutation?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

874 responses to “Comic-Con Phase 5: Nathan and MORE!! (Updated and Complete)

  1. If I don’t currently have stewie am I still able to get the iron baby outfit and it will just be there when I actually unlock him or no?


    • According the TinyCo you’ll need to have Stewie unlocked. However, we’re seeing conflicting things. I’d say assume it won’t unlock for you if you don’t have Stewie…BUT if the quest pops up for you let us know 🙂


  2. Any idea what happens if you missed getting the teenage freedom georgeous bike? Any way to get it after?


  3. Why hasn’t mine updated I have none of this


  4. Do you have to get to the 25 multiplier of giant stewie to unlock the new stewie or just unlock Felicia?


  5. Love the quagmire multiplyer costume, got it earlier but only a couple of tasks complete, was supised, but on a positive point, he also has a 2 hour task for harpoons, and saving like mad to ensure the mutant Stewie winnnng streak so happy 🙂


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