Where The Hell…? Captain Hammered & Red Hot

In this lil game of ours, it is easy to get lost and so focused into collecting items or unlocking characters that we tend to forget the lil things that make the game what it is. Like Where the HELL did these items come from and why are they in our games?

Well I am here to do just that for you. Let’s take a look at the Family Guy Series and find out just Where The HELL Did That Come From?


In this post, I will be covering the Origin of  Red Hot & Captain Hammered. Why are they dressed up as Superheroes? Do they actually do anyone any good? Is there a point to their costumes? Let’s take a look at the TV Episodes to find out.

Season 8, Episode 2: Family Goy
During the opening credits, we see a parody of Superfriends. Peter as Superman, Lois as Wonder Woman, Brian & Stewie as Batman and Robin, Chris as Aqua Man, and…Meg. Lol. It seems to me they utilized the costumes of these Superheroes to turn Peter & Lois into their own versions.

Captain Hammered and Red Hot


Captain Hammered and Red Hot 2


Now you can see where some of the Superheroes came from that are now in our game. What do YOU think of them? What ones have YOU unlocked? Any favorite tasks? Like that they were added into the event? Tell me your thoughts below.

Til Next Time



36 responses to “Where The Hell…? Captain Hammered & Red Hot

  1. (Damn our reples got to big I couldn’t reply XD)

    Ah ok Bunny haha XD But in all seriousness I do understant what it takes and the long process it takes. I myself also play WoW so Data Mining is kinda a thing. I know that even if you find out something in the files it could just be a place holder, incorrect or subject to change until it hits live or is encountered by a player… and hell even then it can still change.

    And most people do not want to speed through the quests on live to see if there are any bugs gltches or see if the text etc tasks match up with the files to see if you made a mistake reading the files mainly because speeding through the game like that ruins it for oneself. Well the game becomes work. So I am glad you find pleasure in helping others and I hope that you also take the time to enjoy it too!

    It is kinda like writing an essay or trying to get war info, yes, yes I went there! You sometimes have to double, tripple etc check your facts to make sure you are not wrong or you will face trolls, angry mobs(especially with you should I buy this thread) or EA on your ass if you get in wrong enough! Haha XD

    Not to mention the way the game is most times events can trigger at random, in another event, someone has a quest you have not found yet just all sorts of unexpected things can happen.

    Well thank you, I also do share you concept. Words do not clearly convey the emotions behind them! I like to say you can’t read sarcasm on the internet, or be bold or blunt because if you beat around the bush on here hehe you will often find your point lost.

    As far as pretty much anything I think that point is clear…as long as it releates to the game nothing too personal or rated more the pg-13, so no dirty selfies, no harrasment, vulgarity is ok if used appropirately and not in an attack etc 😛


  2. Thanks to someone who mentioned they found red hot Lois skin in their inventory , so did I after reading other posts. This site can be Sooo helpful


  3. Hey ! Thanks for the tip on getting more minon stewies ! I did however unlocked red hot Lois but I don’t have her , any ideas. I have already contacted Tiny Co a few days ago on another matter but have yet not heard from them. YOU GUYS ROCK !!!


  4. I feel like they missed a trick with this event, the Griffins already had superpowers in the ‘Super Griffins’ mini episode. They could have invented costumes based on that. I wanted to see Meg’s amazing ability to grow her fingernails as a task. I know it would have been a stretch, but at least then I would be based on the show.


  5. I think that would be a huge injustice with the game if the hamerhead and bloborus costumes go away after the event. We had to take the time and blam to create them only to lose them after the event.


  6. Ok I’m sure you guys have probably been asked this and there may be like a full page full of answers but I haven’t seen it so sorry if that is the case. If you could be a super powered individual, what would your power or powers be and would they be used for good or evil or neither? I’m curious about Alissa, Bunny and Cybersilly but would love to hear anyone’s take on it. And no Bunny, you can’t say Super Bunny with incredible cuteness and hopping powers.


  7. I’ve noticed in the costume shop it says limited time for Peter and Chris’ costumes. Does this mean after the event, they’ll be gone does this mean that it’s a limited time to make them? Sorry if it’s a repost, but I can’t find if anyone asked this.


  8. While I can see them changing them for legal reasons, I don’t really see the connection to the DC characters. Peter has a tiny hammer, Lois has fire and no eagle emblem on her costume and even Chris has become totally different.


    • Not everything is identical to what you see in the TV series. I have seen many changes made. Not sure if it is a copyright issue when transferring from FOX/Family Guy to TinyCo. But these are the origins that the costumes came from for Captain Hammered and Red Hot.


    • I don’t know. I don’t think they used the episode as a basis for the costumes. I think it’s more of an amalgamation of generic baseline super heroes. The hammer of course is a Thor reference with Superman mixed in. Lois has the classic Wonder Woman mixed with Firestar and Super Girl. It’s a mash up of Marvel and DC and represents sort of an every hero mix.


      • Just my opinion Bunny. Please don’t voodoo me.


      • Usually most characters were created off an idea from the TV episodes, creating a source of tie in for players. To me…this was that source. (They also have superheroes scattered about the episodes, but these two resemble this one the closest.) If there is a better one, please let me know. 😉


        • In Season 3 Episode 21, Family Guy Viewer Mail #1, (3 Part Episode).

          -Part 1 – No Bones About It – A genie comes to Peter to grant him wishes; his last wish makes it so that he has no bones and must deal with life as a lump of lard. (My guess is their inspiration for Chris’ super power in game)

          – Part 2 – Supergriffins – The Griffins are exposed to nuclear waste and gain superpowers, which lead them to terrorize the city.

          Peter got Morphing Abilities.
          Lois got Super Strength.
          Brian got Super Speed.
          Chris got Pyrokinesis (ability to produce fire) (Probably part of Lois’ inspiration)
          Stewie got Telekinesis (manipulative mind power)
          Meg got the ability to grow her fingernails at will.

          Now much like you have said, that episode you quoted. I think that the costumers were inspired from that one in the post!


          Here are some additional images and information.


          • hehe I remember the last person that complained their post was taking so long to be rejected or approved. Well I do not care if this comment is approved or not I only took you up on your challenge and gave you more information the same info someone up above posted to help you! ^^ Anyways good luck and I hope hope that it help you out! ^^ Either way I am interested in helping you with more information n hopes of maybe helping you out in the future or becomming an addict. 😉


          • Lol. I saw those. Like I said, there are MANY episodes with Superheroes. I want someone to find me the EXACT ones as the characters in the game. Lol. I haven’t seen any yet.

            In regards to the delay. LOOOOOOOONG night (it was my bday). And very LOOOOOOOOOONG morning. Alissa handled the majority of comments today and wanted to leave this one in moderation so I could see it and didn’t miss it. So…you got put in the “waiting room”. SO THERE 😛

            Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. 😉


            • Haha I actually wish there was a pm button instead of comments for things like this. And yeah I was genuine about wanting to help out more and for an exact match, you were the closest match! And as I said, I didn’t even mind if it didn’t show up. It was just my way of giving you more info! ^^ As I said before, I hope your Bday was all you hoped it was!


              • Well…we DO have an email. Kinda PM as only myself and Alissa have access. 😉

                And thanks again. I have a celebration coming up. Hard to celebrate in middle of week…with TWO blogs and major updates going on. LOL.



                • Ah perfect, and if I find info about TSTO like I did when you were laughing at me and saying you could just look at the data and put it up faster for the Val day event, but you were fining it amusing watching us do it for you! I helped you be a bit lazy for a while! XD Is it the same email, or would I use a TSTO email, or should I just use one to make it simpler?


                  • HAHAHAHAHAHAH Thing is…there is a LOT of data on these updates. It’s not just so simple to say HERE and walk away. Lots of ins n outs and requirements. Not only that, we have to play through it live…we find that info in the files do not always match info in the game (names switched, tasks triggered at odd points). Essentially, we like to have as many questions answered as possible within the post itself. Otherwise…it would be just copy and paste the details and walk away with everyone scratching their heads.

                    Not a matter of lazy… it all comes down to time. We do have our real life, other jobs to pay the bills, and need sleep and food now and then. It is not simple just to “toss” something out. Well…not as detailed as we go with images and info. Lol. 😛

                    Email me wherever…I get them all. 😉 Just easier to send it to one the info is focused on. So not good to send FG to TSTO. 🙂


                    • Haha XD I think I may have come across as an richious ass here and it was not my intention. May a small respite, or small break, or allow you to focus on something else, or just get a few laughs outta us. Because I was not the only one doing it. I wasn’t calling you lazy at all. I was only t=implying that you could take a small breather cause I wanted to help you out by letting you know info before it was posted on the site to help everyone else and you never said you knew it already so I continued to post it thinking I was being helpful!

                      Now, as far as calling you lazy, you would not be anywhere near that, no way! Considering how much time and effort you actually put into these games, the posts and all these walkthroughs, tips, and over all helpfulness on this site.

                      As far as tossing something out you nailed it on the head, I can’t say anything more other than yes I know, and I am sorry for not being clearer in my statements.

                      As for the e-mails, ok thank you for clarifying that up for me!


                    • Lol. Nah…it was my attempt at being silly back at you. We get it all the time. I think people assume the second something hits we will flood the site with posts on EVERYTHING. Lol.

                      As fun as that might be…there is a thing as TOO much. We prefer to take a lil slower path. First get basics, then see what issues arise (as sadly new stuff comes with new glitches), THEN when we know the game is steady…we push forward with more details and info the players need to help them along. Not to mention we like to play it through to test for any inaccuracies players might fall into. 😉

                      I do appreciate the feedback, honestly. I prefer an open dialog with our readers and want you to feel you can come to us with…well..pretty much anything. I did not think you mean or unkind in any way. Sometimes, words don’t quite relay emotions as we intend them. I was honestly just trying to be silly back to you in return. 😉


      • Captain Hammered is also a parody of Nathan Fillion’s character Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.

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  9. I did wonder that! Very cool… That was one of my favorite intros.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Thanks. I recall seeing that opening but couldn’t remember an episode with Captain Hammered, Red Hot and Blobulous. I’m sure I’ve seen damn near every episode, if not every, and it was bugging me.


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