Look Who Just Rolled On In!! Rollo Cop Joe – Android Exclusive

Hey there you Android Playing Clammers. Your patience has paid off and we now have the Exclusive Rollo-Cop Joe in our silly lil games.

Rollo Cop Joe

So here is the Exclusive Character Skin you all have been waiting for. WOOHOO!! So now to jump into the detail of this awesome new skin.

Rollo Cop Joe

For those of you who play on multiple platforms, yes you can switch to your Android device to get him…however…keep in mind that similar with Golden Suit Peter, he will ONLY work while you are in your Android game. So make sure you are playing on the proper platform to complete all you need to get him and then to put him in action.

This means that you need to go to an Android device, start his questline, then can return to an iOS device to finish after Part 1 is done and the option in Part 2 to start collecting on his costume begins. 


You can start building his costume once you trigger the Rollo Cop Part 1 quest. Joe will have a ! above him. Tap on it to launch the dialog and start it off. Joe will need to Roll in Geek Trash for 6 hours.

You will need to have completed Demon Child Part 1 in order to trigger Joe’s dialog to start the process of unlocking his outfit. 



Gun10 Guns (RARE) – Ron Perlman Shop For Tough Guy Bandanas, Joe Do Target Practice, Jerome Be a Superior Athlete.

Heavy Tire10 Heavy Tires (RARE) – Chris Swim in Geek Trash, Patrick Stewart Make it Sew

micro chip5 Microchips (EXTRA RARE) – Bonnie Abuse Jacuzzi Jets, Felicia Day Play Freeze Tag

Blam5000 Blam!


There you have it. Another fun new character added into the Android Players games for a fun Quahog Comic Con Event.

(Side note: Bryan also got a bit more dialog. We will have more info later.)

What do YOU think of Rollo Cop Joe? Do YOU have an Android device? Will YOU be borrowing or buying one so you can get him too? Let us know.


168 responses to “Look Who Just Rolled On In!! Rollo Cop Joe – Android Exclusive

  1. I already had to spend clams on the multiplier costume, cause of the sudden extremely lousy droprate, I got like one magazine per two / three days, so that wasn’t gonna work for me. (Thankgod I’ve been saving up some clams, as I would NEVER buy them with my own hard-earned money.) ((Filed in some tickets in-game, still waiting for a response.)) I had bombed at least 1000 stewie minions and still didn’t get one lousy bleeping magazine? Continuously sending quagmire on his quest and not getting any of the six leftover mags? Come on now tinyco!

    Now the microchips for Joe are being a pain in the heinie as well (*insert lol about the slang here*), I haven’t had one single chip just yet. Can anyone please, PLEASE tell me what the clamprize for those things will be? If I don’t get them in time, I might consider spending some more of those hard-earned clams again. (Not that the rest of his quest items drop that often, but at least they drop. In stead of the chip, just hand out the chips, is the droprate 0,0000001% or so?? This is really frustrating.)

    I also wonder if I will make it in time to get the iron stewie, cause I’ve come to 6/20 of those demon scraps (or what’s the name) so far. It’s now become my main worry if I can make it in time, as I will have less time during the coming week. Just about every time the counter resets, it resets to whatever harpoon I DON’T have at that moment. I do have all the fusion reactors, won them in the blam box, but 6/20, a week of event-time left and lesser play time (as we’ve got to eat, sleep, breath, work and do other human being stuff)… I’m really worried that I won’t make it in time. And I bet there won’lt be an extension, nor the option to buy the rest you need with clams.

    I got extremely lucky to be able to get 5 shots at demon stewie today, which means I either need 10 more of those damned old harpoons (cause I got 3x 5 of ‘m in the blam boxes), OR I will have to get my characters to find me some of those high tech harpoons and wait for the counter to reset. Even if I don’t bring my tablet to work tomorrow, I should have JUST ENOUGH time left to get the last vehicle, and with that, the fabu-jet. No I still don’t have it, as the harpoons have been very against me. I have about a day (plus maybe two or three hours) left to get the thing and just this midday I was finally able to see the 1/7 going up to 6/7. Seriously, when you NEED something, it just DOESN’T drop, that’s the way it’s been going for me for at least a week now.

    Seems like the game is slightly against me again, I keep having those minion stewies simply walking out of the pesticide smoke (even though TinyCo told me they fixed it, well it isn’t fixed here) and the very poor droprates make me just want to tear out my hair. (But I don’t think bold is my thing, so let’s just keep it where it grows.)

    I do have all the blam prizes, all the unique prizes from the blam box, all of the stuff you could buy with blam, building the last one as I speak, no wait, type. 😛 I now only need the fabu-bus and fabu-jet, not really worried about those two anymore, should be able to get it! But the rollo cop joe costume probably needs some clamspending and I seriously hope to get the iron baby in time, but I have a gut feeling I won’t make it in time.

    By the way, one more thing. When will page seven of the event be here?? The short comic of this event says it’s at page six. Will there be more time for us? Or will they be so lame to drop even more hard-to-get content at the very last day?


    • LOTS of stuff going on in your comment. Lol.

      Each person has different results. Chips, although not as often, still dropped just fine for me and Alissa. Same with Magazines. I don’t know if it is in how you play or how you attack minions. I do seem to see more items drop with the more minions I attack at a time. Prob better odds that way.

      As for how the event will end, that is anyones guess as you can see TinyCo is full of surprises. Never know what is around the corner.


      • Yeah sorry, I tend to write half novels for comments.

        It wasn’t the way I was bombing I think, tried many ways. Tried it with a double cross (when you click one away, you can keep one crosshair and still click the stewies), tried without it. Bombed just a handfull of minions, bombed over 10 of ‘m, it just didn’t help. In the last four days before spending clams, I got just 2 magazines and one of those came from Glen. The droprate of those things just seemed to have severely decreased for me all of a sudden, as I was able to collect them at a steady phase till I got halfway, so I got fed up with it and spent 60 clams on the outfit.

        I have gotten two chips for Joe now, need three more of those and three tires still.

        Got the fabu-jet and bus today, even played on my s2 and had to go through numerous crashes, but it was worth it, cause I wanted the blam as well (I had maxed out the streak meter and wouldn’t be home in time to make it, so it had to be crashapalooza – or no bonus blam.)

        However I’m still concerned I won’t be able to get the stewie costume, as I have only seven of those demon scraps just yet and pretty much no time to play during the week, since vacation time is over. I’ll have to wait for the counter to reset first, as I don’t want to keep gathering 25 of each harpoon for just one shot.


  2. Yeah. Microchip drop way too low. Still haven’t gotten even 1


  3. Hello Guys! Can any of you notify TinyCo about my issue? Because they never answer me. I have serious problems with Microchips for Rollocop Joe. I currently have 0 and since his release my characters are doing their tasks non stop and not a single one dropped. I know it’s extra rare and random, but since I got 2! maracas for PB&J Brian and 0 microchip. They should change its rate to rare or add some more tasks that earns them, for example from yellow nerds. If not, I doubt I can get it. Thank You!


    • I currently have trouble with both guns and microchips. Only have about 1 of each and I tried many times already. The wheels are ok since I need just one more. I think their drop rates are too low and with the chance of getting something else with some characters, it makes it even lower. I agree it would be awesome if yellow/red nerds drop these items.


  4. I’m an iPhone player. Bluestacks worked pretty well on my Windows 8 laptop. The FGTQFS game only crashed (assert error…) in Bluestacks when I scrolled through the store. But the game worked just fine on Bluestacks if I avoided scrolling through anything in the store. Rollo Cop Joe now shows up in Harringtons on my iPhone and I’m collecting the items to unlock him on my iPhone. Hopefully after I unlock him, I’ll be able to use Rollo Cop Joe on my iPhone as well. 🙂


  5. It really surprised me at complaints from iOS users when this was first announced. If one wants the skin so bad (because of being completionists or whatever reason), they have a much easier time getting it than an Android user would trying to get an iOS exclusive item. All an iOS user has to do is download one of the several android emulators out there to play the game. Android only players (as well as kindle players) would have no way to get iOS exclusive items other than borrowing someone else’s or buying one due to the fact there isn’t an iOS emulator available,

    That being said, it does suck that its locked into only being used on android and not available to be utilized on the other devices. 😦


  6. Ok.im.close to getting quagmires costume and.finally a few items for.joes android costume have started dropping, I like the new mystery box to spend the extra blam.I got the giant stewie and 2 trophy cases a load of.bombs now.I.have 60 too many lol and.some batteries, oh and also.a few harpoons, no clams.yet, I have noticed that when.I have bombed or zapped I have had a green tentacle drop its happened twice what gives??


  7. just to clarify, Rollo-Cop won’t work on iOS even after starting the questline on Android? Because the Facebook post says otherwise.


    • Yes, apparently. On my iOS device rollocop is there, but he’s invisible. So i don’t know if it’s just my device or iOS in general…


      • Hey Alissa. I did the same thing. Played on Android then went back to my iPad Mini and my Rollocop is invisible as well. But then I switched to “regular Joe”, (no pun intended, haha!) and he’s invisible as well now.



        • That’s really odd…did you try a hard close?


          • No, I didn’t try that. But that probably would have worked, because I sent “regular” Joe on his 1-hour task and close out. When I relaunched the game after the hour, he was there. So I’m hoping they’ll be able to fix whatever is wrong with that skin. I haven’t gone back to the Android to see if Rollocop still appears or is invisible there.


            • Rollo Cop is invisible on iOS for me, but is still there on Android. I’ve gone back and forth a few times to confirm. Tried hard closing, but still get the same thing. Joe shows up, but as soon as you switch to Rollo Cop, he disappears. The tasks are still there though. I’ve been doing his stuff on Android and everything else on iOS (the interface is smoother and it’s easier to bomb the mutant Stewies, lol)


      • Just unlocked Robo Joe and he is working fine for me! Hopefully your device is fixed now!


  8. I hope this is coming to Kindle as well. Seeing as Kindle users had to wait a week as well and all. I was thinking we were, but the fact that there never was any teaser images for it in the Initial load up windows for the game kinda made me start to worry about it. >_>


  9. http://tinyco.helpshift.com/a/family-guy/?s=quahog-comic-con-the-fabulous-four&f=why-is-rollocop-joe-android-exclusive

    Read that, noting the line, “We’re celebrating players on all platforms by offering a staggered Comic-Con release and exclusive content.”

    ALL platforms? Seems like a lie to me, unless they’ve just not mentioned Kindle as usual.

    How were we to know for sure that Kindle users would be excluded from the Android exclusive, when for most (if not all) other instances we were unmentioned yet included with the Android crowd?

    “There are red balls and blue balls. You have a yellow ball? We neglected to imply that yellow balls were the same as blue balls, but not in every occasion.”

    I’m a little bummed by the lack of RolloCop Joe on Kindle, but more upset by the lack of civility between platform owners.


  10. I MAY have misread about both devices. Used Bluestacks and bought the skin with clams when it offered.. Went back to my iphone and then started the quests. 😦


  11. The Multiplier costume is cool, I just wish Quagmire didn’t have that butt-floss thong thing goin on! Who else but Quagmire, right? LOL


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