PeterPalooza 2015

Hey there Concertgoers!

Music is in the air, Cougars are dressing up in Forever 21 gear, the kids are getting covered in Henna Tattoos, there are way too many glow sticks around, the line to the port-o-potties are insane,  $5 for a 12oz Bottled Water??!!, and it is T-shirt Cannons Galore!! PeterPalooza is here!! WOOHOO!!



This will be your one stop access to all the posts for the Event. Keep checking back as we will Update it as the new content goes live daily.

PeterPalooza Live in the Game
Phase 2 New Content Live
Clam/Skull Guitar Pick Sale
Phase 3 Content Live
Phase 3 Rundown
Phase 4 Rundown
True Fan Challenge Part 1
Phase 5 Rundown
True Fan Challenge Part 2
Phase 6 Rundown
True Fan Challenge Part 3


Week 1 Main Walkthrough: (PeterPalooza)
Rockstar Peter Walkthrough: (Do You Wanna Rock & Birth of a Rockstar)
Avril Lavigne Walkthrough: (Hey Hey You You & Stay to Play)
Makeover Meg Walkthrough: (Makeover Your Life & A Popstar Lifestyle)
Week 2 Main Walkthrough: (Festival Fail & Never Gonna Catch Me)
Joe Lion Walkthrough: (Unleash the Lion & Rasta Imposta)
Rapper Brian: (That’s My Dog & Hottest Rapper Alive)
Snoop Dogg: (Doggystyle)
Week 3 Main Walkthrough; (Grin & Bear It & Never Gonna Catch Me Pt.5 & I AM NEON, SEE ME GLOW!)
Alice Cooper Walkthrough: (Hangin With Mr Cooper & We’re Not Worthy!)
Belgard Walkthrough: (Foreign Intelligence & PartyPalooza)
Tomkin Walkthrough: (Lost In Translation)
Week 4 Main Walkthrough: (Deadmau5 in the Hau5 & Introducing Carl)
Carl: (Carl in Quahog)
DJ Herbert: (DJ Bucket List & Going Viral)
Deadmau5: (Long Live Deadmau5)
Starbright Peter: (Star Light, Star Bright)
A Rising Star: (Bonus Questline)
Week 5 Main Walkthrough: (Attack of the Mecha Astley)
Becoming A Superstar: (Bonus Questline)
Ricardo: (Hairless in Quahog & A Skinny Filipino Boy)
Rick Astley: (The Road to Rick & Rickrolling in Quahog)
Tricia Takagaga: Pop Star Expose’
Week 6 Main Walkthrough: (WeirderPalooza)
Greased Up Deaf Guy: (Never Gonna Catch Me Part 6-10 & Extra Greasy & One Loud Deaf Guy )
Weird Al: (Polka Face & You Can Call Me Al)

Week 1 Character Tasks: Glowstick & Guitar Picks
How To Perform Concerts
“Secret” Concert
Phase 2 Concerts & Encores
Where are the Bees?
End of Phase 2, Phase 3 Prep
Blammies & Leaderboards
Rupert Festival Mystery Box
Phase 3 Concerts & Encores
Phase 4 Concerts & Encores
How To Attack Mecha Astley
Rupert Headliner Mystery Box
Spooner Stage & Sideshows (Rock Show & Pop Show)
Mecha Astley Attack Tips
Spooner Stage Part 2 (Rap & Dance Show)
Free Musician Albums


Rockstar Peter
Avril Lavigne
Makeover Meg
Joe Lion
Rapper Brian
Snoop Dogg
Alice Cooper
DJ Herbert
Starbright Peter
Rick Astley
Tricia Takagaga
Greased Up Deaf Guy
Weird Al


Phase 1&2 Questions/Clarifications: (Clam Spawn Times, Free Albums, and More)
Phase 3 Questions & Clarifications: (Forced Facebook Log In, Fan Blammys, Leopard Skin Boots, Can’t Redeem Free Album)
Phase 4 Clarifications: (Can’t Connect to Server, Greased Up Deaf Guy, Lighters, Spawn, LPs, Boots)
Oh Consuela: (Can’t Connect to Server, More Alice Boots, More Glowstick Tasks)
Phase 5 Clarifications: (Greased Up Deaf Guy, Tubs of Grease, Hayley Smith,Wrenches, Female Fan Spawn, Peter Write On George’s Wall)


Where are YOU?: Week 4


TinyCo PeterPalooza Q&A
TinyCo PeterPalooza Q&A Recap
Happy Birthday Bunny
Happy Labor Day
Quahog Showoff


9/11 Rememberance


20 responses to “PeterPalooza 2015

  1. Hi,
    Can someone help me, please?
    My game crashes all the time, when I…
    1. want to perform a concert with Alice Cooper. It´s suposed to be the first concert and all other quests are finished. Without the first concert, I´m stuck in the game. Every time, I want to perform the concert, I´ll get this error message: “child name scrimarea not found!”

    2. go to the festival merch kiosk.

    thanks in adcance


  2. I’m trying to get blammy awards but I’ve looked on the Internet and it mentions frogs and hippies spawning on the game but I’ve never had them?


  3. So disappointed, didn’t notice Meg’s timer till it was to late… I’m beginning to hate this game. The game boots have gotten insane lately. I’ve mentioned it to tinyco, but got no help.


  4. Just collecting stuff to perform an encore (also one of peters missions) and it disappeared and replace with joe lions concert?

    As anyone had the same thing happen?


  5. Hi Clammers!

    I have problem visiting Ollieland and other fb friends after I sent Peter to do his 24hr concert task. Is this normal?


    • I did some basic troubleshooting and my wifi connection is also good. Sorry to left out some details.


    • It is not supposed to be an action in the game… so I am not sure how it impacts other items. I won’t test it further. I need my game for the site. All I can say, like I did in the Phase 2 Post… at your own risk. I do not know all it will impact. Sorry.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’ve tried several times to get the updated Peterpalooza, and I got nothing! What the hey, man?


  7. I have a quick question regarding the quest lines. I have the gold Festival Fail, an encore one and the character specific ones. When the event ends obviously the Festival one will disappear, what other ones will disappear? Is it possible the encore one will disappear too since the stage will no longer be there? I really wish there was a way to pause or hide non event quests. Thanks for you help.


  8. Not sure if anyone else is having an issue but every time I turn the game on, a few sec in I try and click one thing and it freezes, can’t even keep it on long enough to report error.


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