Phase 6 Is LIVE!!!

Hey there Toady Lickin’ Roadies!

Ever wanted to play an Accordion? Have REALLY crazy hair? How about do a spoof version of practically every popular song out there? Wanna live in Amish Paradise? Are you a lil White & Nerdy? Wanna just tell people to Eat It? NO??!!! Oh, well then THIS update is most definitely not for you… move along… nothing to see here…

Phase 6 has now dropped into our games. Just what kinds of treasures has this final week of the PeterPalooza Event got to offer up? Well… let’s take a peek.


As usual, we will have the complete rundown once we all go through all the details Live in the game to verify all the ins n outs.

First up… the usual Basics,

Back with more in a bit…

Both Chris & Peter will start off with a ! over their heads.

Chris will take you to the continuation of GUDG Questline, Never Gonna Catch Me Part 6.

Peter will take you to the Main Questline, WeirderPalooza.



Grease FactoryGrease Factory: 120 ClamsClam Icon, Earns 16 Glowsticks Glowsticks& 20xp Every 6hrs, Drops 1 Tub of GreaseTub of Grease OR 1 VIP PassesVIP Passes OR 1 Greasy UnderwearGreasy Underwear



Grilled Chees Food TruckGrilled Cheese Food Truck: 2600 GlowsticksGlowsticks



Greased Up Deaf Guy 2Greased Up Deaf Guy: This includes Part 2 of his items


Tub of Grease70 Tubs of Grease (Common): Silver Robots OR Gold Robots OR Flowerchild’s Hippy House OR Grease Factory

Hearing Aid12 Hearing Aids (Rare): “Pop Show” Spooner Stage OR Ricardo

Candies16 Candies (Uncommon): Rap Sideshows & Weird Al Be Handy

VIP Passes30 VIP Passes (Common): Tie Dye Booth OR “White & Nerdy” Comedy Club OR Grease Factory

Greasy Underwear20 Greasy Underwear (Rare): Dance Sideshows OR Joe Lion Perform Rasta Jams OR DJ Herbert Press “Play” OR Avril Lavigne Rock Out OR Alice Cooper Take Interview OR Grease Factory


Weird AlWeird Al: 250 ClamsClam Icon, ALWAYS drop CandiesCandies Small on Be Handy Task (12hrs), Helps Attack Mecha Astley at 3 Damage, Comes with a Questline, He IS voiced.

Mandatory FunComes with a FREE Album “Mandatory Fun” (check the Google Play Market for Restrictions on the Album)



Leaderboard Part 2

The 2nd Leaderboard is now live. Instead of Blammy Awards, Viral Hits will now be used to gain Ranks on the Leaderboard.

Now for the Prizes that you and 29 Random Strangers will be competing for.

Rank 1 & 2: Bad Trip StewieBad Trip Stewie, High Note Karoke Bar SmallHigh Notes Karoke Bar, 10 ClamsClam Icon, 1,000 CoinsFamily Guy Coin
Rank 3, 4, & 5: High Note Karoke Bar SmallHigh Notes Karoke Bar, 10 ClamsClam Icon, 1,000 CoinsFamily Guy Coin
Rank 6-10: 10 ClamsClam Icon, 1,000 CoinsFamily Guy Coin
Rank 11-20: 1,000 CoinsFamily Guy Coin

So some more cool changes that now the top TWO Players in your group will get the Grand Prize. I like that. MORE possibilities of Winners for the Costume.

I also wanted to point out something very specific to ALL Players. It goes with what I have been saying and keeping the Leaderboards fair and for those “exploiting” a glitch. So, be warned and read the info linked below…

TinyCo Policy: Exploits, Bugs and Leaderboards

If you want all the FAQ directly from them on the Leaderboards, go HERE or just look in your In Game Menu for the Help Section FAQ



Viral Hits

Speaking of the Viral Hits you will need for the Leaderboard, there will be multiple ways to earn them. I will update them as I find them.

Viral HitsViral Hits (Common): Dance Shows OR Gold Robots Avril Lavigne Fight Polar Bear Shark OR Joe Lion Grow White People Dreadlocks OR Alice Cooper Slay the House OR Chris Research Bees OR Rockstar Peter Turn It Up To 11 OR Snoop Dog Ride Low OR Tricia Takagaga Pull a Publicity Stunt OR

Gold Robot Mecha AstleyGold Robots: Payout of 6 Viral Hits (this was my results, yours may vary), however… once you get ALL 70 Tubs of Grease for GUDG… they then only drop 1 each. The Tubs are a lot more common and more likely to win than the Viral Hits.



Spooner Stage True Fan Challenge Prize

You will notice some more Sideshow options have been added to the Spooner Stage for you to try out.

Rap ShowRap Show: Takes 8hrs, 6 MicrophonesMicrophone

Rap Show Rewards: 80 GlowsticksGlowsticks + Chance at following
Candies Small4 Candies
Amish Paradise Horse & Buggy“Amish Paradise” Horse & Buggy
Glowsticks150 Glowsticks
Lighter5 Lighters

Rap Show Characters:
Rapper Brian
Joe Lion
Snoop Dogg
William Riker


Dance ShowDance Show: Takes 6hrs, 15 MicrophonesMicrophone

Dance Show Rewards: 50 GlowsticksGlowsticks + Chance at following
Glowsticks120 Glowsticks
Viral Hits1 Viral Video
Viral Hits2 Viral Video

Dance Show Characters:
Hayley Smith
DJ Herbert



Avril Lavigne Concert 1 sec left

The Concert Stage is WIDE OPEN and no Character is holding it. Instead, tapping on it will show you…

Final Performance Requirements to access the Stage:

  • Get the “White & Nerdy Comedy Club”White & Nerdy Comedy Club
  • Get the Flowerchild’s Happy HouseFlowerchild's Hippy House
  • Get the Tie Dye BoothTie Dye Shop

Final Performance Star Requirement: 100 StarsConcert Star

Final Performance Payout:

  • 150 GlowsticksGlowsticks
  • 10 LPsLP
  • 10 LightersLighter



Encores are back again. How “easy” they will be for you to perform will really be up to WHO you have in your game.

Encore Concert Requirements:

  • Take Down Mecha Astley OnceMecha Rick Astley
  • Take Down Mecha Astley A Second TimeMecha Rick Astley

So TWO complete defeats at any level will provide you an Encore Concert. As I have to wait for the Cool Down between each one as well as taking them down, I will update the Payout later on.

Encore Star Requirement: 120 StarsConcert Star

Encore Payout:

  • 150 GlowsticksGlowsticks
  • 10 LPsLP
  • 10 LightersLighter



Festival Merch Kiosk

Page 6 is now in the Merch Kiosk with more items for you to get. LOTS of help in there for GUDG and the Wrenches. WOOHOO!

Tie Dye ShopTye Dye Store (Building): Earns 10 Glowsticks Glowsticks& 15xp every 4hrs, Chance drop of 1 VIP PassesVIP Passes
Glowsticks800 Glowsticks
Concert Tickets5 Concert Tickets


White & Nerdy Comedy ClubWhite & Nerdy Comedy Club (Building): Earns 10 GlowsticksGlowsticks & 15xp every 4hrs, Chance drop of 1 VIP PassesVIP Passes
Glowsticks800 Glowsticks
Skull Guitar Pick Large10 Skull Guitar Picks


Like A Surgeon Holistic HealthLike a Surgeon Holistic Health Haven (Building): Earns 16 GlowsticksGlowsticks& 20xp every 6hrs, ALWAYS Drops 1 WrenchWrench
Glowsticks2000 Glowsticks
Concert Tickets10 Concert Tickets


Flowerchild's Hippy HouseFlowerchild’s Hippy House (Building): Earns 10 GlowsticksGlowsticks & 15xp every 4hrs, ALWAYS drops 1 Tub of GreaseTub of Grease
Glowsticks1000 Glowsticks
Concert Tickets10 Concert Tickets
Skull Guitar Pick Large5 Skull Guitar Picks


Grease FountainGrease Fountain (Decoration)
Glowsticks2200 Glowsticks
Concert Tickets20 Concert Tickets
Skull Guitar Pick Large80 Skull Guitar Picks



Mecha Rick Astley

You will notice a few changes with the Mecha Astley this stage. The changes will REALLY help you out to take him down.

Rockstar Peter: 2 Damage
Rick Astley: 2 Damage
Tricia Takagaga: 2 Damage
Weird Al: 3 Damage




With all the Changes going around, I just wanted to point out the new options to get Wrenches. I will list all the options now to get them from.

WrenchWrenches: Like a Surgeon Holistic Health OR Chris Giggle at Tomik OR Bruce Fret About Something OR Meats & Pleats OR Give You Up Consignment Shop OR Tell a Lie Detective Agency



WeirderPalooza Pt. 1
Peter starts
Have Avril Lavigne Fight Polar Bear Shark (12hrs) & Have Joe Lion Play Hacky Sack (4hrs)

WeirderPalooza Pt. 2
Joe starts
Have Joe Lion Wear Smelly Rasta Hats (6hrs) & Have Alice Cooper Feed his Frankenstein (4hrs)

WeirderPalooza Pt. 3
Peter starts
Get the “White & Nerdy” Comedy Club & Get the Tie Dye Booth & Get the Flowerchild’s Hippy House


After WeirderPalooza Part 1

Polka Face Pt. 1
Peter starts
Buy Weird Al & Have Weird Al Attack Mecha Astley


Extra Greasy Pt. 1
Quagmire starts
Unlock Greased Up Deaf Guy


There you have it. I will still keep tweaking a bit of info here and there as I continue to pull it, but this should give you a good start.

What do you think of it so far? Like all the additions to help? Did you pick up Weird Al? Let us know.


211 responses to “Phase 6 Is LIVE!!!

  1. Do the gold robots drop both grease tubs and viral hits each time or is drop grease one time and possibly drop viral hit the next?


  2. I just realize something, I think it would suck for anyone that is in the same group for leaderboard standing with you girls. Thank goodness there’s 2 first place then cuz the seconD guy can win. It’s just a thought, no anamosity or anything towards those comments.


  3. What’s my best chance in getting Ricardo and Greased Up Deaf Guy? I’m really stressing out over getting Ricardo and GUDG. I’m not sure how I got so behind when I play every few hours. :/ It seems other events have been easier. Here’s how far I am:

    Greased Up Deaf Guy (GUDG):
    5/20 Greasy Underwear
    0/16 Candy
    24/30 VIP Passes
    33/70 Tub of Grease

    4,700/10,000 Glowsticks
    7/35 LPs
    5/40 Lighters
    10/10 Short Shorts

    My brain is spinning on a strategy to get these two characters before the end of the event this week! I might consider buying clams, but I never spend more than $5 or $10. Trying to figure out a way to use less clams if I need. I made a mistake of trying for the Leaderboards for a few days and not therefore forfeiting some items. Now I’ve given up on the Leaderboards.

    I have yet to play the Rick Astley concert, because I need 8 more tickets for the “Make You Cry Therapy” Center. I used what little tickets I had to get buildings that would drop items for GUDG. So any Park Rangers I use for tickets instead of LPs for Ricardo. I’ve been using Rick and Peter to fight Mecha Astley to get microphones to play shows for items for GUDG. Head spinning. LOL.

    Any suggestions for strategies to get these two characters?


    • That all depends on you honestly and your results of each drop. I would say just do what you can and see what you can get up until about an hour before it ends at 3PM PAcific on the 17th.


  4. I’m pretty sure I’m stuck on some questline somewhere. I completed Attack Of The Mecha Astley pt.6 yesterday, and although I can see all the week 6 content the WeirderPalooza questline hasn’t triggered for me.

    Could it be I’m still waiting to perform an encore as part of the first clam questline, A Rising Star pt.5? The second clam questline isn’t continuing for me either.


    • Where are you on Never Gonna Catch Me?


      • I’m on part nine, waiting to collect enough tickets for the grease fountain. Strangely, four quests triggered for me at the same time about half an hour ago: Rickrolling Through Quahog pt.2, Hairless in Quahog pt.1, Becoming a Superstar pt.6 and WeirderPalooza pt.1.


        • Becoming ….well… you know how the Bonus one works… the others are side ones so you really don’t have to worry about them. WeirderPalooza is main one… but with being last week no real worry to complete it either


  5. Hello
    I finished getting grease tubs for GUDG, so now only receiving 1 viral hit vs 6. Wouldn’t this put me at a huge disadvantage in the leaderboard for being ahead of other people. Someone with only 20 tubs will now have potentially till thurs to get 6x amount of viral hit for clearing gold robots, doesn’t seem fair to be put at a huge disadvantage for playing well.

    Was curious if you brought this up to Tiny co since looks like you have a really good relationship with them.

    Thank you


    • You will still get 6 now and then. They are a random chance. I still get one occasionally. Remember it varies for everyone on how many you get. So you may get 6 while another gets 1. Than vice versa. There are also MANY other ways to get them outside the Gold Robots and by how long it takes to get them from the Robots, I guarantee people are taking the easier route of tasks then possibly sideshows to get them.


  6. Anyone else having issues with candy drops with the Rap show? I littery got the Hearing Aids, and Shirts with only 1 character playing on the other shows, but I haven’t been able to get any candy using 3 characters (not Snoop) 2xs so far. It looks as max as i can get on the bar.


  7. What is the link to the complete Never Gonna Catch Me questline? I can’t find it 😦


  8. Where is the run down for Never Gonna Catch Me part 6?


  9. Just wanted to report my results with the viral hits. I used 12 mechanics yesterday in total and got zero viral hits. I got a total of 3 tubs of grease and the other 7 were coins. Again today 6 mechanics used so far, one time got 6 viral hits, one tub of grease and the rest coins. Poor at best on viral hits and grease for GUDG!


    • Same here! I’ve probably used about a dozen mechanics as well and no viral hits. So I guess it’s rare to get them?


    • Same here. I’ve gotten zero viral hits on my gold robots. I lost count of how many gold ones I’ve had, but it’s been several. Sad face.


    • The glory days of six (or any) viral hits from the gold robot bugs are gone for me, too. I just get tubs of grease (which I don’t want) and an occasional coin (which I don’t need). So I’ll easily be passed on the leaderboard by people with luckier random number generators… I wonder if they hadn’t intended to have the bugs give out 6 vitals, so they’re compensating for those of use who collected during that time my shooting us down to none? Their chances aren’t actually random in any case, since they say your chances go up if you haven’t had a drop in a while. Maybe it works in reverse also.


  10. What triggers weirder palooza? Is it after the mecha astly questline? I haven’t I countered a lot of the quest lines being mentioned and I’m pretty sure I’m caught up with every one. I bought Wierd AL but haven’t heard either of Polka face??¿


  11. How come the game wont let me build the grease fountain? Its not even in my inventory.


  12. Am i the only one who plays this game every day quite a few times a day and just finally got Phase 4 done?


  13. Quick question. Is there any specific artists’ concert that will drop tickets? I Just unlocked Ricardo, and I have a good strategy to get GUDG, but I’m stalled on some of the quests I overlooked and need roughly 50 tickets for everything… Any ideas? Or have all concerts and encores turned to LPs and lighter payouts? Thanks!


  14. I am behind on GUDG and was wondering if he will be gone at the end of the week or if we will still be able to get him? Thanks for your time.


  15. I’m smiling to myself at the irony of crushing gold robots, last week I cursed when they didn’t drop a tub of grease, this week I’m cursing when they do. The crazy life of an addict eh?


  16. Does anybody know if the Stewie skin is going to be available for purchase later? I don’t know if they made it possible to purchase the Peter skin that was awarded to the people that got first place in the first round or not. I actually one that skin. So I don’t know if they actually charged others to purchase it later and if they do does anybody know how much it will be?


  17. Any word from tinyco if we’ll be getting a final mystery box that is purchasable using our glowsticks as in previous events?


  18. I got 12 viral hits from a golden bug once. I thought maybe I had cleared two and had just gotten six and six, but I hadn’t. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or a really rare chance, but I’ve cleared like six more after it and got no viral hits so I guess it evened out a little. But it was weird.


  19. Sooo… Since i would have been happy paying almost any amount of clams for bad trip Stewie…. Would it be against the rules to speed up certain tasks a few times ( 10 clams a time) and give myself a big head start on the leaderboard? Already got a great start when phase 6 dropped as i was just finished defeating Mecha Astley at Lelel 5 and released loads of gold robots. Just trying to keep up with wrenches now and keep plenty of mechanics training. All 3 performers doing rock shows and spare characters doing tasks. I am wayyyy ahead of my group 🙂


    • No, that is fine. Purchased wins by properly obtained Clams are fine. It is more those that exploit glitches that tilt the “fair” balance on the Leaderboards. Or those that illegally hack the games and manipulate or use illegally obtained Clams that cause the issues. They want all items “earned” fairly, whether that is by just playing or by using Clams. It is still earned.


    • Shhhh… here’s a secret. There’s no need to speed up tasks. You can buy viral hits for 8 clams each. Well, that’s not completely true. You just have to speed up a single viral hits task and then it asks you if you want to buy viral hits for 8 clams each.

      Now I’ll be really upset if anyone on my leaderboard reads this and knocks me out of the running for Bad Trip Stewie, lol. But I don’t think I have to worry. Everyone else seems to be doing terribly.


      • Exactly my plan. I actually had a few clams going into this event and was left with about 100 for phase 6. I sped up a few tasks for virals which i dont think i needed to do since i had mecha astley ready to defeat when the update hit and got a few from the gold robots. been sending all characters on their viral tasks and performing shows and now defeated Mecha again in 24 hours. ( i now dont regret paying 250 for the lame Takagaga costume …we should never have to pay for skins ever) Rick/Peter/takagaga easily take down Mecha . Im on 35 virals and my closest rival is on 4 lol. I warn them though i NEED bad trip Stewie in my game and ill pay to speed up clams all day on the 17th if i have to!


  20. Anyone else really struggling with tickets? I haven’t unlocked Rick Astley yet, so I only have Peter to take down Mecha Astley level 1 and 2. I still need to get two more buildings using tickets for Rick Astley to unlock and to perform. I only have 2-3 people to create Picnic Baskets every 4 hours. Then I need 2 Park Rangers to clear 1 Bear for 1 Ticket. Only being able to use Peter to defeat Mecha Astley means I can’t get far on the multiplier for more Microphones and is slowing down Rock and Pop Shows.

    I would have more Glowsticks and possibly Tickets from concerts if I wasn’t far behind on each weeks content, because the stage changes to the new musician and I don’t get a chance for an encore concert. I play at least every 2 hours except when I sleep so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. :/ Any advice? If other people are struggling with tickets and are behind in content, have you reported it to TinyCo? I’m thinking of doing that next.


    • I have, but I honestly need YOU and others in your situation messaging in too so they can actually see the impact in the game experiencing it.

      Outside of that… the only other option I see is the Bonus Questline.


    • I was so behind on tickets too until I triggered the Rising star & becoming a star {both found in the questline a by a picture of a clam} complete three easy tasks you get tons of tickets each time you complete a part (ex. Rising Star Part 1, “” part 2)


  21. When will i see the singer rick and get greased up deaf guy? And dont we get clams for all these bears we clear? Im a little lost……


    • You need to complete the Main Questlines to get into Phase 6 content. The Requirements are at top of this very post. What Questlines and Part#s do you have open right now?

      No… Bears have never dropped Clams. Not sure where that info came from.


  22. I have a lot of stuff to buy. I should just about get it all, I’m struggling a little with tickets. I don’t like having so much to do at once though. :/ It’s difficult deciding who to use for that. I think I can get all of the buildings, I will need more ticket drops though. If I can get them soon it will really help. I bought Weird Al because I wanted him since they named him, I like his album, but I think I would have preferred some of his older music. If I can get the new buildings, I can hopefully get what I need to finish Ricardo, just lighters really. I might not get the Grease Fountain, I will need a lot of the materials. Then again, taking down Mecha Astley has been fairly easy, especially with the increased damage, so hopefully I can take him down fast enough to get encores. I do like how cheap most of GUDG’s materials are if you buy them individually.


  23. I also apologise if someone else has commented on this, but I’ve not checked the site much lately. So, Weird Al is a clam character, which as I love Al I’m happy to pay for, but if that’s the case, who is the fourth chair for in the event area? Is there a likelihood that will be being someone else suddenly appearing before the week is over?

    Also, just to throw in a pointless moan, it kinda sucks they fixed the glitch that let Hayley fight Mecha Astley. 😉


  24. Why BEFORE the beginning of a rap show with Richard and brian the chanse indicated for the drop of candies is 50% but AFTER the start all the chanse drop to 0 and the chanse for lighters hits 100%? In the first show, with the same caracherts i drop only useless lighters. I Am now at the second attempt and the percentage changes occurs again. Am i wasting my precious microphones?
    Alredy comunicated to TinyCo, no answer.


    • Just a “visual” aspect. Regardless… you are still only a “chance” at getting anything. Like I commented already on exact same to another reader…. I sent JUST Riker and got every single item I needed. Including Candy. I’ll post all my results later. Just know it’s a chance at it all. Some say higher but I still get items one person. Varies per player


      • Thank you sensei 🙂


      • I noticed that too. With Riker, Joe and third freemium character (I forget who!) the visual said high chance for candy then it changes to low. Glad to know u got the only important drop anyway. Dont really like this model but if the 4 lots of candy drop in the first 8 tries I wont complain 🙂


      • The second rap show with Riker and Brian ended and i got only lighters AGAIN. IMHO is not simply a visual aspect. It’s a glitch. I’m wondering what to do now. Using only Riker like you? I already lost 12 microphones and i can’t get a response by TinyCo.


        • It’s not. It’s just the stage. As I keep saying this is EXACTLY how Star Trek was. Regardless how high or low it is… it’s still a “chance”. So you just have to keep trying til you get the item you want. Same exact scenario everytime. All my Riker gauges said low except Glowsticks…those were high. But I still got the buggy and candies anyway. Chanc . Just like the drops for everything else.


  25. My town is infested with gold robots. My issue is with collecting wrenches. The new weird AL building should help


  26. I noticed something about the leaderboard that seemed interesting so I wanted to share. It is completely unrealistic but at least this post will be a refreshing break from all the whining and complaining. 🙂

    When the phase first started, I noticed I was qualified for the second prize , even though I was tied with the other 25 people. This leads me to believe that if you could somehow communicate with your group, and you all avoided collecting any tvs, the whole group would tie for 1st place and everyone would get Stewie’s skin because the prize isn’t limited to only two people, it’s limited to the first two ranks.

    I could be completely wrong, but it seemed like good food for thought. 🙂


    • Lol… if only. Nope. Won’t work that way. Only 2 can get him.


      • Are you sure? If at the end there are folks tied for second place, what would be the basis for awarding to one second-placer and not the other(s)?


        • As I don’t run it… I can’t answer that. You would have to address that with TinyCo IF it comes to that. 🙂


        • They might have some formula based on who gets what when. Dunno what they would do with all zeros, though… Go into shock, maybe! They must have had to do this in the mobster event, since there had to be many people with the same number of fedoras but they had to divide them into ranks anyway.

          You never would be able to get 30 people to agree on doing this, anyway. Whoever broke the pact would end up at the top, laughing at you….


    • There is absolutely no way to communicate with others in your leaderboard since it’s anonymous. So your point is moot.


      • Jim,

        It was meant to be a fun observation. Obviously there is no way to communicate with others on the list and there will always be “that guy” that would would get one at the last minute just to be the “winner”. Lighten up a little and enjoy the game.



  27. I agree with Jamie’s post below. I play this game religiously and after this new phase came about, I feel way too overwhelmed. It’s just too much, I give up on this event!


    • This final phase didn’t really add anything new. Just really more collection for GUDG, so it’s not that difficult. Catch up to the final and I think you’ll still do fine. The only thing I’m having difficulty with is tickets.


  28. I’ll be ready for this update next week. So much to do with last weeks update which I just started on Tuesday. So behind. Doubt I will get any of the people unlocked. And I play this game way more than I should. I should be reading, or coloring, or spending time with people and my pets…. Love the event, but too much going on, too much to collect… Just too much.


  29. Can someone please remind me how we get those gold robots? I have zero in my town and zero tubs of grease for GUDG! Doesn’t look like I stand a chance at earning him in time. 😦


  30. So last night I bought all the vats of grease for GUDG, considering they were only two clams each, thinking that with the grease out of the way the gold robots will drop only viral hits thus increasing my odds at getting one. This was not the case last night as I proceeded to clear four gold robots, three of which paid out ten coins, and one which paid out one viral hit instead of the normal six. I thought it was a bit unfair I was put at a disadvantage for spending clams so I emailed tinyco and today my first gold robot dropped six viral hits. Until I clear more I can’t say for sure whether they changed it from one to six or it will randomly drop either coins, one, or six. Was wondering what your experience with this has been so far as I noticed you already mentioned you received the one instead of six. Hope this jumble of words makes sense to you or someone 😛


    • They were already dropping coins now and then, so that is a given. So… Tubs, coins, and varied Viral Hits. That’s why I noted in this very post you’re commenting on about the chance at 1 Viral Hit too after clearing tubs. 😉


      • Thanks I think I see how it’s working now. Just curious as to whether you have a better chance at getting the six viral hits before or after completing all of the tubs for GUDG. Seems like the chances have remained the same. Hopefully.


  31. I used clams to rush some tasks hoping to catch up and give me enough time to get Weird Al. Weird Al turns out to be premium. I now do not have enough clams to get him. That shows off my luck right there.

    Hopefully I can finish off last week’s stuff and start this one soon.


  32. Can you do a post about the free albums? Which characters, what albums, etc.


  33. Can you only get the albulms if you are on an Android phone?


  34. Just to let you know when you have got all the grease tubs you can still get 6 viral hits. I had 70 and i cleared just 1 gold bot and now i have 76. It is just a bit more rare to get 6 hits now i quess…


    • Glad your not on my leaderboard. I only have 14 and I’m in first. Next guy only has 6, then 2 and everyone else is 0.

      I can’t get those wrenches fast enough to clear gold bots….arrrggh haha


  35. They have a picture on the TinyCo Facebook page that kind of makes me expect a skin for Lois to show up sometime this week 😛


    • I’m not seeing anything new for Lois on TinyCo’s Facebook page. If you’re talking about “Rambo” Lois at the top of the page, that’s old.


  36. Fabrizio Azzolini

    I defeated mecha astley…had 6 gold robots..took them out and only got tubs of each..and no viral hits!! Dang nambit!!!


  37. I think I’m out because I used all my microphones from killing mech astley twice, and did not get enough coats to unlock rick. So I still only have peter to attack to get more microphones. I thought about getting takagaga but she doesn’t really inspire me. I think I will just sit it out until the next event now-shame as I was enjoying it and got quite far! Such a loser


  38. Busy final phase but looks like Greased Up Guy can be done, holding off on Ricardo to use glow sticks for buildings then build them up again, so that will keep me busy. Leaderboard, im not going fuss too much, will just see where I end up. Weird Al? Maybe it’s because I’m British or my age but honestly no idea who he is, but from all the excitement and comments he sounds like a fun guy, but not going spend the clams on him as don’t have that pull other Addicts have for him. All in all a balanced last week with no horrid surprises or last minute characters thrown in to unlock. Is this TinyCo’s response to the constructive feedback some of us try to give about events.


    • Basically Weird Al is a silly comedic type guy that takes any “popular” song and makes a Parody of it. He’s been doing it for many many years. Most U.S. people caught him on a radio show hosted by Dr. Dimento. Which was full of silly and crazy type songs. My guess is you may have heard Weird Al, but didn’t realize it. He’s been at it 30+ years. But like you said, don’t spend Clams on something that does not appeal to YOU personally. Save them for something that brings you personal joy and excitement. 🙂


    • Yes, I’m a big Weird Al fan. Not sure if it’s enough to buy the clams especially with Halloween around the corner… But I did see him in concert and he puts on a phenomenal show!


  39. It is cool that they increased the damage for Peter and Rick for attacking mecha astley. It is also cool that they gave us more options for wrenches, as those were a pain to get! I am slightly bummed that Stewie is a leaderboard prize, as a couple of my cohorts are doing great on collecting the viral hits, and I am going to be slammed with work and out of town guests this weekend and next week, so signing in to play won’t be a priority. At least I don’t have to worry about finishing a questline to move forward, and can concentrate the time I am able to play on getting GUDG, which may be doable. and the fan challenge, which really depends on timing! *smile*

    I am surprised there was no glowstick mystery box, but maybe they will toss that out next week.

    As always, thanks a ton for the information, and I hope you have a lovely weekend!


  40. I have been diligent about my side quest ‘a rising star’ I had made it through the whole questline along time ago! except the task to do a Peter paloosa encore concert, I was stuck without the trench coats needed to clear the stage! But I just now got all needed items and held Rick astly a concert now my only option is called “final concert”?!? What does that mean no more ‘encore’ concerts⁉️ So no chance to hold an ‘Encore’ concert than? Or is a ‘Final Concert’ still considered (countable) as an Encore? I NEED 3 more clams for Weird AL I spent $10 today to get him but I’m short3 clams so I’m desperate not to have to spend my last few bucks too!!


    • Do me a favor and look at this post you are commenting on…. the part under “Encore Concerts”. 🙂


    • I still need to do the Peter encore to complete A Rising Star, too. I tried using him for The Final Performance and that didn’t trigger it. I’m working on the two Mecha takedowns needed for real encores in Phase 6, and hoping sending Peter for that will complete that questline. When I hit the Go button in the task list for that last part of the quest, it does take me to the requirements for the encore. I need those clams to have any chance at getting Weird Al at the last minute! Also need the clams from the second clam quest, too, since I might still be a few short. They should set up a clam small loan company in the game for us freemiums (at usurious clam interest rates, of course) for when we’re close but no banana… “I can pay you Tuesday for a Weird Al today.”


  41. Do you think we will still have chance to get GUDG after the event ends, or will he disappear? I’m fairly current at the moment in the main questline but really lagging in GUDG items…


  42. Did not notice the hit damage change on peter that is helpful for sure as well as rick’s.


  43. So I have Rapper Brian and I think William Riker doing a concert. At 6 hours left it gave me the option to end early with clams for 15 clams. It now only has 3 hours 55 mins left but now asks for 22 clams to hurry up and end the concert? Why would it go up the closer it gets to being done?


  44. VIP passes say “Always” drop rate when you tap on GUDG. Collected my first chance at one from the “White and Nerdy” comedy club and didn’t receive one. Already messaged Tiny,


  45. Wish the concerts helped with GUDG…I’m getting LPs and lighters a
    That are good for nothing after unlocking everything.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. Over and out.

    The game keeps exiting to the home screen way too often now, losing the last minute or so of what I did before, sometimes even losing both won items and the glowsticks used to get them.

    Still way too many questline tasks and collection options for way too few characters.

    I was focusing on the 5-clam-challenge because I fell so much behind already, so I just tried to get at least a few clams from this “event”. Well, guess what, Rick Astley is required to complete the last step, something that I will not be able to achieve in the remaining time. Thank you very much.

    Well… I guess it’s finally uninstalling time on my last device that I was still playing on.


  47. Yeah, the increase in damage saved me. I had to get 6 points (w/only Peter and Rick) with 11hr. 45min on the clock before this phase became active. So I could have stopped and let Mecha reset. But I said WTF, I will just keep going until the reset. Well, with less than 4 hr. left, the new phase hit and both did a total of 4 points to take it down.

    Also do we need to collect blindfolds for anything else after we earn enough for guy in store? I just realised I have been collecting for like 1.5 days extra and not gaining any glowsticks.


    • Blindfolds? Are you referring to the Short Shorts for Ricardo? If so, those will continue to appear until he is live in your game. Think brewery craftables.


      • LMAO…not that I’m judging, but I hope riftsrunner doesn’t use Ricardo’s short shorts for blindfolds :-)…..just cringe at the thought. Although in fairness they don’t indicate if they are unworn or freshly laundered bwahahahaha


        • It is something I did giggle about. But so many of these images are so terribly teeny that you just are not sure what some are until you see them in one of our posts or pay closer attention to the names.

          Now Greased Up Deaf Guy on the other hand I can see him putting a pair of his Undies on his head and running all around crazy. LOL 😛


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