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What The Deuce?!

Happy Weekend Clammers!

Well we’ve all made it through another week and the weekend is here!

All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game and we wanted to give you (and us) a fun way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

So welcome to WHAT THE DEUCE?!

What the Deuce

Here’s your place to vent about anything and everything, Family Guy or not. Consider this your weekly bitch fest and get it all out with a good…WHAT THE DEUCE?! And start your weekend fresh! 🙂

REMEMBER: This is the ONLY place all that Venting and Frustration is allowed, so please Respect the Addicts Guidelines and post them ONLY here. They are always open, so you can use them at anytime. 24/7, 365 days a year. Help us by keeping the Vents/Rants off all the other helpful posts. 🙂

Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language while commenting.  

Here’s mine for this week:

WHAT THE DEUCE… Wrenches, can I get about 100 more please? SERIOUSLY?! My town looks like an Alien Invasion of Gold Robots come to shoot frakkin laser beams at us and take over the Planet. I keep tapping them during Concerts or just trying to tap something else. Do I need to call an Exterminator? PLEASE SIR, CAN I HAVE SOME MORE!!!


Now it’s YOUR turn…give us your WHAT THE DEUCE?! moments from the past week!  Go on, get it off your chest…you’ll feel a lot better! 🙂

PeterPalooza 101: Mecha Astley Attack Tips

Hey there Toady Lickin’ Roadies!

With Phase 6 Live in our games now, some changes with it to the Mecha Astley were added. These changes will definitely help you to get further along in the Event, pick up some additional Materials that you will need like Glowsticks & Microphones, as well as drop a ton of Gold Metal Robots all over your town.

Mecha Rick Astley

Let’s take a peek at the changes and some tips to help you take him down.  Continue reading