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Septemberfest Main Walkthrough: Back to the Brewery

Hey there Sausage Lovin Lederhosens!

Ready for some more Beer, Sausages, Beer, Lederhosens, Beer, Dancing… and Beer? The town just wasn’t stuffed full enough of Beer, so TinyCo decided what better to do then… Open the Pawtucket Brewery up!! BRING ON MORE BEER!!

Phase 2 of Septemberfest is now in our games and with it a New Main Questline, Back to the Brewery!

Pawtucket Brewery Repaired

Let’s take a look at Back to the Brewery and all you will encounter along the way.  Continue reading

PeterPalooza Leaderboard #2 Character Profile: Bad Trip Stewie

Hey there Lederhosens!

The Musicians Roadies have loaded up all the gear in the trailers. The ground is covered with who knows what as the clean up crew tries to put everything back to normal. The Mushrooms are all gone, even the Portobellos. PeterPalooza is gone from our games, but some remnants are still left behind.

During PeterPalooza, Leaderboards were dropped into our games and with them… some unique Character Costumes we competed with our group of 30 to win. New Character Costumes like Bad Trip Stewie!

Bad Trip Stewie

Let’s take a look at what Bad Trip Stewie can do in our silly lil games.

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