Ask TinyCo: PeterPalooza Q&A RECAP!!!

Hey there Tribblemakers!

As you know we love to be the type of Community that appreciates not only can we voice our opinions to TinyCo about their game, Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff, but that they also like to respond back to us and listen to our thoughts, ideas, questions, and concerns.

TinyMatt was really amazing to take time out of his personal schedule to come here and answer all our questions and concerns. I wanted to take a few minutes to cover some of the top things we saw. Including some Spoilers?


If you want to see the full Q&A again, go to the post HERE.

Otherwise, let’s take a look at the main points that were covered by TinyMatt from TinyCo.







Wrap It Up Week One


Q- Steve: 

Hey Tiny Co, I’m really enjoying the event so far, and love the theme as well as all the artists that are coming with it, I’ve just got a few questions,

1) What day of each week will the new phases of this event hit?

2) Will Vern and Johnny ever be added into the game?

3) Could we get some costumes for other characters that currently don’t have any, such as Adam West (maybe Batman?), Carter, Tom Tucker, etc?


A- TinyMatt: 

#1: Week 2 of PeterPalooza starts TOMORROW, Friday, August 14th. After that, it will start every Thursday as normal.

#2: Maybe 🙂

#3: Maybe 🙂




YES!  You Will Have To Complete Part 7 of PeterPalooza.

Q- Erikgrmr:

Dear Matt,

Is the main questline important to proceed to the next phase?

I would like to be able to play the event without focusing too much on unlocking characters that are required in the main questline.


A- TinyMatt:

Yes, you will need to be done with Pt. 7 to move on.



Makeover Meg 4 Mort Free Clams

Q- Charles

Hello Bunny and friends as well as Tiny Co. You have made some really great improvements to the game and we appreciate that you communicate with us when you can. I have quite a few questions but since these need to be PeterPalooza ones I will ask this:

As a freemium player what are my chances of unlocking Meg’s new outfit? Originally I was planning to just save everything towards her since she costs so many glow sticks and guitar picks. Will completing the quests, unlocking Avril, help at all towards getting Meg or should I just focus on saving everything? Thanks in advance and keep the fun rolling out for us!

PS: If you could comment on why we all don’t have the option to watch videos for clams yet and why I no longer see a pop up each day to visit my friends anymore that would be great! 🙂 I am on the Android platform by the way.


A- TinyMatt

#1 Your chances are good! Focus on concerts and encores as much as you can, and tap every toad that you find. It will take extra work as a freemium player, but it is completable in 5-7 days.

#2 We’ve been testing the clam ads for a while now. Whether they appear depends on a lot of different factors: country, how long you’ve been playing the game, purchase history, what platform you’re playing on, and how far you are in the game. More players will be seeing clam ads in their game very soon. So if you don’t have any yet, stay tuned!

#3 this is a known bug that we’re looking at for the next update.



KISS Gene Simmons 4 KISS Paul Stanley 4Glowsticks

Q- Marcus:

This is an interesting event considering the whole focus thing on Music, but how come you never thought of adding in a character like Haley Smith from American Dad as a character who can drop Glowrings since she did this type of stuff on the show once or twice ?


A- TinyMatt: 

Hi Marcus! Resources, mostly. Events like this involve so many moving pieces and so much new content that we have to decide where to spend resources. Adding drops to past characters involves making a lot of adjustments, removing those at the end of the event, adjusting the economy, and many other things behind the scenes. Add to that how not all players have past premium characters, and the costs of adding these back sources add up quickly.

We like doing this! And we hear that it’s something our longtime players want. We’re looking into the best way to involve older characters. For now, though, the top priorities are characters specific to an event, and characters that much of the playerbase has.

On that latter note: this is a big reason why you see the same characters involved in quest lines often, such as Bonnie and Peter. If a quest is necessary to advance in the game, we want at least one character in that quest to be someone most players unlock.

I’m not on the design team, so I can’t speak to Haley specifically 🙂but broadly, we’ve released a ton of characters in the past year, so there will always be a few that would have been great flavor fits that didn’t make the cut. I can talk to the team about whether they have plans for her, though!

(You wouldn’t believe how many emails I got from players surprised we didn’t have Meg’s “Be a Butt Portal” action involved in a past event.)


Q- gus

I would like it if on all events every character was able to earn whatever currency is used just for that event I don’t like that I have spent money to unlock a character with clams just to have them be useless after the event


A- TinyMatt

Thanks for this! I responded more at length to character usage here:



Snoop Dog 1 Avril Lavigne 1

Q- epicmike:


What were the reasons for the lineup of the musical celebrities for the event? I’m not trying to be a musical elitist here, but why are you mainly focusing on pop acts (with the exception of Alice Cooper)? A metal artist would have been great like Lars Ulrich for example.

Also, will the difficulty in unlocking characters and skins get harder as we progress through the weeks?


A- TinyMatt: 

Some of the criteria was:

1) Artists that excited us
2) Artists with big followings and fan bases
3) Artists that fit the style of the show
3) Artists who were interested 🙂

Our awesome Business/Marketing team reached out to a ton of artists, and we’re stoked for the slate we ended up signing.

#2: Yes, some quests and characters will get harder as the weeks go on. Not all of them, though.



Clam Icon Family Guy Coin

Q- AmberTim:


What kind of musicians can we expect as premium characters?! Eminem?


A- TinyMatt

I can’t comment on premium vs nonpremium 😉

Since this is a popular question that I can’t answer, here’s a bit of trivia:

When Ron Perlman recorded the line “can I swear in this game?” we thought he was actually asking if he could swear. So we said “sure, go ahead!”


Q- Perrin

Will Snoop Dogg be a character we earn by doing stuff or a clam character? I’d love to have him in my game by doing stuff! 🙂


A- TinyMatt 

I can’t comment on premium vs nonpremium. So here’s a bit of Trivia 🙂

The first time Bunny reached out to me about covering the game, I totally snubbed her. I’ve been paying for it ever since.



New Challenge Menu Timer Icon


Is there a way you can notify users of timed events BEFORE starting them? I got so excited at the new content when it uploaded, I checked everything out, not realizing that I was starting the Meg timer at the start of the event, before I had even unlocked any actions to help with guitar picks.



We’re trying to get better about this. But oh man, SO MUCH happens during development that announcing a specific release date carries a big risk. We have to strike the balance of getting people hyped while still meeting deadlines.

We’re looking into a “Cancel Tasks” button as a way to help with this.



You Earned Avril Lavigne Album

Q- Manda

Can you advise why no free album on the IOS edition for unlocking Avril Lavine?


A- TinyMatt

While there’s a lot of overlap in terms of their businesses, Apple and Google (and Amazon and Microsoft and Facebook) are very different companies, with different goals, departments, technology and relationships. When the opportunity presented itself to work with Google on this exclusive, we jumped at the chance 🙂




Hi TinyCo! Loving the new event, though I had to wait a day to play – grr Amazon! Couple questions… No premium characters this event? Or just none released yet 😛 and…. how come only Google play gets the albums? Is it a rights thing or just a deal? Anyway thanks for this one, enjoying the questline and character drop rates/ease of creation seems spot on thus far! 🙂



There will be premium characters soon 🙂

I tackled the Music giveaway here:


(Side Note: Here is the FAQ on How To Redeem Music)



District 11 New Land

Q- kannoo

Hi Tinyco! I was wondering about space. Can/will there be more space available soon? I cannot fit all the stuff I want in my Quahog. Also, will there be a cancel task option? Also, why are some characters not voiced? Can’t you just take sound clips from the show? Lastly, how come most characters dont really have a purpose after their event is over? I’d like to see more character tasks that contribute to the event from more characters.


A- TinyMatt

Right now we’re sticking with adding space during District releases. We don’t plan on releasing new space during PeterPalooza.

Cancel Task is something we’re considering. It’s a popular request!

Voices: it depends on whether the voices have loaded into your game (this sometimes takes a while), whether we have rights to that character’s lines, whether it includes copyrighted material (like the Prom Night Baby 😦 ), and whether we have time before the next release. Sometimes we bump voices to the future to make sure we can get the content out on time. We do go back and add them in most cases.

I talked about character tasks here:





Q- Adam

Will we be getting any additional celebrities that are not pictured in already? If so Britney Spears pretty pretty please!

Or even Ricky Martin/Jewel would be fun too.


A- TinyCo

Dear Adam,
We’re getting Brittney spears, Snoop Dog, Avril Levine, WeridAl, Nicky Manaj, Drake, Madonna, Iggy Azalia, Greased up deaf guy, and Kim Kardashian.Thanks for playing Peter Palooza!
From, TinyCo

 (FYI… In case you haven’t caught on… this one was NOT TinyCo nor TinyMatt. Just someone having a bit too much fun… but… sounded like a fun list, right? Note I put Rick Astley’s pic up.)


Big thanks to TinyMatt for responding personally to all our questions and a big thank you to YOU our Readers. Some great questions.

What did you think of the Q&A? Find what you were looking for? Get a better idea of things? Anything else you wanted to ask about PeterPalooza that wasn’t? Let us know.


45 responses to “Ask TinyCo: PeterPalooza Q&A RECAP!!!

  1. I think his comments on character usage. They really have very little interest in adding value for longtime players, it’s just too difficult and they prefer to invest resources elsewhere. I appreciate that honesty, and now I know not to go premium on this game unless I’m cool with a one-time use item…that I would use to get other one-time use things, many of which will go into inventory due to land shortages; or I’d get coins which are totally useless.

    I’d be curious to know more about what they think motivates players. I guess it’s just the constant release of new content plus the stress of time constraints.

    Thanks for posting this!




  3. I want Allice


  4. wildthornberry88

    Have sent you an email. Hope you receive it ok! 🙂


  5. Hi Clammers!

    I forgot to ask Matt about the free music at google play. I can’t redeem Avril’s music as it was not compatible with my country.

    So basically until the end of this event I have no other choice to redeem the music. Is it true?


    • Correct. If you tap on the FAQ link in the Music Section Q&A of this very post… you will see the places compatible. If you are not, there is nothing anyone can do. You aren’t compatible. Sorry

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Bunny for your kind reply.

        Never notice about the FAQ section of the game as this site provides full details therefore its easier to check it here. Lol!


        • No problem. On Exclusives like the Music, we don’t really have a way to help… so I wanted to refer people directly to TinyCo.

          Getting and redeeming it for those that are compatible, I can. 😉

          Liked by 1 person

  6. It’s Avril Lavigne not Levine lol


  7. Wish on the next big event, that when a specific quest need to be done before other things need to be done before going to the next phase, it should have a different color around the quest in the book or something specific that we will know we need to have either finish or at a specific part


  8. So just a thought on reusing old characters for events. Sorry to bring up the “other” game, but in TSTO they have categorized characters (For FG I was thinking Lardball, Penny Pincher,, Nut, etc. I don’t know but some FG style categories. Maybe even costumes could play a role and change the category). Each character when developed gets that flag (and as mentioned maybe the costume is an override flag).

    Then during an event they could have one task that could require a Lardball to go eat burgers at MySwiggens. Anyone in that category would be eligible so those who have spent more and have more characters would be able to use them. You might have multiple characters eligible for this task so they would need consider how many of the item are required to complete. Also some tasks remain character specific as they are now for outside of buildings, but the beauty of having in building quests is no animation development is needed because they are inside.

    Win win right? No major re-coding for each event. Just assign some tasks to characters and other to categories of characters who will have n o animation being in a building. For us we get to use older characters for something and hose who have spent a lot of time and/or money unlocking characters will see a return on their investment.

    Just one guy talking here though.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Wow only three days to get through part seven of the main questline before new stuff hits? That’s a first as in the past we’ve always had a week. Why the rush?

    Liked by 1 person

    • No rush. The questline didn’t really have that much to it. Most was completed while unlocking Characters and doing the basics you needed to do anyway. 😉


  10. My only hope with this event is that Weird Al is an early release. I know I am going to get behind and do not want him to be a last second addition I miss out on. I will not be fun be around if that is the case.


    • If you go to a neighbor and tap on the VIP chairs, you will see he is in one of them. Just don’t know what phase he will drop at.


      • Assuming they go in order of the chairs since Avril was first looks like Alice will be next then Astley with Weird Al last. But with five weeks and only three characters left who knows if we’ll see him week 3 or week 5. They must have something else up their sleeve for the two extra weeks. Guessing greased up deaf guy might be the last week.


        • That and they may not go “in order”, they could easily jump around to each one. 😉

          There is still SO MUCH MORE to come in the next weeks. All we can do is play on and enjoy. 😉


  11. At first i thought getting Meg’s costume was gonna be unobtainable without paying clams but I’m very close to getting her just need 25 of those black things (can’t remember what they’re called) and I’m all set I just hope they bring back hot Meg and that Nicki minaj , Iggy azalea, and Madonna aren’t premium


  12. Hello tiny co love the game could you please tell us when the death character is coming out


  13. Another kind of off topic comment but idk where else to ask this but would anyone else like a costume for every ghost character that is them alive. I would love to have the characters walking around not their ghosts. And the game isn’t exactly following any sort of family guy timeline Canon so I see no issue with it


  14. Is anyone having issues with using clams? Any time I want to speed something up with clams- the game freezes. It was happening all day with Chris but now it is happening with all of my characters.
    Anyone else having this issue now that new event is here?
    Also- Avril concert won’t go – keep getting error message about hudredirect


  15. About time andriod gets something exclusively for it other then a log in bug…

    Didnt dl the album but wooo hooo?


  16. Just putting this out there. With 103 characters currently.(every single one so far) and animated deco like mall Santa and snow man and chumbawumbas along with the event walkers like roads and fans. Holy crap it’s hectic.


  17. It was nice that Tinyco came here to answer some questions.
    I am disappointed to here that they have no plans for unlocking any Non-District land any time soon.
    Seems that kind of thing would be super easy to do, when you first start playing the game there is a large portion of Non-district land that can be unlocked, so they have the ability to do it, I don’t see why they are so reluctant to give the players what they have been begging for for over 6 months at least.
    Since Tinyco has acknowledged that the Cancel Task option is something that they get a lot of requests for, you would think that that is also something that would be easy for them to do seeing as how that option is requested so often.
    It is nice to get answers, but it is even better to get action.


    • If you read Matt’s response to Land you would see its not super easy.

      Keep in mind that all things put into the game are planned months and months ahead. So things will take time and testing to ensure it works. Like Consuela’s vaccum. Amazing feature added. We requested it from day one. And they did it.

      In a world where everyone expects instant… have patience. Remember when it comes to creation… it’s not as simple as a snap of the fingers. Things will take time. Appreciate what has been done and know at least with TinyCo you CAN make changes by suggestions for their game. 😉


  18. Hey Bunny, I mistakenly skipped a pop up that showed up on screen when I opened the game. Did you get it and happen to remember what it said? XD (to clear its a new pop up just showed up today, at least for me anyways, has something to do with the event of course.) I tried opening and closing the game many times after with no luck on getting it back up.


  19. I hope that Brittney Spears, Snoop Dog, WeridAl, Nicky Manaj, Drake, Madonna, Iggy Azalia, Greased up deaf guy, and Kim Kardashian arent premium characters. They are fun/interesting/different characters to have in our games!

    Liked by 1 person

  20. So has anyone else run into the “The code you have entered has already been redeemed” problem?? I got the album on my android phone, but my girlfriend and my roommate both got that error on their android tablets. And yeah, they have google play accounts.

    I missed the q & a but bunny please use your connections to pass it on! (They used in game support already, no replies yet but tinyco is probably swamped right now) oddly I got the Avril album which is the one in care least about, but i hope this error doesn’t hit me with alice cooper..


  21. Hello Tinyco Loving the event so far even tho I personally hate Avril Lavigne lol….My question is when you are performing the concerts is there a way to see how many stars you earn after you finish the concert and what do the stars do for you. Im a little confused on the concert part. Thanks for your time.


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