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PeterPalooza Character Profile: Rick Astley

Hey there Toady Lickin Roadies!

WOW! So much going on. Musicians wandering around and performing Concerts, Mecha Astley screeching and stomping round town all Godzilla like, lil Robot Mechanical Bugs that like to poke Mechanics in the leg before shooting Lasers at them… and in there some New Characters.

With all these new additions to PeterPalooza in our game, many wonder about these New Characters and how they can help you in your game. New Characters like Rick Astley.

Rick Astley 2

Let’s take a look at what Rick Astley can do in our silly lil games.

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Ask TinyCo: PeterPalooza Q&A RECAP!!!

Hey there Tribblemakers!

As you know we love to be the type of Community that appreciates not only can we voice our opinions to TinyCo about their game, Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff, but that they also like to respond back to us and listen to our thoughts, ideas, questions, and concerns.

TinyMatt was really amazing to take time out of his personal schedule to come here and answer all our questions and concerns. I wanted to take a few minutes to cover some of the top things we saw. Including some Spoilers?

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