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PeterPalooza 101: Phase 2 Concerts and Encores

Hey there Music Fans!

Phase 2 has hit our games and with it some more Concert Stage Changes. We now have up to 4 available to go on Stage for an Encore. So what all goes into it?

What additional requirements are there to Perform Concerts?


In this post I wanted to go over the Phase 2 Basics of the Concert Area and what you can do to help give your game a boost in Materials.  Continue reading

PeterPalooza Main Walkthrough: That’s My Dog & Hottest Rapper Alive

Hey there Clammers!

The PeterPalooza Festival has now moved into Phase 2. We now have the addition of a couple of Rappers, some Cannabis paraphernalia, a bit of Rastafarian going on, and of course the Greased-Up Deaf Guy randomly running wild around our streets.

All this crazy New Content just means one thing… New Questlines for the Event. Including the Questlines for Rapper Brian.

Rapper Brian

Let’s take a look at the That’s My Dog & Hottest Rapper Alive Questlines and all you will encounter along the way.  Continue reading

PeterPalooza Premium Character Profile: Snoop Dogg

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Our Quahogs are infested! Spotted Toads, Dudes running around licking the Spotted Toads and freaking out. Girls dressed as Hippies being chased by Bees. Tons of Fans, some too busy on their phones too care. Patchouli Oil, Hacky Sacks, and and in there somewhere… some AWESOME Music. PeterPalooza is in our games.

With a New PeterPalooza Event in our game, that means New Characters/Costumes. There will even be Premium Characters you can decide if you want to add to your Quahogs. Premium Characters like Snoop Dogg!

Snoop Dog 1

Let’s take a look at what Snoop Dogg can do in our silly lil games. Fo Shizzle!

Continue reading