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PeterPalooza Phase 4 is Live!!

Hey there Toady Roadies!

Phase 4 is now upon us… WOOHOO!!

With it comes a lot more Characters, Musicians, Decorations, Buildings, Bears, and more. We will have a complete rundown below once we go through it all and play it out live.

Remember, unless it is very clearly notated with a timer (Like Rapper Brian & Makeover Meg were) ALL these Characters/Skins run until the End of the Event.



First up, some tips…

  • You will need to Complete Grin & Bear It Part 5 to move into Phase 4 content.
  • Carl in the Merch Kiosk is NOT timed so tap away.
  • Play the new Main Questline to complete a few Part #’s first to access ALL the new items (most do not start right until you do).

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End of Phase 3, Prep Phase 4

Hey there Toady Roadies!

Bouncing by with a quick reminder that Phase 4 will be dropping on in sometime AFTER 3PM Pacific today!

This means we will have more items added to the game, a possible Musician change, maybe even more Event Staff? The Leaderboard too will stop at 3PM Pacific and close out.

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PeterPalooza Character Profile: Belgard

Hey there Toady Roadies!

There is just so much going on in Our Quahogs now! Spotted Toads, Dudes running around licking the Spotted Toads and freaking out. Girls dressed as Hippies being chased by Bees (both Red and Dark haired). Tons of Fans, some too busy on their phones too care. Patchouli Oil, Hacky Sacks, Bears, Park Rangers, picnic baskets and in there somewhere… some AWESOME Music. PeterPalooza Phase 3 is in our games!

A New PeterPalooza Phase in our game means New Characters/Costumes. Characters like Belgard!

Belgard 3

Let’s take a look at what Belgard can do in our silly lil games.

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