PeterPalooza Phase 4 is Live!!

Hey there Toady Roadies!

Phase 4 is now upon us… WOOHOO!!

With it comes a lot more Characters, Musicians, Decorations, Buildings, Bears, and more. We will have a complete rundown below once we go through it all and play it out live.

Remember, unless it is very clearly notated with a timer (Like Rapper Brian & Makeover Meg were) ALL these Characters/Skins run until the End of the Event.



First up, some tips…

  • You will need to Complete Grin & Bear It Part 5 to move into Phase 4 content.
  • Carl in the Merch Kiosk is NOT timed so tap away.
  • Play the new Main Questline to complete a few Part #’s first to access ALL the new items (most do not start right until you do).

Back with lots more in just a bit.


DJ HerbertDJ Herbert: His Questline to trigger his collection will begin AFTER Deadmau5 in the Hau5 Pt. 1, DJ Bucket List.


Concert Tickets 28 Concert Tickets (Common): Greased-Up Deaf Guy OR Bears OR Ticket Kiosk

Classic Boy's Life Magazine41 Classic Boy’s Life Magazines (Common): Concerts OR Alice Cooper Snake Training OR Bonnie Go to Ladies’ Night OR Sam Doody Guitar Store OR Carl Jump Dance OR Sweetbottom’s Candy Necklace Factory

Lighter10 Lighters (Common): Concerts OR Zoopi Lighter Display

LP12 LPs (Common): Deadmau5 Try on New Helmets OR Honey Gold Bears


Deadmau5Deadmua5: 350 ClamsClam Icon, ALWAYS drops 1 LPLP(Try on New Helmets, 12hrs, available instantly), Comes with his 4×4=12 Album for Free. Comes with 8 tasks, 2 animated. Comes with Questline. He IS Voiced.



Zoopi Lighter DisplayZoopi Lighter Display: 130 ClamsClam Icon, Earns 10 GlowsticksGlowsticks & 25xp every 6hrs, ALWAYS drops 1 lighterLighter.

Mau5 Head StudiosMau5 Head Studios: 45 ClamsClam Icon, Earns 32 GlowsticksGlowsticks & 100xp every 16hrs



Mud PitMud Pit: 1000 GlowsticksGlowsticks

Starbright Roller RinkStarbright Roller Rink: 1500 GlowsticksGlowsticks, this one is HUGE


Blue Paint CannonBlue Paint Cannon: 20 ClamsClam Icon, this is animated and sprays a straight stream of color out when tapped.

Pink Paint CannonPink Paint Cannon: 20 ClamsClam Icon, this is animated and sprays a straight stream of color out when tapped.



Festival Merch Kiosk

Another page of goodies have been added to the Festival Merch Kiosk. Here are the new items you will see there.


Carl Sweepstakes WinnerCarl: For those of you scratching your heads on this one “WHO?!”, those of us around since launch of the game know TinyCo had a Facebook Contest and the Winner was immortalized into the game. This is that reader on their Facebook Page… in the game. 😉

Fully Tasked. He has a task right away to help drop 1 Boy’s Life MagazinesClassic Boy's Life Magazine (Common). He does come with a Questline. He is voiced too.

FG Sweepstakes Contest Pic

Here is some additional info to help you remember, or just find out.

Facebook Post HERE

Pics from TinyCo Visit HERE



Glowsticks2500 Glowsticks

Concert Tickets10 Concert Tickets (Common): Greased-Up Deaf Guy OR Bears OR Ticket Kiosk

LP6 LPs (Common): Deadmau5 Try on New Helmets OR Honey Gold Bears

Headphones11 Headphones (Uncommon): Avril Lavigne Fight Polar Bear OR Alice Cooper Slay the House OR Lois Buy Groceries OR Quagmire Drink at the Clam OR Glamping Tent


Sweetbottom's Candy Necklace FactorySweetbottom’s Candy Necklace Factory (Building): Earns 16 Glowsticks Glowsticks& 25 xp every 6hrs, Chance 1 Boy’s Life MagazineClassic Boy's Life Magazine(Common).

Glowsticks750 Glowsticks


PortapottiesPortapotties (Decoration)

Glowsticks100 Glowsticks

Skull Guitar Pick Large40 Skull Guitar Picks


Abandoned Warehouse RaveAbandoned Warehouse Rave (Building): Earns 34 GlowsticksGlowsticks & 40xp every 12hrs

Glowsticks300 Glowsticks

Skull Guitar Pick Large30 Skull Guitar Picks


Top 40 DJ BoothTop 40 DJ Booth (Decoration)

Glowsticks2000 Glowsticks

Concert Tickets10 Concert Tickets

Lighter5 Lighters (You need these for DJ Herbert first. DO NOT BUY THIS TIL YOU GET HERBERT)

Skull Guitar Pick Large10 Skull Guitar Picks




Honey Gold Bear & Park Ranger

The New Honey Gold Bears will start appearing in the game during Deadmau5 in the Hau5 Part 1.

Honey Gold BearHoney Gold Bears: Require THREE Park Rangers to clear

Honey Gold Bear Payout: 1 LP (Common)LP



Stage Hula Hoop Girl

Before tapping on anything at all or starting any Questlines at all, I immediately went to the stage. There are now Hula Hooping girls there.

I tapped on the Stage and it opened to “Peter’s Concert”.

Rockstar Peter’s Concert Requires

  • Build a Port-o-potty
  • Build a Mud Pit
  • Unlock Carl
  • Have Carl Jump Dance (6hrs)
  • Have Carl Put on a Light Show (8hrs)


Payout for the Concert 100/100 Stars

  • 150 GlowsticksGlowsticks
  • 10 LightersLighter



After completing Rockstar Peter’s Concert on the stage and getting the payout, tapping on the Stage let me know the next set of requirements.

It is actually passed on to DJ Herbert next. So there won’t be an Encore just yet, instead, start collecting for DJ Herbert.

DJ Herbert’s Concert Requires

  • Unlock DJ Herbert
  • Build Sweetbottom’s Candy Necklace Factory
  • Have DJ Herbert Discuss Social Media
  • Craft Abandoned Warehouse Reserve

Will update in a separate post more on Concerts when I finish unlocking DJ Herbert.




My first tap on Peter brought up a Clam offer. One Way Ticket.

One Way Ticket

Buy $19.99 USD Worth of Clams and get 45 Tickets Free!

So for those out of US that is the following Clam options or above…

  • Crate of 600 Clams
  • Drum of 1600 Clams
  • Tank of 3500 Clams

Getting any one of those will award you 45 Concert Tickets once transaction is complete.




Deadmau5 in the Hau5

Peter Starts
Pt 1: Rockstar Peter Hang out Backstage (10hrs) & Avril Instigate a Riot (24hrs)

Quagmire Starts
Pt 2: Craft Portapotties & Place Portapotties & Avril Perform Secret Concert (10hrs)


After Deadmau5 in the Hau5 Pt 1

DJ Buck List

Herbert Starts
Pt 1: Unlock DJ Herbert


That pretty much does if for the Rundown. I will add a few more details here and there as I finish pulling pics and wrap up Characters.

What Characters are you excited to get? Glad they finally pulled in the Sweepstakes Winner? I wondered where he went off to. How is your Material Collection coming along? Tips for your fellow Players? Let us know.


179 responses to “PeterPalooza Phase 4 is Live!!

  1. I need some advice PLEASE! I can’t seem to get enough glowsitcks to build the International hostel. Every time I almost reach 4000 I need to get something else with them. I have to decide now whether to buy the Top40 DJ booth and finish DJ Bucket List to finish Phase 4, or should I build the Hostel?


    • DJ Bucket list is a SIDE questline. You do not need it to move forward. So… don’t get it. If you want another Character, get the Hostel NOW as you still have to unlock his items and you only have until Thursday to do it.


  2. After Herbert’s concert there is an encore concert for him. Requirements for the encore are:

    1. Clear a gold honey bear
    2. DJ Herbert discuss social media
    3. Joe Lion grow white people dreadlocks
    4. Have Alice Cooper let school out

    After completing this encore concert you will see another encore concert for Herbert and the requirements are the same


  3. Are you having problems with Rockstar Peter and Detective Scrotes? My Peter just stands there when you send him to trash his hotel room. Same with Detective when you send him to manscape.


    • I am wondering if they disabled some of the animation to help with game stability. Wouldn’t be the first time.


    • Yup. Scrotes has the problem since I first tried it, after the update after the mobster event. Peter’s worked once, next time I tried it was after TinyCo uploaded some new things into the game and then he just stood there. So I suspect it’s some bug in their updates rather than a deliberate thing or something wrong at our end. No problem with other animations. iPhone 5s, iOS 8.3.


      • He originally did not have animation on the task. Wasn’t til after the Event they added it in. Now I am wondering it it was pulled again for stability. I am waiting clarification.


        • FYI… as I thought… Rockstar Peter not having animation is known. As for Scrotes… message in to them if you do not see it. I just pulled mine out of storage and the animation is working just fine.


  4. We need a better source of zippos! A couple characters with drops would be fantastic! Meg would be a good choice, as she’s pretty much wasted in this event.


  5. Do you think TinyCo will offer Starbright Peter as a Best of 2015 purchase @ a later time?


  6. The Hula Hoop girls should have been buyable in the shop. I want one to go with the dancing fan I already bought.


  7. I’m currently locked out! I eventually checked to see if there was an update… and there was!… but I’ve since updated and no change on the lock out⁉️ server connection error on IOS¿ anyone else?
    Argh! Every time I try to post this it says it’s a duplicate‼️ (so I’m typing this now to make it new & different)


  8. I’m currently locked out! I eventually checked to see if there was an update… and there was!… but I’ve since updated and no change on the lock out⁉️ server connection error on IOS¿ anyone else?


  9. It would make me giddy as frak to see myself in a game.

    I kinda thought you were in it Bunny! Dark haired hippie chick running from the bees?
    LOL AARRRGGGGHHHHH I still need 2 more pair of those blasted boots!!!! Man they are tough, I’ve been working on them from the get go. Finally got Belgrade unlocked and thought I could get help from him. Then I find not until he hits level 2. So close yet so far!! The drops for them have improved tho, I’ve gotten last 3 in a row, so I hope to have him unlocked by Saturday AM.
    Thanks for heads up on next level, appreciate all you do for us. lol I am so addicted to this game.


  10. Gold bears ARE not dropping LP’s. Greased up guy NOT dropping tix. Both are dropping coins. Slowing things down to a crawl. Tinyco is really pushing players to buy coins this time around.


  11. If it helps, I messaged TinyCo about the boot drops and they responded that they are dropping as they should, and that the longer you go without a boot drop, the more likely you are to get one… No more on the exact details about drop rates, but it took me 8 tries of Peter’s 8 hour mission (one time even spending clams, no go there) until I got one. Today, they seem to actually be dropping, which means I’ve probably jynxed myself and won’t see anymore… LOL.


  12. It’s funny how fickle we are, when event started I immediately said to myself I’d get Deadmau5 but once I saw he was 350 clams I started dither, had he been 250 I would immediately grabbed him but i told myself I wouldn’t break 300 clams for any character. Damn you clam spend rule. Anyways as there is a clam deal I thought I would point out to UK players PayPal have 20% off iTunes vouchers just now. I may use this an excuse to break my clam rule.

    Still enjoying the event, was initially confused who Carl was, I thought he was our free clam TV guy until you cleared that up Bunny. Thanks. But when we going see you bounce into the game? I can see you sitting with a dancing toad and other weird animals, a kind of geek Snow White.

    Thanks again for all the info. Oh and honey bears are dropping records every time for me.


    • Lol. According to TinyCo we have to “have a large fan base” to make it worthwhile. So… people have to continually ask for us? Lol. I dunno. I am sure there is a lot that they got to follow on the legal side too when presenting a new character to be a permanent fixture in the game. How it will impact the game, will it be worthwhile to spend time and resources on it, etc. That usual business stuffs. 😉

      It would make me giddy as frak to see myself in a game. 😛


    • I bought deadmou5 and snoop a minute ago, it would had been worth it if I was on android(Google) and then could get there albums free ($19.99=600 clams for the two characters/ $19.99 is typical price for two albums) I feel it would had been a bargain on android to buy the premium character.
      But I just got both and now I’m locked out on IOS so I can’t play with them after all😢


  13. Honey Golden Bears LP drops are most definitely not common. Two in a row “missed” with a coin payout. Coins really??? Not even glow sticks? Should at least have the decency to call them uncommon if not rare. Tiny Co is dropping the ball yet again.


  14. to complete part 5 with Alice Cooper concert do we need to send Avril Lavigne ou him to complete it ?


  15. Glow sticks are difficult to come by as it is with so few characters who can yield them, stinks that three of them — Bonnie, Lois and Quagmire — now have item-dropping tasks that don’t pay out glow sticks. The tasks are so long that at least they could have made them pay out some currency.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Do you guys know what the spawn rate on the Golden Bears is? I last cleared one 3 hours ago, and I just went in to clear another and after 5mins of waiting no more have shown up.


    • Lol. I asked… there is not a public released spawn time on them. I think it may vary per player. I would assume the normal times they use most events… every 3-6 hrs. So watch your game at the 3,4, & 6hr mark to see when they come back. I am still testing that in my game too.


  17. Seams like boots for Alice are always now! Got 4 in 4 tries =)


    • Nope, I went 1 for 4 last night and this morning – spent 36 clams to get the last 2 sick of that crap. I was 7 for about 29 overall.. on an hr task.. /snore


  18. Until we reach the end point of an event, I always work the math as to whether it is prudent to spend my event currency on a building; I want to at least come close to breaking even. I bought the hostel as soon as possible because I quickly realized that Belgard was the quickest path to Alice and both characters plus the building would pay down the 4000 glow sticks spent with three-plus weeks left. Of course, this week you have no choice since both buildings to craft are needed for the quest lines. So I bought them right away in the hopes that I can recover some of the glow sticks they required.


  19. Used 3 rangers to get rid of a Honey Gold Bear and no reward :/ 3 hours wasted not to mention 3 valuable picnic baskets.


  20. I bought some clams, I was going to add just a couple for Deadmau5, but the extra tickets are really helpful, I probably would have added the clams at a later point anyway. I keep checking, I’m not getting Deadmau5’s album. I didn’t get it when I unlocked him, no popup and he isn’t listed at the bottom with the others. Anyone else having this?


    • Did you get him on an Android Device? Are you in the qualifying regions it lists?


      • Yep, Android and UK. I had problems with Snoop Dogg and Avril at first, but at least the redemption popup came with them. I guess I’ll contact TinyCo. Not sure if it is a problem with them or Google. I would assume them as the popup needs to come from the game.


        • If you go to your game Event Menu (guitar icon) and to the music area (headphones) does he show up there with the other Albums?


          • No, that is what I meant when I mentioned the other musicians sorry. I sent a message to TinyCo, hopefully they will sort it.


        • According to the FAQ, Deadmau5’s album is only available for download in the USA and Canada. Maybe you should consider requesting a refund.


          • I did the same being a big mau5 fan and 4×4 being the only album I didn’t have. Live in Australia, no joy. Sent TinyCo a message asking if there’s any chance it will be released outside of North America. Wah!


          • Ah OK, thanks. I didn’t think to check there. I don’t mind too much as I bought him to help with the LPs, but his task is pretty long and my drops from the Bears have been good. Just a little disappointing considering how expensive he was, I thought that the LPs would be harder to get. I should have thought to look sooner in the FAQ, but I still think that they could have mentioned it somewhere else. I imagine other people didn’t realise and would want money back.


    • I would but I already bought on the ‘extra picks’ one, and they have been pretty useless, also got Snoop who wins my reward for the most useless premium of this even so far – drops hack sacks, and thats it, and you had about a bazillion more of those than you needed just clearing stuff for glowsticks anyway… so I’m skipping the mouse.


  21. Also, were the toad users supposed to go away? If so, sadface. But I need a crazy amount of guitar picks and noticed I can no longer send RS Peter to jam out on them. Thanks.


  22. GRAAA! I think you ladies heard my scream of anguish all the way on the East Coast as neither Belgard or Peter dropped boots again this morning. At this rate I’ll be lucky to get Alice by the next Phase. I guess I should tell myself I’ll appreciate him more for putting so much effort into him. Plus only needing to check my game every 8 hours will let me focus more on work! Wait, that’s not a good thing. 🙂


  23. Meh, this event is an epic fail IMO. It started out well for the first two weeks but last week (which I’m still stuck in until I get four more boots from Peter) was weak. For the past four days I’ve just been trying to get those boots and so the rest of the game is really boring. I boycotted the leaderboards since someone in my group had 80 blammies on the first day. Not saying they cheated but most likely they paid a lot of clams. Since I can’t even hold a concert there was no point in wasting time. I even have the doctor doing tasks for new brian instead and just trying to get guitar picks with the others. Now when I finally get to week four it doesn’t sound any better. 350 clams for deadmau5, not worth it. Since herbert is my least favorite character not worth getting his skin. So the only thing is unlocking carl. Yippee. Well, I’ve been looking for an excuse to quit playing so I guess I should thank Tinyco for that.


    • Disappointed also that gene and ace don’t do anything in this event, just like patrick and george were useless during star trek. I understand making it so new players can keep up, but when they never use older premium characters it shows they really just want you to keep buying more.


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