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PeterPalooza Questions, Clarifications, & Glitches

Hey there Toady Lickin Roadies!

Bouncing on by to go over a few comments we are seeing all over the site. I know many of you have concerns, questions, and other things going on… so let’s dive right into them.

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PeterPalooza Rupert Festival Mystery Box

Hey there Hoppin Toad Lickers!

Phase 3 hit our games and brought with it Rupert and his Mystery Box. With all the interesting New Items inside, I am sure you are wondering just what does each of those items have to offer? Is it worth it to you?

Let’s take a peak at Rupert’s Festival Mystery Box and all you can take a chance at inside of it.

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PeterPalooza Walkthroughs: Foreign Intelligence & PartyPalooza

Hey there Clammers!

The PeterPalooza Festival has now moved into Phase 3. Rocker Alice Cooper is in our games. Some International Party boys Belgard & Tomik have made an appearance, Leaderboards are back, and we all are desperate to get as many Blammy Awards as we can. Just like Musicians. Lol.

All this crazy New Content just means one thing… New Questlines for the Event. Including the Side Questlines for Belgard.


Let’s take a look at the Foreign Intelligence & PartyPalooza Questlines and all you will encounter along the way.

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