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PeterPalooza Clam Offer In Game!

Hey there Festival Roamers!

Just bouncing by really quick to point out a Clam/Material offer that has popped into our Quahogs and the PeterPalooza Festival.

Peter will have a ! over his head triggering the offer, The Pick of Destiny.

Pick Of Destiny Clam Pick Offer

The offer basically breaks down as this, Buy $9.99USD or MORE worth of Clams and you will get 40 Skull Guitar Picks for FREE!.


So if you buy ONE any of the following offers…

Bin of 275 Clams ($9.99 USD)

Crate of 600 Clams ($19.99USD)

Drum of 1600 Clams ($49.99USD)

Tank of 3500 Clams ($99.99USD)

Once you complete the transaction and get the Clams in your game, Peter will complete the Reward and in return give you 40 Skull Guitar Picks.

Skull Guitar Pick Large

This is a TIMED OFFER and will run for 2 Days once you trigger it. 

Get It Gurl Clam Offer 2 Day Timer


So for those of you that would like to get a lil more for your money, this is the first offer we have seen for the PeterPalooza Event. Will you be taking the Offer? Did you already? Let us know.


PeterPalooza Questions, Clarifications, and Concerns

Hey there Rockers!

With all this Music, Hippies, Toads, and Concerts going on in the game… many of you are a bit lost of confused on some of the game aspects.

No worries, here to help. In this post I will go over some of the common things we are seeing in the comments and help to clarify just what is going on in the game.

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PeterPalooza Character Profile: Rockstar Peter

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Our Quahogs are infested! Spotted Toads, Dudes running around licking the Spotted Toads and freaking out. Girls dressed as Hippies being chased by Bees. Tons of Fans, some too busy on their phones too care. Patchouli Oil, Hacky Sacks, and and in there somewhere… some AWESOME Music. PeterPalooza is in our games.

With a New PeterPalooza Event in our game, that means New Characters/Costumes. Costumes like Rockstar Peter!

Rockstar Peter 2

Let’s take a look at what Rockstar Peter can do in our silly lil games.

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PeterPalooza Walkthrough: Unleash the Lion & Rasta Imposta

Hey there Clammers!

The PeterPalooza Festival has now moved into Phase 2. We now have the addition of a couple of Rappers, some Cannabis paraphernalia, a bit of Rastafarian going on, and of course the Greased-Up Deaf Guy randomly running wild around our streets.

All this crazy New Content just means one thing… New Questlines for the Event. Including the Questlines involving Joe Lion.

Joe Lion


Let’s take a look at the Unleash the Lion & Rasta Imposta Questlines and all you will encounter along the way.  Continue reading