PeterPalooza Walkthrough: Unleash the Lion & Rasta Imposta

Hey there Clammers!

The PeterPalooza Festival has now moved into Phase 2. We now have the addition of a couple of Rappers, some Cannabis paraphernalia, a bit of Rastafarian going on, and of course the Greased-Up Deaf Guy randomly running wild around our streets.

All this crazy New Content just means one thing… New Questlines for the Event. Including the Questlines involving Joe Lion.

Joe Lion


Let’s take a look at the Unleash the Lion & Rasta Imposta Questlines and all you will encounter along the way. 

After Festival Fail Pt 3

Unleash the Lion Pt. 1
Joe starts

Creat Joe the Lion Outfit-

Joe LionJoe Lion Requires

Glowsticks180 Glowsticks (ALWAYS): Complete Tasks OR Neon Statues OR Concert OR Kwik Pick Kiosk OR Toads (Rare) OR Fans

Skull Guitar Pick Large40 Guitar Picks (ALWAYS): Concerts OR Toad Users OR Swarms of Bees OR Kwik Pick Kiosk

Smelly Rastacap12 Smelly Rastacaps (Common): Joe Visit Gun Range OR Chris Make a Rap Playlist OR Bonnie Abuse Jacuzzi Jets OR Herbert Read to Children

Patchouli Oil4 Patchouli Oil (Extra Rare): Bonnie Overlook Joe’s Scent OR Quagmire Sneak Into a Party OR Jerome Grow His Fro


Completed Task Earns 10Glowsticks, 25xp


Unleash the Lion Pt. 2
Joe Lion starts

Get Mort Town Records: Cost Glowsticks45 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large25 Skull Guitar Picks Mort Town Records

Get Cash Rules Everything Statue: Cost Glowsticks100 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large20 Skull Guitar Picks 

Cash Rules Everything Statue

Get Blue Doberman Statue: Cost Glowsticks115 Glowsticks & Skull Guitar Pick Large10 Skull Guitar Picks 

Blue Doberman Statue

Completed Task Earns 8Glowsticks, 20xp


After you Unlock Joe Lion

Rasta Imposta Pt. 1
Joe Lion starts

Have Joe Lion Play Hacky Sack- 4hrs, Earns 2Glowsticks, 30xp

Completed Task Earns 6Glowsticks, 15xp


Rasta Imposta Pt. 2
Joe Lion starts

Have Bonnie Overlook Joe’s Scent- 4hrs, Earns 2Glowsticks, 30xp
Have Quagmire Shop for Groceries- 6hrs, Earns 2Glowsticks, 45xp

Completed Task Earns 6Glowsticks, 15xp


Rasta Imposta Pt. 3
Joe Lion starts

Have Joe Lion Perform Rasta Jams- 8hrs, Earns 3Glowsticks, 50xp
Have Rockstar Peter Work the Lights- 4hrs, Earns 1Glowsticks, 30xp

Completed Task Earns 8Glowsticks, 20xp


Rasta Imposta Pt. 4
Joe Lion starts

Have Joe Lion Grow White People Dreadlocks- 12hrs, Earns 4Glowsticks, 65xp

Completed Task Earns 8Glowsticks, 20xp



There you have it. The Questlines involving Joe Lion taking you through the 2nd Phase of this fun PeterPalooza Music Festival

What do you think of this Questline? How far are you on it? Do you have Joe Lion unlocked yet? Any suggestions or tips for your fellow readers? Let us know.


24 responses to “PeterPalooza Walkthrough: Unleash the Lion & Rasta Imposta

  1. Howdy,
    Any idea when phase 3 might start.
    Wanna clear some land but don’t wanna tie up my workers if phase 3 drops soon.
    Thanks for all your work


  2. I’m waiting on Joe to finish his white guy dread quest, was wondering what is needed for the encore concert? Hoping to get a jump on the missions to cut down on time, so that I’ll have time to get Rapper Brian.


  3. Picked up Joe and Brian costumes about 12 hours ago. So all good there!

    So annoyed, I did Joe’s encore and got 119/120 stars! No idea how that happened since the stars drop in 2’s. Working on encore 2 tasks.


    • Actually… they don’t. They drop in 1 or 2. (See my concert post). Sorry.


    • I got 113 on my 1st encore, and I noticed that some of the stars hadn’t actually floated up in time, so make sure you are tapping them to get them up too!
      The Hippie Bee Girls also slow you down, but next time around I got the 120 I used the pad of my finger to get more of the Fan Girls at once. if it helps?!

      I have the Casket launcher from ST set up to hit the stage, as Peter might say “its like a T-shirt launcher with a person already in the shirt!” lol
      next encore at 5:50pm CST, if they go on in time!

      Buying Joe the Lion was 100 clams well spent, not sure if that was the full price or if since I had a few of the hats it was lower, either way I break it down to 50 for him and 50 for Rapper Brian, since having him helped me get the other pretty quick!
      Good Luck to all the VIP’s may all your shows be Perfect! 🙂


  4. I have Joe and need 1 more ticket for brian. Has there been any update on the spawn times of the greased up deaf guy?


    • It is something I do not think they will release as he may vary. At LEAST once a day in the game. Twice for me when I started his Never Gonna Catch me questline for Part 4.


  5. Is it better to get Joe Lion first or save the picks for the time-limited Rapper Brian skin? I have 4 days left on Brian and I have 40 picks.


    • Honestly… that is up to YOU and your game play. How fast you restock those amounts.


    • Go get Joe. He’s the only way you can run concerts in this phase unless you do the secret concerts for 24 hrs. Running Joe’s concerts and encores with others will get you the tickets and picks you need for Brian well within the four days left on the timer. I am stuck needing one more oil for Joe and then I am blasting away at concerts and encores (50 picks per if you can get all the fan girls) to get what I need for Brian. I’m confident I will make it in the three days left on my timer.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Still working on Joe & Brian. Only 3 oils (uggh) & 4 concert tics (?) away respectively. At my own risk I decided to try the 24hr Avril concert. So far no problems. The extra 10-20 glosticks each login doesn’t hurt either. I managed to rack up quite a bit last wk when it was still only 5 min.
    However this last login I noticed Avril centerstage w a timer overhead. A little different. Maybe they fixed it?
    Thank u gurls! 🙂


  7. The Patchouli oil is killing me 😦


    • I feel your pain. I haven’t gotten one in almost 3 days. I got 2 on the first day and nothing sense. That’s all I need to complete Joe’s skin and without it I can’t do the concert and get the remaining tickets I need for Brian as I have everything I need for him but 4 tickets. 😦


      • Today I got two more, but now I need one more. I’ve sent all the characters off an hour ago so hope for the best of luck so I can start getting the three more whatever’s for Brian!


    • I had all the characters that could get the oil running tasks nonstop since this phase started. I got my last one this morning. You can do it!


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