PeterPalooza Character Profile: DJ Herbert

Hey there Toady Lickin Roadies!

There is just so much going on in Our Quahogs now! Spotted Toads, Dudes running around licking the Spotted Toads and freaking out. Girls dressed as Hippies being chased by Bees (both Red and Dark haired). Tons of Fans, some too busy on their phones too care. Patchouli Oil, Hacky Sacks, Bears, Park Rangers, picnic baskets, DJ’s, a Sweepstakes Winner… and in there somewhere… some AWESOME Music. PeterPalooza Phase 4 is in our games!

With all these new additions to PeterPalooza in our game, New Characters/Costumes show up. Including Character Costumes like DJ Herbert.

DJ Herbert Lollipop

Let’s take a look at what DJ Herbert can do in our silly lil games.

DJ Herbert was a New Character Costume added during the fourth part of PeterPalooza 2015. As with (almost) all Characters in TQFS in order to unlock him you’ll have to collect lots of STUFF.

DJ Herbert Al's


Concert Tickets 28 Concert Tickets (Common): Greased-Up Deaf Guy OR Bears OR Ticket Kiosk

Classic Boy's Life Magazine41 Classic Boy’s Life Magazines (Common): Concerts OR Alice Cooper Snake Training OR Bonnie Go to Ladies’ Night OR Sam Doody Guitar Store OR Carl Jump Dance OR Sweetbottom’s Candy Necklace Factory

Lighter10 Lighters (Common): Concerts OR Zoopi Lighter Display OR Greased Up Deaf Guy

LP12 LPs (Common): Deadmau5 Try on New Helmets OR Honey Gold Bears


He does come with a Questline, Going Viral, more on it HERE. You Got DJ Herbert
DJ Herbert does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that will help you earn Glowsticks & XP.

Let’s take a look at some of DJ Herbert’s Tasks:

DJ Herbert Dance It Out DJ Herbert Push Play

Task Time Earns Location
Twiddle the Knobs 2hrs 1Glowsticks20Family Guy XP Herbert’s House
Get a Checkup 4hrs 2Glowsticks30Family Guy XP Herbert’s House
Press “Play” 8hrs 3Glowsticks50Family Guy XP VisualMovie Scene Marker Clapper Board
Discuss Social Media 10hrs 4Glowsticks59Family Guy XP Swanson’s House
Dance it Out 12hrs 4Glowsticks65Family Guy XP VisualMovie Scene Marker Clapper Board
Update Club Penguin Profile 24hrs 8Glowsticks100Family Guy XP Herbert’s House

**Note: Within an Event, tasks may change and vary as the Phases come and go. So some of these tasks will be temporary. Others may be one time use. Some will stick around even after the Event. We won’t know until the Event Ends. 


And there you have it my friends, the complete breakdown for the Bass Thumpin Creepy Old Man, DJ Herbert!

What do you think of DJ Herbert? Where are you on unlocking him? Get through it within a few days? Still working on it? If you did get him, have you put him to use yet? Have a favorite task? Let us know.


21 responses to “PeterPalooza Character Profile: DJ Herbert

  1. GUDG is not dropping lighters for me… anyone else having this problem? I’m close to unlocking Carl so hopefully his concert will help…


  2. ever since the star trek event, the events have become very difficult to complete. in the godfather event there were so many levels of stuff to get the tasks to get characters and skins might as well have been 24 hours long. in this event i first had trouble getting boots for the alice cooper character and now i’m stuck waiting to accumulate glowsticks.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Is it necessary to get the dj booth for the Herbert quest line? Not sure I want to spend my hard earned items on Another deco. Thanks!! ☺️


  4. Soo… need 7 LP and 23 Concert tickets…
    At this rate will go to the next fase sometime next year lol

    Any word if they will do something to make it a little easy to get Herbert???


  5. I still need 4 Records to get DJ Herbert. I plan to leave my game running until I can unlock him, so Phase 5 can’t load and I can get a Concert out of him. TinyCo locking players out from Concerts until you unlock characters has really hurt this Event.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Currently need 22 tickets and 4 records for the old guy. Guess I’ll be done with that some time over the weekend


  7. I need 4 more records! So I need at least 4 more Gold Bears, at 3 rangers apiece, so 12 rangers total, and 1 hour apiece to create… So that’s 12 hours of creation time. And then I need baskets to create them… So 12 baskets, via 3 characters at a time on 4 hour tasks…. By my calculations, I should be able to unlock DJ Herbert by March 9th, 2016!! 😂

    But for serious, it should just be another day or two. I really enjoy this event. Quite bummed that some of the premium characters are beyond my reach, but this has been one of my faves so far because I love a good music festival 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I cannot do any other concerts at the moment.. I have to do DJ Herbert, and haven’t been able to do an encore with Peter even with getting full stars on all my concerts thus far, any suggestions?


  9. Blasted LPS are killing me. Between those and the tickets I am going to be at leaSt a day behind. Kind of bites because I don’t like Herbert and don’t care if I have the skin or not.

    BTW. Hayley and Paul Stanley have glowstick earning tasks now.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. What do you think of DJ Herbert? Where are you on unlocking him?

    Don’t know as I don’t have him yet…

    I need 16 Tickets and 11 Records to unlock him. In other words, very unlikely I will get him before event is over and be able to progress.


  11. The LP is just too hard to get… takes too long to get 1 (when you get)… I wish there was another way to get it, a second option wound help A LOT.

    The concert tickets… 28 is a lot.

    You know? Or you get the Gold Bears (for LP)OR the Bears (for concert tickets)…. this makes it hard to get the stuff for him.

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  12. I would be done with Herbert if I would stop getting jammed by the Golden Bears and the GUDG. Need 2 records and 3 tickets. Last 2 golden bears I only got coins and the last GUDG gave me a lighter…..


  13. I still need 11 concert tickets … GUDG only drops lighters and I Just have all my LP’s


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