Oh Consuela! UPDATED

Hey there Toady Roadies!

Just bouncing by really quickly to let you know that Consuela seems to have hijacked the game again. I really think she wants the Greased Up Deaf Guy all to herself.Β That or maybe she wants her own private festival.

Then again, it could just be that Meg ran into the Giant Dish again and knocked out Service to us all. πŸ˜‰

So… Server is Down as of about 145PM EST. All of us are going through it. They are on top of it. Hang in there. πŸ˜‰

Connect to Server Error

UPDATE 2:18PM EST: And just like that, we are back. πŸ™‚Β 

A few things to note during this brief downtime…

Leopard BootsAlice Cooper’s Boots now have two more drops

  • Quagmire Remember Rodstock (8hrs)
  • Platforms Aplenty (6hrs)

TinyCo is also starting to roll out the Leaderboard Prizes. Now before you go and freak out and panic… wait. Patience. This is the START. Give them a week to fully release them to everyone. I will have more info on this later on.




For those of you not aware of them yet, you may want to pull some Characters out of storage too…

KISS Paul Stanley 2Paul Stanley: Perform as Wicked Lester, 8hrs, 3 Glowsticks & 50xp

KISS Gene Simmons 4Gene Simmons: Read Comic Books, 8hrs, 3 Glowsticks & 50xp

80s Pop Star Cool Cleveland80s Pop Star Cleveland: Get Relaxed,Β 8hrs, 3 Glowsticks & 50xp

Hayley SmithHayley Smith: Hold a Peaceful Protest,Β 8hrs, 3 Glowsticks & 50xp

Some great use of Characters from the Past.

There is also one for Chris, but I didn’t list it at first as the payout is the same as one he has and he is in use a lot for the Questlines. Since it was requested, here it his “other” option.Β 

Chris GothGoth Chris: Apply Tear-Resistant Mascara,Β 8hrs, 3 Glowsticks & 50xp


Did you get YOUR Prize yet? If so, what? Did the changes to the drops help you? Let us know



69 responses to “Oh Consuela! UPDATED

  1. Glad to see they finally did it! however, Goth Chris is the same as Plain Chris 😦 same time-payout. Would have been nice to see an improvement in payouts for skins or outfits related to the theme (Meg and Brian for example are not quite involved even though they both have Evet skins)
    and.. SATAN!! he’s been rocking out since all this started, he would have been a nice adding to the glow stick earners.


  2. Yeah, I got mine! 🎁 I thought I had prize level #2 but I guess they ended/counted before my last big blammy award haul;(


  3. Thanks for the glowsticks update!

    That rocks!


  4. lol i have nearly 100 characters and the 4 tasks they added i only have 1 of them. I got screwed out of XMas characters (despite being way ahead for once in an event, by being locked out the last 2-3 weeks of it and missed 5 characters) And Cleveland 80s style Has only been available twice i know of. the first i wasnt around for and the second was not something i cared to do (like a mystery box, aint nobody got clams fo dis)
    /sigh oh wells. Kinda weird this event how low of the event currency character tasks earn. I seem to make more from quests/buildings/frogs,hippies ect…

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  5. I’ve just found another Glowstick earning task that Tiny Co have added, which is;

    Goth Chris: Apply Tear-Resistant Mascara, 8hrs, 3 Glowsticks & 50xp.

    I know this is the same payout as his normal task but thought others might like to know. πŸ™‚


  6. Random question.. I usually send the useless characters away for a day, including Hayley Smith, every night.. I was going to see how much it is to speed her up to get her on glow stick tasks but I can’t find her! She doesn’t have a face space so that trick doesn’t work.. I thought the 24 hour task was a deep conversation in Jeff’s van but no one is there.. Any help?? Thanks!!!


  7. I hope that 80s Pop Star Cleveland comes back again…. As Freemium


  8. The game said I won the second place prize and the prizes are in my inventory but I don’t see them anywhere, any ideas?


  9. Is starbright Peter a new character or just a skin? It said I won him, but I can’t seem to find him anywhere!


  10. Glad to see the additional character usage for tasks!

    I cannot for the life of me understand why they didn’t include Connie this week since she has the 24 hour task of Do Toad…could not fit better than in this phase.


  11. Well been locked out almost a week now. Bunny, I emailed Tiny Co 3 days ago with the numbers you mentioned are on each side of the loading screen, but so far no response from Tiny Co.


  12. Haley Smith also has a 8hr task that drops Glowsticks too.


  13. FYI Hayley is also dropping glow sticks with her 8 hour task


  14. Got my second place prize. Not worried about missing Starbright Peter, only thing I really wanted was the 2500 glow sticks.


  15. WOOHOO!

    Starbright Express Peter is MINE!

    And no clams spent to make it happen!

    I’m getting a popup about timed prizes now.


  16. Pretty cool. Was playing for about 10 minutes then a notification popped up that I won Starlight Express Peter. So glad because I was worried that I didn’t make it as I cut it pretty close in the end. I have to say he was so worth it, he says “Starlight express” over and over just like I hoped he would.


  17. New weekly challenge. Not touching that exclamation point over Peters head until you fine ladies have a chance to post what’s involved. Thanks in advance!


  18. Just as I start the new 24hr quest to get the sign I’m unable to get in game , Sod’s law I guess


  19. Can u collect from Peter on a previous task without causing the 24 hr challenge to start?


  20. Does anyone else have the 24 hour “true fan challenge”?


  21. 24 hr challenges popped up as soon as I opened the game


  22. I got my prize of $1,000 coins and 10 clams. Its a pop up telling you what you won.

    Yippee on getting more boot drops. Gives me more hope of unlocking alice cooper soon…..


  23. 24hr timed challenge popped up in my game, haven’t clicked it yet.


  24. Finally got my last boot drop to unlock Alice thanks to Quagmires new task. Happy days can finally move the quest on. Dont know why the task was not there from the beginning??? Hopefully DJ Herbert and Carl have better drop rates!!!!!


  25. Good day here got my leaderboard prize, 10 clams, quite happy with that considering with 15 minutes to go I was in 26th place. But I unlocked Alice in the final minutes and managed a concert and encore which took me up to 4th with 131 glammys and I got me 10 clams. Guess I was in tough group as some are saying they got Peter with a lot less than 131 glammys. Not fussed though as challenge kept me busy as most my glammys until last few minutes came from clearing bees. To add to this I have my clams from the €25 dollars I won from the Addict’s event planner so I’m feeling clam happy tonight. Deadmau5 anyone πŸ™‚


  26. The crash seems to have fixed the issue with Rockstar Peter’s trash room task. its animated again.


  27. Is the starbright express peter prize for only one person ? Because i got it too.


    • No. It was the Top one in YOUR group of 30… with over a million players… in groups of only 30… that is over 33,000 possible winners of his costume.


  28. I won the grand prize on my leaderboard! So excited! I never win anything! πŸ™‚

    Won by a landslide, too, which is pretty awesome.

    Loving the new boot drops. Just noticed them. I may get Alice Cooper unlocked without having to pay any clams now, since it was the boots holding me up (that and one last boa constrictor), although I’m making good progress on them.


  29. Yeah I got my $1,000 coin prize. Yeh! Popped it right in there with my other $6.5 million. πŸ˜›


  30. Great news, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons now drop glowsticks in one of their tasks.


  31. Great news on the boots. I bought the hostel so I could have 2 boot tasks, but can’t unlock Belgard because his shirts won’t drop. Now I can get Quagmire started as soon as I remember what I have him doing and where he is. Still holding out hope I can make it far enough to get Weird Al.


  32. Hi Clammers!

    I just received the leaderboard prize and I won Starbright Express peter.

    I guess the server was overloaded with this update.

    Please no Stewie’s Skin as the next leaderboard prize as it will upset a lot of players . Lol!


  33. Hi Clammers!

    I just received my 1st leaderboard prize with Starbright express peter skin. I guess the server was overloaded with this process.

    Please no Stewie’s skin as the next leaderboard prize. ;lol!


  34. I get this sometimes and the ‘Array’ message as well. I don’t even know what that is.


  35. I hope you and I don’t end up on the same boards, I never miss anything ever lol including the gold house best of luck addicts πŸ™‚


  36. Just got in the game! Quagmire and boot building now drop boots for Alice!! Woohoo!!


  37. The Problem Child

    I don’t seem to have a problem. Playing right now. And finally finished the Greased up Deaf guy thing.


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