American Dad Phase 2 is Here! (Updated and Complete)

UPDATE BUNNY: A patch was just pushed to help the ALWAYS drop issues on building . Please report if you still are experiencing the issue after the patch. 


Hello There Clammers!

American Dad phase 2 has hit our Tiny Quahogs!  And it looks like Steve and  Hayley are joining party!

2014-11-15 02.00.39

More details are on the way…but for now know that Stan gets things going, and you have to have completed Clam Day Catastrophe Pt 7 in order to see Phase 2.

As always more details as we go through it…

Details below the fold…

WARNING..mild spoilers ahead..



Groff Community CollegeGroff Community College- 75 Clams.  Earns $60, 40xp/ 12hrs. Always drops Peace Sign Necklaces.

Moon BounceMoon Bounce- 100 Clams.  Earns $40, 25xp/6hrs.  Always drops Action Figures.


building_hardwarestore@4xA ‘Buncha Tools- 50 Clams.  Earns $30,20xp/4hrs.  Returning from Comic Con.  Always drops Protest Signs.

perlman petsPerman’s Pets- 50 Clams.  Earns $30, 20xp/8hrs.  Returning from Comic Con.  Always drops Tofurkey

Dead Format RecordsDead Format Records- 100 Clams.  Earns $30, 20xp/4hrs.  Returning from Comic Con.  Always drops R & B records.

Paper and StuffPaper and Stuff- 100 Clams.  Earns $40, 25xp/6hrs.  Returning from Comic Con.  Always drops Megaphones.

sirlancewartsSir Lancewart’s Board Games- 50 Clams.  Earns $120, 80xp/12hrs. Returning from Comic Con.  Always drops Paintball Guns.


CampsiteCampsite- $1,500

Clam Festival SignClam Festival Sign- $750

Lunar LandingLunar Landing- 50 Clams

New Characters

Steve Smith!

Steve Smith

To unlock Steve you’ll need to build the Black Escashady.  It’ll cost you $750 and is an instant build.

Black Escashady

Once purchased you’ll need to unlock him.  Here’s the STUFF needed to unlock Steve..

Rump Roast15 Rump Roasts (Common)- Get From: Clearing Roger (reappears 4 hrs after clearing him) OR Make Peter Stub his Knee OR Make Quagmire Poke Around.

Paintball Gun15 Painball Guns (Common)- Get From: Make Bruce Be a Good Listener OR Make Herbert Buy Candy for Kids OR Make Stan do Target Practice OR Get from Sir Lanceawart’s Board Games

R&B Records10 R & B Records (Rare)- Get From: Make Jerome Enter Clam-Shucking Contest OR Make Cleveland Call Things Nasty OR Make Chris Enter Clam Shucking Contest OR Get From Dead Format Records

Action Figure10 Action Figures (Uncommon)- Get From: Make Bonnie Give a Tour of Clam Festival OR Get from Historical Clam Exhibition Hall OR Get from Moon Bounce

For those curious instant unlock is 400 clams.

Hayley Smith

Hayley Smith

To unlock Hayley you’ll need to build Jeff’s Van.  It’ll cost you $1,500 and is an instant build.

Jeff's Van

Once purchased you’ll need to unlock her.  Here’s the STUFF you’ll need:

Peace Sign60 Protest Signs (Common)- Get from: Clearing CIA Agents (more on those below) OR Make Stan Cover His Tracks OR Get From Jeff’s Van OR Get from A Buncha Tools

Tofurkey15 Tofurkeys (Rare)- Get From: Make Peter Cook Disgusting Vegetables OR Make Patrick Steward be a Thespian OR Make Mort Swallow Jewels OR Get from Clam Festival Stage OR Get from Prelman’s Pets

Peace Sign Necklace10 Peace Sign Necklace (Uncommon)- Get From: Make Peter Kick Stuff Road house OR Make Bruce Frolic with Jeffrey OR Make Brian Find Inspiration OR Get from Groff Community College.

Megaphone8 Megaphones (Rare)- Make Bonnie Give a Tour of Clam Festival OR Make Steve Take a Tour of Clam Festival OR Get from Paper an Stuff

For those curious instant unlock is 670 Clams. 

CIA Agents

CIA Agents will spawn in your Quahog at a rate of 1 every 3 hrs.  When you see one simply tap on him to make him disappear and find STUFF.

CIA Squatter

Now for the question you’re all asking…

How Many CIA Agents can I have in my town at once?
The answer is….8.  They spawn 1/3hrs…with a max of 8 in your Quahog at once.

When there are no more in your Quahog you’ll see this sign…

2014-11-15 02.42.13



And that concludes all the details for American Dad Phase 2!

A few new squatters, a returning purpose for Roger, 2 new characters and a few new decorations!

What do YOU think of the American Dad Event so far?  Thoughts on this week’s characters?  How about the decorations/buildings added?  Thoughts about old buildings serving a new purpose (ie buildings from Comic Con getting int he action!)?  What about Patrick Stewart serving a purpose once again?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


270 responses to “American Dad Phase 2 is Here! (Updated and Complete)

  1. I don’t want to be a pain but is phase 3 going to start tonight?


  2. When is phase 3 going to start?


  3. Do you know if they are going to bring Klause into the game?


  4. I unlocked Hayley (: she’s currently “occupying quahog” by playing her guitar in that little hippie set up lol


  5. quest line coming soon for Hayley??


  6. will the cia agents still spawn even after you get all the picket signs from haley?


  7. Hi can I get some help stan and Steve are not In my character page anymore is this happening to anyone else


    • Do you mean FaceSpace? No worries, it is a work in progress. Bypass the link at the bottom of your screen and instead use them. Tap on them and under their pic in their task list is the quick link to their FaceSpace. 🙂


    • I didn’t have any problems. Bonnie and the tent were giving them away. The problem I’m having is Bonnie dropping Megaphones. I’ve sent her in 3-4 times and only got 1 so far. It also blows that she’s currently the only character able to get Megaphones besides Steve, who is still locked with 6 records to go.


      • ahhh I am having the same problem! I’ve only got one megaphone since the release of part 2 and I’ve already unlocked Steve, sent him on the megaphone task 4x and still gettin nothing. :/


    • You are not the only one. I had the entire “Smith Family” row in my FaceSpace character page, and now that entire row is gone. The only significant disadvantage of this is that I can’t see their FaceSpace posts except when they level up and add a new post.


  8. The protest signs say common. Yeah right, and I fart rainbows. All I get is coins from Stan, the van, and every CIA agent. I still have 22 left to collect and it’s been this way for 2 days. Reported it already but not holding my breath on a response or fix since nobody else seems to be having the same problem.


    • I agree. CIA Agents drop 1/3 of the time. They should be always like the Bitch Stewies with DNA.

      Another annoyance with unlocking Hayley is the tasks are so long for the Necklaces and Megaphones. 8 and 12 hours. Ugh!


      • I must be lucky because the CIA agents have dropped the necklaces for me every time I’ve ever clicked on them.

        The megaphones are what’s driving me crazy. The fact that it takes Steve and Bonnie 12 hours to complete the tasks, and I’ve only gotten 3 to drop.


  9. Are you folks getting drops from the pink exhibition hall? It says chance of a stretch armstong. But I don’t seem to be getting any.


  10. I thought with the items needed to get Hayley, I would have Steve at least 3 to 4 days before her. I just unlocked Steve today and only need 5 more signs and a bullhorn for her. (Doubt I will get to send Steve to help get Hayley (need to get to lvl 2 anyway)). So I could have her today as well maybe tomorrow at latest.


  11. I really like this game and went crazy when American Dad characters were added! Thank you for adding them. My game does freeze a lot and shuts down on its own way more than freezing. That gets annoying but over all I love the game and love it even more with American Dad joining in!


  12. I’m having issues “clearing roger squatter”. I tap on him, and he pauses for a moment, and then keeps going, and the counter for clearing him doesn’t increment.

    As a result, I’m a little confused as to what to do.

    Additionally — i’ve NEVER gotten the pop-up window regarding the CIA dudes saying that they’ve all cleared. Actually i’ve not gotten any information regarding the CIA dudes at all. I just noticed that there were random suits running around my Quahog, I tapped them and they poofed, leaving behind the peace sign while I needed it.


  13. Roger's conscience

    I get that both the Moonbounce and Groff Community College are premium buildings to help collect stuff for Hayley and Steve. But they also unlock character-specific quests after you’ve unlocked the characters. What I’d like to see is at least a reduced price for these buildings or (hopefully, doubtful) a straight coin purchase AFTER unlocking either or both characters. I want those tasks but the pricepoint for just a task is way to high 😦


  14. Does this American Dad promo end Tuesday? I’m still trying to gather items to unlock the kids. Or will they still be available since I placed them to work on unlocking? Or was the time limit only for bitch Stewie? Which I already achieved. Thx for your time. Any info would be great, thx again. 🙂


  15. I still got them all, but I don’t think Quagmire gave me one Rump Roast.


  16. Anybody else missing the smith family from FaceSpace?


  17. I’m down to the last beard required as well. Hmm, maybe they should have them available at the clam stage… you know, a bearded clam (although with women shaving everything these days, maybe that term isn’t applicable anymore).


  18. now if i buy hayley and steve can i wait till after dec 4th to unlock them..or will they become unavailable or are they needed to unlock future smiths?? Main question do i have to rush to unlock them before december 4th??


  19. Any chance Patrick Stewart gets a director bullock costume?

    Liked by 1 person

  20. I have never seen more than 2 CIA agents in my town, even after an overnight wait. And, I never get the prompt that says they are all gone. I sent a message and their response was the generic “you will get one every three hours with a maximum of 8” message.


  21. But when do we get land?? Lol they are continuing to give us more and more and more stuff.. But no land.. I literally have no more room.. Just stuff piled on top of each other.. Looks so messy and not where I want it 😦 not to mention a bunch of stuff I really like in my inventory because I have no room.. Hope the new land opening is SOON and HUGE!


  22. There is a new background for the american dad buildings and decorations in the building menu


  23. I just need one more bubble beard to unlock b Stewie, can’t wait! I should have Steve by tomorrow night if I’m lucky, and Hayley should be mine right before the new update hits us (she is my bottom priority as Stewie is timed and Steve helps unlock her). I’m glad TinyCo didn’t make it too hard to unlock them all!


  24. Thanks again for all the info ladies or I would of completely missed the update that now allows Carl to visit my town. Got my clone Stewie finished this morning with two days remaining which frees up some characters to go after the Smith children…no you don’t have to spend clams at all to unlock him you just can’t completely slack off going after him. I do like how tinyco balanced going after the pink notes with three early characters for newer players to use every four hours and still reward long time players or tenacious ones with two later characters with 12 hour tasks to give a slight edge. I do have a Roger still going to be a prize for unlocking all four members of the smith family or is it been changed to a separate character you have to unlock with tasks now? Tinyco also released a teaser for another Peter (side boob) costume the other day…any news on this?


    • Lol. Will post details on Roger once we get the release of him in the game. 🙂

      As far as the Kid Robot Character…I am waiting on some more details on it. 🙂


  25. I just updated to FGTQFS 1.4.1 for Android to fix Carl which seems to be working fine now. However the entire Smith family has disappeared from my FaceSpace profiles, I see new character notifications which I can’t clear. It wasn’t the update 1.4.1 as this was happening before. A few other characters are missing from Halloween Event too.


    • They are updating it as you can see. 🙂

      The game itself takes priority to the side items. They removed Con characters and Halloween and are just now trying to filter them back in. I would assume once all the Smiths are in the game, they will filter them back in.


  26. Loving the AD event. I already have both bitches and almost have Steve unlocked. I should have him unlocked by this evening. Do we know if there is a challenge for Steve yet for Roger? Also can we get a list if Steve’s quests yet?


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