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Quahog American Dad Walkthrough Part 2: Steve and A Likely Story

Hello There Clammers!

Phase 2 of American Dad hit our Tiny Quahogs last week…and with it Steve Smith Arrived to town!  Steve will be the main character you’ll need to get during Phase 2 in order to move on to Phase 3 when it hits….

So now let’s take a look at how Steve fits in in Quahog & just how Stan plans to find & hide Roger with Part 2 of our American Dad walkthrough….

Steve Smith

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American Dad Phase 2 is Here! (Updated and Complete)

UPDATE BUNNY: A patch was just pushed to help the ALWAYS drop issues on building . Please report if you still are experiencing the issue after the patch. 


Hello There Clammers!

American Dad phase 2 has hit our Tiny Quahogs!  And it looks like Steve and  Hayley are joining party!

2014-11-15 02.00.39

More details are on the way…but for now know that Stan gets things going, and you have to have completed Clam Day Catastrophe Pt 7 in order to see Phase 2.

As always more details as we go through it…

Details below the fold…

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