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American Dad Event Is Here!!!

UPDATE: For those with the “getplayarea” error message. Please email them. Help@tinyco.com. Patch is coming but until then they’re fixing them individually.

This issue seems to occur when a quest comes up for a character who is currently stashed in the inventory. Keeping main characters out on your play space will prevent the issue. Event and premium characters shouldn’t be a problem to stash, unless you are in the middle of their quests.

Hang in there. Help is coming. The version will most likely be tagged 1.4.5 when they are able to get it completed and pushed to all players. Send in a screenshot if possible of your load screen with your message to help speed up the process.


GOOD MORNING U S A!!! Well lookie lookie what we have here. Some NEW people just dropped into Quahog, can you guess just who they are? Here’s a hint, we released the info they were coming during our Meet & Greet with TinyCo in the beginning of October. 🙂

American Dad Event Peter Icon


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Consuela & Error Message (Goodbye Halloween)

Hey there Clammers, quick heads up. EVERYONE is running to load their games last minute and causing mass traffic on the Servers. Hang in there. Give it sometime and everyone can get in. For now, they are working on it.


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Halloween Character Profile: Sexy Witch Connie

Well Hello There Clammers!

Ah Halloween in Quahog!  Where Dogs go pink, Peter ticks off the dead, Quagmire hits on dead chicks…and Connie is bitchier than ever!

With phase 5 of Halloween Connie gets a brand new costume.  And surprise, surprise…she maybe a sexy witch but don’t be fooled, she’s still got an evil streak in her!  Let’s break down the details on this teenage witch…

Sexy Witch Connie 2

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Last Minute Halloween Shopping!!

This is it Clammers. The last day of the Halloween Event. Just wanted to give you a quick heads up on all  the items that will be going with the Ghostbuster’s Quahog Event so you can get your last minute shopping in.

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