Last Minute Halloween Shopping!!

This is it Clammers. The last day of the Halloween Event. Just wanted to give you a quick heads up on all  the items that will be going with the Ghostbuster’s Quahog Event so you can get your last minute shopping in.

Ghostbuster Peter

So the final hours are ticking away and you are just not sure what to do? Well here are some tips for you to wind down the Event.

First off, according to the in game timer (FP icon lower right side) …

Fright Point Level 1

Countdown Timer

It looks as though our event will be winding down around 2PM PDT. You can always tap on yours to verify the amount of time.

Quahog Cannery Emo Globin Night Club Macabre Curiosities

This Event has brought in a LOT of cool new buildings, so make sure you go through the entire list in the event Shopping Cart and grab any that you want to add to the design of your town.

unrulybushlargeorangetree Red Poisonous Plant

For myself, I know that I want to completely redesign my town once this is all over. The cool new NUKE option they just added will help with that. I also like to add decorations to give an overall theme to my town design. There a lot of really cool looking bushes and trees with this Event, so you may want to snag a handful for your town. (Those Poisonous Plants are great filler.)

Predator and Alien Fetch 1Freddy Krueger

Remember many cool Characters were brought into this game. Some won, brewed, or bought. Make sure you have all YOU want in the game before they are gone.

Creepy Stewie Statue Frankenstein Mystery Box Frankenstein Mystery Box Rupert Death Brian Frankenstein Mystery Box

There are currently 3 still in the game. 2 Clam purchase and 1 Spirit Vials. So make sure you take any last minute chances at the items in there if you wanted them.


If you have already bought everything, exchanged everything, and are just waiting to pass the time…then why not take a few Stink Bombs to those pesky lil Trick or Treaters. They may be worth some extra Clams here and there to add to your game. Also, if you have not leveled up to the MAX on your FP…Remember the Fiscal Fright quests pay out Clams for each FP Level hit. 1 per Level. So Level 8 gives you 8 Clams for completing it.

Vampire Duck Stewie Sexy Witch Connie Mr Weed

Lots of cool items in the Cauldron for you to make. So get the ones you want brewed and into your storage before they’re no longer available. Also, if you have extras…exchange them out to get more Spirit Vials to help you get more decorations and buildings if you want.

Stay Puft Puking

Make sure you take any last minute runs BEFORE the timer goes out on this one so you get those last Spirit Vials and Marshmallow Goop you need.

Task Menu

The main questlines will be going when the event does, so clear up those you have remaining while you can. Make room for new ones that you may not have seen yet and get them completed before they are gone if you’d like.


So that about does it. PHEW! I know this has been a blast for me. Hope it was for you too. What do YOU plan on doing in the final hours? Any last minute items you are pushing to get? Any tasks you wanted to complete? Let us know.



112 responses to “Last Minute Halloween Shopping!!

  1. Hey what about a bunch of us (players) being accused of cheating in some way and having claims taken away? I can honestly say I was beyond shocked when this came up as I have never cheated. Also I have paid a few times for claims and I don’t like that they went away.


  2. I never did get the Frankenstein Rupert Box.


  3. I blew all my candy corn on Freddy’s shed as it will earn coins every 6 hours with a small footprint and had no build time. Didn’t bother unloading much else. I think I have about 18 sheds.

    I’ve been winding down and going back to regular missions as the only outstanding mission I had was the vampire duck stewie one that required district nine.

    I’m now done with the blimp and starting the clearing, so hopefully I’ll be set for any district nine requirements for the American Dad event.


  4. When is the American dad event coming guys???


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