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In-Game Update: Thanksgiving In Quahog?? (Updated and Complete)

Sorry for the delay, gotta love rush hour traffic and accidents…

THANKSGIVING HAS COME TO QUAHOG!! In order to see the new Thanksgiving content and quests, you must have District 3 unlocked. The first quest is called “I’m Feeling Gorge-ous” and Peter will start it off. Your first job will be to collect 5 Turkeys.

2014-11-25 00.19.16

It’s a small little update with a few decorations and a new skin for Lois, Fat Lois.

More Details Coming…as soon as we go through them…

Update from Alissa:

More details below the fold.. Continue reading

Ultimate Quahog Halloween (& Bitch Stewie) Event Poll

Hello There Clammers!

Well Halloween has been over for a while now & the Bitch Stewie Event came to an end last week…so I thought let’s got a big combined poll together to get YOUR take on things!

Sorry this has taken so long after Halloween to get up.  It’s been a little hectic in Quahog lately…so we’re just now getting the time to put this together.  

We want to know what YOU think about all the events as a whole.  Consider this the ULTIMATE Event Poll:

As always we’ll share the results with you all next week!

What are your thoughts on the event as a whole?  What did you Craft? Are you happy to have things return to normal, or sad to see it go?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Brian Stewie Halloween