American Dad Event Is Here!!!

UPDATE: For those with the “getplayarea” error message. Please email them. Patch is coming but until then they’re fixing them individually.

This issue seems to occur when a quest comes up for a character who is currently stashed in the inventory. Keeping main characters out on your play space will prevent the issue. Event and premium characters shouldn’t be a problem to stash, unless you are in the middle of their quests.

Hang in there. Help is coming. The version will most likely be tagged 1.4.5 when they are able to get it completed and pushed to all players. Send in a screenshot if possible of your load screen with your message to help speed up the process.


GOOD MORNING U S A!!! Well lookie lookie what we have here. Some NEW people just dropped into Quahog, can you guess just who they are? Here’s a hint, we released the info they were coming during our Meet & Greet with TinyCo in the beginning of October. 🙂

American Dad Event Peter Icon


App Market What's New Family Guy

Lots of cool new stuff going and I am sure you just do not know where to turn. No worries, we are here to help all we can. Let’t take a look . THIS EVENT WILL END DECEMBER 4TH!

American Dad Logo

Here are the basics of the American Dad Event…

Pretty simple here. You just need to reach District 3 game play. Peter will trigger it and start off with “A Shellebration“.

You will need to build the Clam Festival Stage for A Shellebration Part 1, it will only take 1 minute.

Stan Smith 1

He will unlock during “Clam Day Catastrophe” Part 1. (Shortly after “A Shellebration Part 2 Completes, Keep Peter and Bruce free for Part 2.) He comes in the Colonial Barn. Once built, you will need the following items to unlock him.

Sunglasses20 Black Sunglasses (Common): Bonnie Chug a Bottle of Wine, Mort Retreat Cowardly, Quagmire Mix Drinks

Photo Evidence10 Photo Evidence (Uncommon): Jerome Grow His Fro, Colonial Barn, Rupert Chat on the Phone

Classified Documents8 Classified Documents (Rare): Bruce Fret About Something, Chris Enjoy Private Time, Smith House

Crash Debris5 Crash Debris (Rare): Lois Shoplift, Peter Dance the Shipoopi, Mort Scrounge for Coins, Jake Tucker Be Normal

For those wanting to know, a direct Clam buyout on him was 420 Clams in my game. 

If you unlock him before the event ends, Stan is yours to keep forever. If you do not have him completely unlocked, he will disappear when the event ends.



Roger American Dad Event


You first need to have Stan unlocked. Once he is unlocked you will be able to perform the “Hide Roger” 1hr task. Just keep an eye out for Roger in your town, once he shows up send Stan on the task. If he has not respawned yet, the task for Stan will be locked until he returns. (FYI, you can also just check Stan’s tasks. When his Roger task unlocks…Roger is in town again.)

You only get one Roger at a time (of course) and it will take him 4 hours to respawn.

The Magic Drunken Clam

After Part 4 of “Clam Day Catastrophe“, a Challenge for Roger will appear. Stan will trigger it.  “The Magic Drunken Clam: Challenge“. This one will be a timed Challenge, so make sure you are ready for it before you jump in. You will have 4 days in which Stan will need to clear Roger 10 times. Once you have successfully done this, the Giant Golden Turd will be placed in your inventory.

It is basically watching closely for Roger to Respawn and sending Stan on the task. A 4 hour Spawn Time wait for Roger, 1 hour task with them both, so allot yourself about 50+ hours to complete this. (So 4 days should be plenty time.)


NEW BUILDINGS (Some will not show up until you complete Shellebration Part 2)

Clam Festival StageClam Festival Stage: 5×6, $500, $30 & 20 XP every 4hrs

Colonial Barn Under ConstructionColonial Barn (w/Stan Smith): 7×8, $1500, $30 & 20 XP every 4hrs

Clam Exhibition HallHistorical Clam Exhibition Hall: 5×8, $1000, $40 & 25XP every 6hrs

Smith HouseSmith House: 8×12,  100 Clams, $40 & 25XP every 6hrs, Classified Documents (ALWAYS)



NEW DECORATIONS (Some will not show up until you complete Shellebration Part 2)

Crop CircleCrop Circle: 9×9, $400

Area 51 SignArea 51 (Sign): 1×2, $2000

Undercover American FlagUndercover American Flag: 2×2,  10 Clams


There is still more to come as the Complete Smith Family profiles show up when you unlock Stan. WOOHOO!!

The Smiths

If you have questions on the new features like Carl, Nuke option, and new Inventory tabs…please see the post below.


Land and Spirit Vials below…



So there you have it. A new family added to our silly lil game and we have an American Dad Event. What do you think of it so far? Like the new items? Ready to jump into another event? Let us know.




403 responses to “American Dad Event Is Here!!!

  1. Can u redo the mission ever if u miss it?


  2. I’ve had this problem for awhile and never found answer for it but my Stan is stuck. Like he has the check over hua head to indicate he’s done but if i click on it the game crashes. When it does that the very last thing i did is like erased. Any help?


  3. Will the event be available in 2015 for those who didnt have a chance in 2014? I only just was able to play again after Christmas.


  4. I only go a new tablet after christmas and didnt have my old one since sept. Will you brink the event around this year too?


  5. Does anyone know how to get the smith house? I’ve had all the American Dad characters for a while now and at the time didn’t have enough clams now I think I might I can’t find it in the shopping bit…


  6. If you bought rogers ship and don’t finish collecting his stuff when the event end will you loose him?


  7. Hey I have Stan Steve and Haley and working on Francine and roger.. If I don’t complete the last two in tour days I loose all the ones I unlocked????? If so I’m so uninstalling… Please let me know asap


    • No. Listen…the ONLY one timed is Klaus. The others you have as much time as you want to unlock. All you have to do is “find” get them and show the list of stuff they need. You do not have to unlock them before the event ends. You’re ok.


  8. Is roger supposed to freeze when you tap on him in the golden turd challenge because he does in mine just wondering


  9. When does the American Dad event end? And I completed the Roger event in time, but he disappears. Any idea when he comes back? I’m assuming once the Mom’s unlocked.

    What would be the odds there is a Family Guy Star Wars event in game at some point? Everyone can thank me later for bringing it up. 😊


    • Roger was only a side task and will remain so until the actual character is released. What you completed is the Golden Turd Challenge. For the Golden Turd. Lol.

      As far as the end…take a peek of this VERY post you are commenting on. Right at the top. 😉

      Blue Harvest…been discussed til I am blue in the face. Lol. ALL over this site. 😉


  10. The smith’s facespace pages are not there anymore whats up with that?


  11. Haley and Steve are in character section found them by mistake (iphone)




  13. *Steve and Hayley are now in the game.



  14. Hi, I’m new to the game…. does anybody knows how to get the rest of the Smiths? 🙂

    PS: Is it just my game that closes if I go to “my friends Quahogs”? I get a couple of coins and the game just closes.

    Thank you,


  15. I’ve finished unlocking Stan and cleared the Roger mission and have been stuck doing nothing for the past few days. Anything coming out soon or?..


  16. My game is stuck in the American dad event, I’ve built the stage and the banquet hall but that it is, I’ve had no other missions come up for any of my characters. I will be grateful for any advice.


      • I have no tasks open, I just finished the consuela missions


      • You have this wrong, Bunny, I told you after my freddy/ecto1 challenges finally appeared; it’s less a clog of quests as it is a failure to progress, often event quests are prerequisites to others and primary quests may prevent progress as well.


        • I understand that each is a case by case basis. It does not mean I am wrong. It means I am doing EXACTLY what they would do. Troubleshooting the issue. 99% of the time, it IS a clog in too many tasks. I am in CONSTANT daily if not hourly contact with them on the game. ALL THE TIME. So I have a better view of things than most as I see a BIGGER picture of what is going on in the game. If TinyCO is reporting to me that 99% of the players I am sending to them just had clogged tasks, then THAT is what I will first focus on. If that is not the cause, then there may be a multitude of other factors that have to be looked at on a case by case basis. If you look at the feed, you will see that as the issue is narrowed down and the normal factors taken out…then further help is instructed. There is no need to be negative when someone is just trying to help.


  17. Is it just me, or did half the people on this site forget how to read. I love how much work y’all put into this for what I assume is little to no profit. The least they could do is glance over the post before asking a bunch of questions, most of which are often answered in the first few paragraphs. Anyway, thanks again. If wasn’t for y’all I would have easily missed out on several stupidly timed challenges (Diane Simmons).


  18. Hey, the land that previously opened up has become trees again. Do you guys know what’s up with that?


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