Family Guy Technical Help: Missing Tasks

It looks like it is that time. Time for me to pull out my nerdy geek girl glasses, crack my knuckles, stretch out my typing fingers, put on my “thinking cap” (though I swear Alissa calls it my “dunce cap”)…it is time to get technical.

So pull up a comfy chair, grab some snacks, and your favorite beverage. You are about to go into the mind of Bunny as I show you some tips and tricks of the technical nature.

Consuela Technical Support 1

In this post, we are going to touch on help getting those missing tasks to trigger.

So you are anxiously awaiting a specific task. You have done all you believe you need to do. Completed items to trigger it, but for some reason it just isn’t happening. No worries, this is usually something simple to fix.

First, make sure you have completed the appropriate tasks prior to it and they are not still sitting open in the task menu. Like if you need to complete a task 3 times to finish it and not just once.


Next, see how many unfinished tasks you have sitting in your Task Menu. I have found that I an only have up to 14 tasks open, no more will pop up until I clear some out. This can be any tasks from any time. So try to go through and find some simple ones you can clear out quickly. Also see if any of the unfinished ones are the ones that may trigger what you are waiting for.

Task Menu

In the end, if you have tried all you can and STILL having an issue…contact TinyCo for further support. Make sure you include key words to your issue and as much detail as you can. Also allow them enough time to respond. Technical problems are not a quick fix. They require time to resolve. You are also standing in line with thousands of other players writing in. So give them time to first get to your message, then respond. At LEAST 3 days just to see it. (M-F)

Issues that impact a great amount of players and are currently trending will most likely be reported here under one of our Glitch Reports. So search for those too for information and help.


There you have it. Some ins n outs on the technical side of things. As usual, always feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. Here to help all we can.

Until Next Time

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37 responses to “Family Guy Technical Help: Missing Tasks

  1. Does anyone know how long it takes tinyco to respond when contacting them, I have tried everything and it’s been almost a week my game was lost due to a friend trying to log onto their game in my device and I have lost everything! I have contacted them several times but no response. It’s super upsetting considering I bought every character and skin the game had and now it’s all gone! Can someone please help me?


    • How have you contacted them? Did you do it from the other in game messaging? Did you email them Depending on how long it will take to correct the issue, standard response is 3-5 days… but each issue varies. Also check for auto responses.


      • I contacted them in game as well as on their website. I have gotten zero response. I just want to be able to play my game again before the event is over


  2. I had to just now send my very first ticket in to tinyco.. (Been playing since before peepants event) just wondering if anybody else had a problem with Mr weed… I finally was able to brew him today and my game froze when I did. It took my spirit virus and locked him. He is not in my game or my inventory. My quest to get him won’t disappear since he hasn’t shown up… I guess I’m waiting on tinyco…


  3. Anybody can help me? I cannot finish the Ghostbusters: Roll Out PT.8 because its says i need to upgrade the stay puff portal, but im already on nightmare portal, how can I fix the problem?


  4. So I collected all the halloween costumes, but it doesn’t say they are complete and I didn’t get my 25 clams


  5. Is the lava fence and the (concrete ones used during the comicon event to trap mutant stewies in those mazes ios exclusive?

    Only fences I have in my game is the hedge and the chain link fence,


  6. Where do you get the lava from?


  7. First time I’ve had any errors. Loading on iPad or Nexus 5 and getting “Load Error: Called getPlayArea before play area exists”. Anyone else seeing this?


  8. Omg consuella costume just tricked for me it good but from a mysterious box also a skull got both now is iit coz I finced tasks early using the clams


  9. consela outifit alert




  11. So, where is the post about the update with all the new Halloween goodies?


  12. Anyone saw the new stuff yet?


  13. Uggg…3+ days is an awful/useless turnaround time when there’s a 3 day timer already ticking in the game.


  14. So what the hell’s happening with the Stewie blimp plutonium quest? That one got kind of interrupted by Halloween…


  15. I don’t have any issues with tasks but I didn’t receive the ecto-1. I completed all of the challenges.


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