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Phase 3 Update Rundown (Updated and Complete)

UPDATE BUNNY : For those waiting for fix for Slutty Cat Meg and Mr. Weed … that is still on its way. 🙂


Hello There Clammers!

The portal has upgraded and phase 3 is upon us!

Portal 3

We’re working through all the details now…and we’ll be back as soon as we’ve got more info for you 🙂

For now know that Joe kicks things off…as long as you’ve completed phase 2 and are able to upgrade the portal.

DO NOT DIG UP FRANCIS GRAVE UNTIL YOU ARE READY!  You have FIVE days to unlock!  More details on how to below…but for now DO NOT DIG UP

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Quahog Halloween Walkthroughs: Phase 2 Side Quests…Meg, Mr. Weed and a Whole Lotta Bushes

Hello There Clammers!

Halloween Phase 2 hit our devices about a week ago…and with the phase 2 roll out came the introduction of two new characters to craft in the Cauldron, Slutty Cat Meg & Mr. Weed.  Both of these characters have questlines of their own, independent of the main (Search for Busts) questline.  The questlines for Meg & Mr. Weed can be done at your leisure, as long as you complete them before Halloween is over, while the main questline must be completed prior to moving onto phase 3.

In addition to the character questlines, phase 2 also rolled out a new side questline involving Bruce & the need for more decorations!

So now let’s take a look at all the side questlines phase 2 has to offer…and what trouble we can get into now in our Tiny Quahogs!

Ghostbuster Peter Dance 3 Ghostbuster Peter Dance 2

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Halloween Character Profile: Mr. Weed

Hello There Clammers!

Halloween has arrived in Quahog!  And Peter, in typical Peter fashion, has decided to tick off the dead.  In doing so Peter accidentally opens a dark portal in the Quahog cemetery and unleashes all manner of ghosts and goblins on the city…your job is to help round up these ghost, goblins and ghouls!  And just to add to the ghostly fun Phase 2 has introduced the option to craft Mr. Weed!

Of course to enjoy all Mr. Weed has to offer in TQFS you’ll have to craft him which is fairly easy, depending on how much patience you have.  So let’s take a closer look at the details behind this former toy creator…

Mr Weed 2

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