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Tiny Questions for TinyCo?

Hey Minions. As Alissa and myself tread the airways on our way west, we wanted to start a dialog with our readers here to pass on.

TinyCo Logo

The Meet and Greet with TinyCo is tomorrow night, as sad as we are that not all you can make it we still want you to be a big part of it. So here is your chance. Make a list of questions you would like us to pose to TinyCo while we are there and we will try to get as many of them answered as we can.

Also, feel free to put in any suggestions you are dying to toss their way on how they can make the gaming experience better for you.

We love to hear from you and so does TinyCo. So get to sounding off below.


Come Play With Us

Hey Minions. In ONE day, Alissa and myself will be invading San Francisco and would LOVE to see and hear from YOU…IN PERSON!! WOOHOO!!!

TinyCo Logo

Take a lil bit of time to come and join TinyCo and the Addicts for a night that won’t be forgotten. Speak one on one with the minds that brought you this REALLY amazing game. Then delve into the minds behind the names of the Addicts. Learn why they love to help YOU out on this silly lil blog.

There will be beverages provided by TinyCo. Cool surprises that you won’t want to miss out on. Even some secrets given out….Shhhhhhh. Just a lot of fun to be had all around. You can even bring your devices and get some tips on playing the game.

So…what are YOU waiting for? RSVP NOW!!!! 😉


Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff fans – come hang out! Drinks are on us.

We’re holding the first TinyHour to bring players and TinyCoers together for drinks and conversation. We want to hear from you, be it about TQFS, about life, or even about Meg.

Come meet TinyMatt, Drunk Programmer Kevin, and other members of the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff team. Plus, a special guest appearance by bloggers Bunny and Alissa from Family Guy Addicts!

Drinks are on TinyCo’s tab. You MUST be RSVP’d and have Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff installed to be let in. Space is limited!



(Note, you do need to be 21 or older)

We can’t wait to see AND hear from you. You know we LOVE to.

Bunny & Alissa