Come Play With Us

Hey Minions. In ONE day, Alissa and myself will be invading San Francisco and would LOVE to see and hear from YOU…IN PERSON!! WOOHOO!!!

TinyCo Logo

Take a lil bit of time to come and join TinyCo and the Addicts for a night that won’t be forgotten. Speak one on one with the minds that brought you this REALLY amazing game. Then delve into the minds behind the names of the Addicts. Learn why they love to help YOU out on this silly lil blog.

There will be beverages provided by TinyCo. Cool surprises that you won’t want to miss out on. Even some secrets given out….Shhhhhhh. Just a lot of fun to be had all around. You can even bring your devices and get some tips on playing the game.

So…what are YOU waiting for? RSVP NOW!!!! 😉


Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff fans – come hang out! Drinks are on us.

We’re holding the first TinyHour to bring players and TinyCoers together for drinks and conversation. We want to hear from you, be it about TQFS, about life, or even about Meg.

Come meet TinyMatt, Drunk Programmer Kevin, and other members of the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff team. Plus, a special guest appearance by bloggers Bunny and Alissa from Family Guy Addicts!

Drinks are on TinyCo’s tab. You MUST be RSVP’d and have Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff installed to be let in. Space is limited!

(Note, you do need to be 21 or older)

We can’t wait to see AND hear from you. You know we LOVE to.

Bunny & Alissa


26 responses to “Come Play With Us

  1. Woke up sick & havent recovered- wont be able to make it, so bummed


  2. Another reason to love living in the bay. See y’all tonight. 🙂


  3. Do they have any plans to add American Dad characters to Quest for Stuff? Also, they should add a feature where you can cancel the action that someone is on, in case you need them to do something else! Ask them if they’ve thought of that 🙂

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  4. i have a question for TinyCo .. but since i live on the other side of the pond, ask em if Death will make an appearance as a character ? 🙂


  5. I’ll be there. See you guys tomorrow night.


  6. You should ask them and tell them that they should make a South Park version of family guy quest for stuff

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  7. Cant wait! Im already thirsty!!


  8. Do I need to have my eticket thingy printed out? Also, I notice the EventBrite page now says this is Sold Out. So I imagine I won’t need to look too hard to find the TinyCo group – plus Bunny has radioactive rabbit ears or something, right?? 🙂


    • lol yes she does….how’d you know?! 😉

      I don’t think you’ll need to print it. Should just be able to show up and give your name. You should be “on the list”. Remember tho you’ll need your phone, so you can always check your email for the event confirmation is someone (Bunny) gives you a hard time 😉


  9. I didn’t consider this a question, but just a request that next time there’s a Tinyhour make sure that there’s apple juice. I need it for my sippy cup since I’m too young Wahhhh. 🙂

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  10. Oh! Having your little get together where I can’t go hmmm? That’s fine. I’ll throw my own get together. ..with blackjack and hookers…in fact… forget the get together and blackjack.

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  11. Would attend but I stay in Houston n work all da time so won’t b able to but would have loved to drink with my fellow addicts n would have called out bunny to a shot contest :p


  12. Patrick Campbell

    Would have loved to meet everyone but I am stuck in Jersey. Will definitely be waiting on the east coast for our turn for some fun. You guys and gals are all great and vefy helpful to us gamers. Thanks for everything.


  13. If only the bay area happened to be in the Midwest lol. It would be an awesome event to attend

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