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Well hello there all you Keymasters and Gatekeepers. Figured you will have a LOT of questions for this event. As usual. So I am putting the general FAQs in a nice lil tidy spot right here for you. Something to keep you tied over until all the details are confirmed in the Live Game. 😉

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Halloween 2014: A Ghostbusting Good Time!

Hello There Clammers!

The time has come and the wait is over…Halloween is here!!!!!

Family Guy Halloween Splash Screen

More details as we go through them….but for now know that Peter kicks things off…and you’ll most likely get the popup saying reload for an awesome new event..

UPDATE BUNNY 730PM EST: For iOS and Android having crash issues, try again. iOS make sure you are on iOS 6 and completely updated. Android, make sure you download the newest update from the market and running on version for the app. These should help with the iOS blue screen and the Android neighbor visits crashing. 

UPDATE BUNNY 215PM EST: Jailhouse Meg items should stop dropping now. A patch has been pushed from TinyCo. Please try force close/restart to clear this. 

As for the issue of the Spellbook/Portal sticking and not able to clear the task, they are working on it. 

We’re working on a spell to fix the crashing bug with the Spelbook. So far, yelling out “insectum reparo!” has not worked.

ANNNNNNNND They just pushed a patch for this. Try to force close and restart to put it in effect if you don’t see it. 


Update 11:55am EDT: Guys we’re working to get the info as fast as possible, but with everyone hitting the servers at once we’re getting the same connection dropped screens you are.  So we as that you be patient and give us just a bit of time to try and pull as much info as we can… 🙂

Also, there seems to be a little “hiccup” when Drunk Programmer Kevin flipped the switch (I guess it wasn’t sobered up enough)…and Android users will see different color tress but nothing else.  It’s coming, just be patient it should hit shortly.

So let’s break it all down shall we?  Remember…we’ll be updating THIS post as we go through everything, so keep checking back until you see the Updated and Complete in the title..

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Play Store Update: Halloween Pre-Launch

Update 9 AM EDT: Update is also live on iOS now, so be sure to download it.  Any of our Kindle friends want to chime in to let us know if they have the new version too?

Also, some reports of crashing going on when installing the newest update.  This could be like Comic-Con where if you have an older device the game won’t run on it.  It’s a ton of content that requires a lot of memory and space to run…..so older devices that can’t support it will crash.

UPDATE BUNNY 330 AM EDT: From TinyCo via their FB…




Hello There Clammers!

Much like with Comic-Con we’ve gotten ourselves a little pre-launch update for Halloween.  A new splash screen and icon but that’s it so far….

Family Guy Halloween Splash Screen

If this is like Comic-Con the “switch” should be flipped once #DrunkProgrammerKevin sobers up in the morning!  (for Comic-Con it was about 7:30am).  Once we see some new content we’ll get it up for you, but for now my suggestion is get some rest….you’ll want to be well rested for Ghostbusting in the morning! 🙂

Oh and here’s a look at the new description for a look at what’s in store for us…
2014-10-02 06.10.11

What are YOUR first impressions of the new splash screen?  Are you ready to defeat the scary ghouls? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!