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Hack hack hack….

Chop chop chop…

Kill kill kill….


OMG I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!! Looks like TinyCo is ready to add even MORE of an element into the game. Maybe those lil brats are getting a lil TOO out of hand.

I feel like a lil kid with a bottomless candy bag and I just keep knocking on TinyCo’s door to grab goodies. So far, they have not disappointed. 🙂

Jason and Justin Voorhees

Now the question is…will his “partner in crime” join him too? Only time will tell what our lil games with bring next. What do YOU think?


Time to update my 2D art for Family Guy…I just WISH they gave me MORE white!!! 😉 (yah…another game. 😛 )

Fred n Jason

Quahog Halloween Walkthrough: Alien is Man’s Best Friend?

Hello There Clammers!

Halloween has arrived in Quahog!  And Peter, in typical Peter fashion, has decided to tick off the dead.  In doing so Peter accidentally opens a dark portal in the Quahog cemetery and unleashes all manner of ghosts and goblins on the city…your job is to help round up these ghost, goblins and ghouls!  We’ve already had the dead return, Predator & a bunch of crazy Trick-or-Treating kids…so why not add to the fun and throw Alien into the mix!

Alien is an all new premium character introduced just for Halloween.  Alien will not only help you earn Terror Dog Bones BUT you’ll also earn more Smoke Bombs (to help stink out those pesky Trick-or-Treaters) as well!   Alien also comes fully equipped with a humorous questline, one that gets Brian into the game.  So let’s take a look at just who Man’s Best Friend really is….

Alien 1

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