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Glitch Report: Missing Terror Dogs

Update 7:05PM EDT: Just got word from TinyCo that they ARE working on this as I write this.  So hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.  However, still send in those tickets so they know exactly who is impacted.

A note on a few other glitches popping up:

Fragrance Factory- If it’s still crashing for you report it to TinyCo it has to get escalated to engineering.  It can (and will) be fixed, but is on a case by case basis.  There won’t be one massive update that fixes it.  So you MUST send in a ticket so they can fix it for you. They are working on an update to repair as many impacted as possible, just please still hang in there while they continue to focus on the issue and get it resolved. Allow them the proper time to get this done. You still need to send in a ticket as it does help a LOT with the troubleshooting process to see actual games that are experiencing it.

Facebook Accounts/Disappearing- IF you use Facebook to log on to TQFS and you’re having issues with your account disappearing and/or your friends disappearing.  Contact TinyCo.  They can fix this but you’ll need to contact them so they’ll know exactly who is impacted and they’ll be fixing these on a case by case basis as well.  So you MUST send in a ticket so they can fix it for you.

Hello There Clammers!

Many of you are reporting that after you’ve cleared a certain number of Terror Dogs no new ones are spawning for you.  The portal says they’re coming but they never appear.

If you’re experiencing this glitch contact TinyCo via your in-game messaging system (more details on how to here) and let them know you’re impacted as well.  We’ve contact them about it as well, and as soon as we have any more info on it we’ll pass it right along.

For now be sure to report it to TinyCo so they know you’re impacted, and they can see how widespread it is.

Are YOU impacted by this glitch?  Do you have any other strange glitches with this event?  Have you reported them?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

Terror Dog 1

Quahog Halloween Walkthrough: Week 1, I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

Hello There Clammers!

Halloween has arrived in Quahog!  And Peter, in typical Peter fashion, has decided to tick off the dead.  In doing so Peter accidentally opens a dark portal in the Quahog cemetery and unleashes all manner of ghosts and goblins on the city…your job is to help round up these ghost, goblins and ghouls!

Of course TinyCo has armed you with a fun questline to help rid the dead of Quahog (and in some cases raise it)!  By following along with the questline you’ll learn the ins and outs of how to succeed at Halloween, and send the dead packing!

Of course you all know we’ll be here every step of the way to give you that little extra insight and support throughout the update!  So let’s get things started with our quick walkthrough for Week 1 of Halloween…and prove “I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost”…only big dogs 😉

Ghosts 2

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