Watch Videos w/Carl & Earn Free Clams!!

UPDATE BUNNY: Check your Android devices for Carl. Remember,  he’s not a character. Just an addition, so he’ll come n go as he pleases and may not always have videos for you to watch. Enjoy!!


Hey there Clammers. Hoppin in here to give you a quick run down of just what to keep an eye out for when it comes to the new Earn Free Clams with Carl.


UPDATE 11/10: If you are having issues where the Video kicks you out of the game whenever you tap on it, please let us know. They are researching that issue further. For all OTHER issues…read on below. 😉 


Keep an eye out in your game for this silly character, Carl from the Family Guy Video Store, in your game. He can help you to earn some Free Clams. WOOHOO!! (There is a bug with Android Devices for this feature, hang in there while they correct it. Once fixed, you will get the option to watch Videos too. Until then you won’t see Carl.)

Watch Videos Carl Free Clams 1

If you catch him round your town with a Clam over his head, just give him a tap and you will see the pop up screen for the ability to earn Free Clams by just watching some silly Videos. Figures a Video Store Employee would be the one to do this. Lol.

Carl Free Clams Watch Video

Just tap on the “Watch Now” option to trigger this cool new feature. (The amount of Clams you will earn by doing this will vary.) You will then be taken to another screen where the Video will appear for you to view (the ones I saw were pretty short). Once the Video is all done, you will see one of two kinds of pop ups again…

Welcome Back, task complete…

Carl Welcome Back

If you see this pop up, it means that is it for this go round and you are all done. Just tap on “Awesome” to collect the Clam payout listed for the video you watched.


Welcome Back, watch another video…

Carl Welcome Back Watch More

From time to time you may get the option to watch more than one video. If that is the case you will see the “WATCH MORE” option come up after you watch your first video. To keep going, just tap on it.


Once completed, Carl will just disappear from town. The Clam icon will show up and collect to your total. There is not set day or time he shows up, so just keep your eye out for him. He will hang around close by the Griffin’s House when he does decide to appear.


FYI …If it says “No More Videos” when you tap him…that is exactly what it means. There are no more videos for you to watch as you’ve watched them all already. Check back again in a day or so to see if more available to you. 

What do you think of this fun new option? Worth a few moments of your time to get some Free Clams? Have you tried it yet? Let us know your thoughts below.


255 responses to “Watch Videos w/Carl & Earn Free Clams!!

  1. I’m unable to close the ads after watching them .
    The little x in the corner is no longer there , so I have to restart
    The app


  2. I made the mistake of buying clams once in the past. My co-worker, who has never bought clams, has 600+ clams from clam tv. Guess they put me on the sucker list for buying. Won’t be making that mistake again, that’s for sure.


  3. My boyfriend gets a TV in front of the griffin house to watch videos for clams. What’s up with that? I want it too.


  4. Is Carl still part of the game? I’ve never seen him, I would definitely like to be able to generate more clams…


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