Glitches Update!!!

Hey there Clammers. Bouncing on by to give you an update on a few of the items we have been keeping our eyes on.

Consuela Technical Support Bunny Glitch

This one shut players completely out of their games due to a major character was placed in their inventory storage and the game could not trigger the needed tasks and Event. A temporary patch was sent out yesterday and is in effect now. A more permanent fix is coming with the 1.4.5 Update Patch.

In the meantime ALL players will see the impact of this as you will not be able to store characters for now. This will help prevent any further issues and game lock outs for the time being.



Stan Hide Roger 3

More reports are coming in with players stating the tasks/questline just stops. There are two things at work here, so make sure you check both that apply.

The first issue is anytime you have your task menu completely full of unfinished tasks (like 12-14 or more) you are blocking the ability for any new tasks to arrive. So clear some out to make room.

The second issue is game progress has stopped. This one they ARE looking into and the tech team is currently working on a patch to push those quests forward. So hang in there while they get it fixed.

Just to make sure…here are the ONLY tasks running right now for the American Dad Event. Once completed, there are currently no more.

A Shellebration Pt. 1-2
Clam Day Catastrophe Pt. 1-7
I’m Not Saying It’s Aliens Pt. 1-4
The Magic Drunken Clam: Challenge (Hide Roger 10 Times)



Ghostbuster Peter and Terror Dog

A few players now have reported they sent a Character on a task during Ghostbusters Event, but now are unable to get the Character to complete the task. Usually tapping on it kicks them out of the game. Please keep reporting this to them through your game as they are looking into it.



New land

We discussed this already in a previous post HERE. This land does have a purpose and is set to release soon. Originally the trees were cleared on it, but due to too much confusion they placed them back until the land release is ready for its purpose. No worries, you will have access to it soon enough.



Spirit Vials

We discussed this already in a previous post HERE. They will stay til about the end of this week to allow everyone a chance to get the last of the items.




We discussed this already in a previous post HERE. Android will NOT have Carl in the game right now. As Android is our main used product, we will post when he does. So just keep playing on and we will inform you when he hits.

We discussed this already in a previous post HERE. It means what it  says. You have watched all the Videos and there are currently NO MORE for you to watch.

If you do have Carl and are trying to watch a video but it kicks you out of the game, please report this to TinyCo as they are looking into it.



Nuke Icon

If you are trying to Nuke your town and instead it freezes up and kicks you out of the game, please report this as they are looking into it.


That about does it for the main items we have been seeing. Any further individual ones, please report if the basic troubleshooting does not help you. Contact TinyCo info HERE.

First though, we have a really cool SEARCH feature on our site. It works by Google, but our site only. Use it to locate key words on information in any of our posts. Your answers may already be here.


45 responses to “Glitches Update!!!

  1. Elizabeth Younie



  2. I’ve reported a problem on my game. Numerous times. When I go to click on Carl to watch the videos, the little loading tv pops up. I’ve left the game open for a few hours and it just loads. Never got to click on the “watch” button…


  3. I am sorry if you have already talked about this but for face space none of the American dad characters are showing up and now that I have unlocked steve there is an exclamation mark for him to check him out but I can’t if he’s not there?


    • Lol. It is ok. We have discussed it, but more in comments. I actually do have a post coming up on it. No worries…they are still there. Tap on Steve and the FaceSpace link under his pic in his task list.


  4. How come I don’t get the option to put my characters in the inventory


    • Look at the first issue in this very post you’re commenting on. 😉


    • Hi Bunny and Alissa!

      I’m having several issues with my app and can’t seem to get tinyco to respond to my inquiries. It’s been several days, and I’ve followed all basic troubleshooting tips as well but to no avail. 😦

      is there a way to reach them other than the email add?

      btw, this site has really helped me improve my game play. thanks guys!


      • They are very limited on staff over the weekends, so if you sent any messages then…allow them proper time to address the issue. The email we provide or through the game are the two ways to contact them. Through the game always being the best way as all your game info automatically gets linked to the message.

        What are the issues you are running into? Anything we can help with?


  5. Is anyone else have problems clicking on the cologne factory?? Every time i click on it the game gets shut down or freezes up.. any ideas why??


    • This is a glitch that happened in the past when it was launched. They did send a patch for it. Double check you are on the most current version of the game. If so, try to go to it by the menu task bar or the building menu itself. Don’t tap directly on it. In the meantime, contact them please.


  6. Hi, I done hide / find roger 10 times but no roger? Is that correct? Like someone mentioned I do have a golden turd appear in my inventory??? Please help.


  7. Update 1.4.1 on Android. Carl’s here.


  8. What is engine configure error


  9. The patch to fix missing quests went out tonight with American Dad Phase 2. All my quests have returned. Thanks Tiny Co and thanks to you two as well for tracking the issue!


  10. So I have read that all characters max out at level 15 except Peter who can go up to 25 I think. Well yesterday I noticed My patrick Stewart hit level 16 and is still leveling. Is anyone else experiencing this phenominon?


    • Nope…not all. They changed it around Con Event. Most of the characters max out at level 15, with a couple exceptions. Peter, Mayor West, Tom Tucker, Vinny, Kool Aid Man, and the Comic Con characters. These characters can be leveled up to 25.


      • Ah ok thanks. My other comic con guys are gettin close but so far stewart is the only char i have over 16. which is the same level as my peter.


  11. yeah I did the hide roger ten times thing and got a golden turd instead of roger is that suppose to happen even though I had 2 days left before his little event ended 😐


  12. I dunno I actually used to love family guy game way better than tapped out. I mean I’ve read people moaning about everything costs too much in clams then they spout off how tapped out everything is chear. But what they fail to mention is that there are around 25 characters that can only be bought with donuts. Enough ranting like I stated I used to love quest for stuff I played it constantly checking my tablet but its getting stupid I mean they introduced too many non family guy characters I have 5 myself now they are making more maybe tiny co instead of focusing on stupid pointless stuff they should make what characters in the game actually have a reason to be in the game they should have made 3 new characters available before making american dad event. 1:Jillian 2:the girl in the vet shop Chris dated for a while and they should have introduced the little girl that stewie was partners with when he started performance classes. I,m currently level 50 I have over 540k coins with 148 clams with all the premium characters unlocked except conseala and brain damaged horse. I have like 15 building and most to all of the event items in my inventory and I have no room left I have buildings that I want out like the red rum inn the cannery my town is very good I didn’t waste any space and yet I can’t build anything or place things in unless I put then behind buildings tinyco is only worried about making money at this point they have probably wasted months on cracking down on those who cheated with hacks and stuff and we that didn’t cheat have been punished. Tiny co should have added land space and actual quest lines and family guy characters instead of promoting and whoring out american dad characters they should have held off on american dad event for at least a month or more. And this bitch stewie thing is a rip off I have 20 DNA strains or what ever they are and I’ve basically haven’t set my tablet down since the event started. At this rate I won’t be able to unlock bitch stewie or bitch Brian. was great now they are just focusing on how to get players to spend money. On our game. They should be more worried about the countless bugs. Instead they just keep pumping out stupid money grubbing stuff like the bitch stuff.

    Lastly I don’t know why but the game is very laggy I mean just moving the screen nearly makes it freed and sometimes it does especially when first opened why is this?

    My tablet isn’t a slouch it has a 1.6 quad core and 1 GB Ram and 16 GB memory space and yet this game lags like crazy. I’m able to play ravensword 2 it looks great and has no lag at all maybe a few times it has lagged but usually it has none. NFS most wanted and order and chaos does not lag either on my tablet but quest for stuff lags like crazy I’ve tried every thing force closing re-installing I even contacted support they did the usual we are sorry but due to large number of cases something like that in other words we’re sorry we only care about making money your problems mean nothing to us only your money….



    • Sorry what you are going through, just wanted to jump in with a quick FYI…the auto email is there to clear out basic cases of people writing in too soon and no need for help as well as those with a mass issue that hit many players and a patch resolved.

      This is their way of clearing out the “no more help needed” emails and keeping only those truly with issues still in their games. It allows they to focus time and energy on who needs it instead of wasting valuable resources opening thousands of emails for players that issue was fixed already. If you look closely at the email, it stated if you STILL need help to respond. So you needed to respond to the email to let them know you still have the issue and need to remain in the que. Anytime you see those auto clear emails, respond until your issue is completed.

      If the email is still there, please respond back to it and tell them your issue is still not resolved. 🙂


  13. Anyone else notice that both Bitch Brian and Bitch Stewie’s voices seem alot more quiet than the other characters? Have to really listen to hear what them bitches are sayin! LOL


  14. Also there’s a character storage glitch where upon re entry to the game all stored church tees are released in te game. Re storing them isnt even an option any more.


  15. I was doing the “Hide roger” tasks. After 3 succesful attempts the task itself is now locked (there is a lock logo over the task picture). It says it respawns every 4 hours after completing it, but I am waiting for about 18 hours now to do the task again… HELP!


  16. although i have been nkicked out of game multiple times since bitch stewie appeared, thats not my main concern, as i know it will get fixed…
    what i have experienced id the game crashing while trying to visit friends… so each one i succeed at seeing one neighbor’s quahog i go back to mine, because otherwise (trying to visit another one) my game crashes


  17. Bitch Stewie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Hi
    Bunny I’m still getting connect error. Tried wifi 3g 4g still no luck,uninstall, force close. ect . On the galaxy note 3 . Do you want me to email you a screen shot. Have message them via in game and email.


  19. Still annoyed that Carl isn’t a full character in the game. Oh well, at least we get to see him… Or eventually as is the case for me due to him not being on Android/Kindle.


  20. The only glitch I’m experiencing right now is all of my characters escaped from my inventory and refused to stay there if I put them back in. This could have been fixed by now, I was giving it some time to be fixed before trying again.


  21. I’m still crashing every 3 minutes or so. Idgaf about the other issues. I never have more than 5 quests at once and I don’t store any characters, nor nuke my town.


  22. The Spirit Vials thing is driving me bloody nuts! Why you ask? Well because I’m 992 vials shy of unlocking the one item I didn’t get (Brian Statue). Grrrrrrrr! Stop tormenting me for my failure, TinyCo! Oh, and the chronic crashes, but I’m a big boy so I deal with that one. Anyhow, not sure which I like better: the game or this website, but I know both are a riot! Keep up the good work ladies!


  23. new feature I discovered today after re-imaging my phone – you no longer have to play through the tutorial to link your account!! yay!!!!


  24. Thanks Bunny! All the issues in one spot! :-). Want to take a moment and thank the adicts here, you help me plan my strategy when we have multiple questlimes… THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!


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