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UPDATE 525PM EST: I am back in my game. Like I said. Quick. 🙂

Hey all!

Quick bounce by… yes I too am seeing the Servers Down now. Yes… it has been reported. Yes… they are aware and working quickly to get them back up.

Peter on Mobile Device Annoyed Peter
Hang tight, they are usually pretty on top of it when they go down and they return quickly. In the meantime, tell me your FAVORITE Princess Bride Quotes, why not? 🙂



Oh Consuela! UPDATED

Hey there Toady Roadies!

Just bouncing by really quickly to let you know that Consuela seems to have hijacked the game again. I really think she wants the Greased Up Deaf Guy all to herself. That or maybe she wants her own private festival.

Then again, it could just be that Meg ran into the Giant Dish again and knocked out Service to us all. 😉

So… Server is Down as of about 145PM EST. All of us are going through it. They are on top of it. Hang in there. 😉

Connect to Server Error

UPDATE 2:18PM EST: And just like that, we are back. 🙂 

A few things to note during this brief downtime…

Leopard BootsAlice Cooper’s Boots now have two more drops

  • Quagmire Remember Rodstock (8hrs)
  • Platforms Aplenty (6hrs)

TinyCo is also starting to roll out the Leaderboard Prizes. Now before you go and freak out and panic… wait. Patience. This is the START. Give them a week to fully release them to everyone. I will have more info on this later on.




For those of you not aware of them yet, you may want to pull some Characters out of storage too…

KISS Paul Stanley 2Paul Stanley: Perform as Wicked Lester, 8hrs, 3 Glowsticks & 50xp

KISS Gene Simmons 4Gene Simmons: Read Comic Books, 8hrs, 3 Glowsticks & 50xp

80s Pop Star Cool Cleveland80s Pop Star Cleveland: Get Relaxed, 8hrs, 3 Glowsticks & 50xp

Hayley SmithHayley Smith: Hold a Peaceful Protest, 8hrs, 3 Glowsticks & 50xp

Some great use of Characters from the Past.

There is also one for Chris, but I didn’t list it at first as the payout is the same as one he has and he is in use a lot for the Questlines. Since it was requested, here it his “other” option. 

Chris GothGoth Chris: Apply Tear-Resistant Mascara, 8hrs, 3 Glowsticks & 50xp


Did you get YOUR Prize yet? If so, what? Did the changes to the drops help you? Let us know