Phase 5 Clarifications & Issues

Hey there Toady Lickin’ Roadies!

With all the new content, options, and areas Phase 5 has brought us… I wanted to go over a few things that I am seeing in the comments.

Take a peek below and see if your questions are answered and if this post helps clarify what you’ve been running into.

PeterPalooza Event Area


Vat O Grease

As soon as you place his Vat down and start collecting for his Character, he will no longer be running around your town. This is because he is now in your game in another way.



Tub of GreaseGold Robot Mecha Astley

The drops on these will vary. The Silver having a bit better odds as they are more rare and require 3 Mechanics. Though the Gold ones are more plentiful and only take one Mechanic. I know it feels like slow going, but keep in mind that Part 2 of GUDG will hit tomorrow. So wait and see what else happens with the final week of collections too.



A Rising Star pt 5

Last Week’s Bonus Questline is still available in the game and you can continue to work on it. As far as the last Part “Capture Greased Up Deaf Guy Twice”, he will still appear only for this option even if you placed the Vat.

If you do not see him, report it right away. TinyCo stated they did make it so he should appear to complete this part then go away again.



Hayley Smith Task

As I noted on the Mecha Astley, this was a glitch, was already known, and a patch already in place. So as I predicted, it is gone now.



Pop Star Expose' Part 4

Pop Star Expose’ Part 4 of her Questline has a task for Alice Cooper “Speak with the Dead”. They are aware this task does not exist and working on patching it. Hopefully one will be out soon.

UPDATE: Patch is out. 10hr Task should now be in his Task List.ย 




I know this is one we are all struggling with. A bit slow going to earn them and Train one Mechanic. All I can suggest is keep reporting your progress to TinyCo. I will most likely have another Poll go out later this week so I can track where everyone is.

In the mean time, also remember that Bruce now has a 6hr task to help with them too.



Female Fan 2

Reports that the Female Fans are just not spawning right. Many times only one spawn hits around 45 seconds in and a 2nd one too late to make a difference.

I tested this in my games and my spawns hit about 15-30 seconds in, a second one not long after, then a final one around 15-30 seconds left.

As this issue is more isolated and does not impact all Players, please continue to report this to TinyCo from your game.



georgetakei-animation-actionModal-001@4x Peter

Sorry I knew I forgot one…ย 

I know some of you just hitting District 7 and the Questlines were running into the issue of “Write on George Takei’s Wall” for Peter. This is now patched, so give it a go again and let me know what you end up seeing in your game.


As always, here to help. If you have a technical issue and the Basic Troubleshooting does not help, please report it to TinyCo.

Did this post help you? Have an issue not seen here? Let us know.



71 responses to “Phase 5 Clarifications & Issues

  1. Hi Bunny, I am having trouble keeping up with this event and was wondering if you knew if greased up deaf guy will disappear after the event is over? I bought the vat/him with glow sticks but am wondering if we need to unlock him completely before the event ends? Thanks!


  2. Is there a trick for better luck of getting fur coats? So far I have do 3 Spooner Stage concerts and I got no coats and they always show up as Low chance. I have Peter, Chris, Alice, and Avril to use.


  3. I got a strange thing.
    I defeated mega astley level 2, and no gold robots spawned.
    This is the second time I reach level 2, so my 4th time defeating him and all other times they spawned just fine.

    Already contacted tinyco about it. Hope it won;t happen again.
    I had mechanics saved up for them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  4. Mech Astley countdown is still only counting when I am in game.


  5. Has anyone else been getting coins from clearing golden bears and golden robots? It just started happening to me today. Didn’t know if this is common or a glitch I should report…

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    • Interesting. Glowsticks and Tubs are all I’ve seen from Robots. Golden Bears I can’t be 100% if I have or not as I mainly track the Material they drop.

      There has been times a Toad passed by and I tapped it on accident while clearing items and it appeared the coin came from the other item. Outside that…I’ll check

      You don’t by chance have all of the Material they drop now? Like the Tubs?


      • Nope, still need 30 (+) LPs and 40 (+) tubs of grease…


      • Just got my 1st coin form a Gold robot
        Had 2 Mechanics, 1st was tub of grease, and 2nd was coin, will wait at least 15mins or try going out and back into game after each one and see if it happens again, I did notice on my game that the pop-up for the silver and gold no longer shows the glow stick option, but nor does a coin option appear either, just the tub of grease?!
        (I have about 36 tubs so feel I am doing ok)
        Should be able to get another level 5 spawn before the next phase, its just the mechanics that take the time to get now!
        TY for the help!


    • I’ve been getting coins from the golden robots too! Only @ 10 tubs so far ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  6. lol. There is so much going on. I think I’ll just go curl up in the corner for a moment. Hug my bear.


  7. I didn’t appreciate this being deleted so I’ll post it again.



    • And we don’t appreciate the lack of common courtesy of keeping with the Addicts Guidelines. If you want to rant on TinyCo… take it to the What the Deuce. This has been posted over and over and over.

      Please respect OUR site and the hard work we put into our posts by not using them as the “pitchfork and torch” ceremony against TinyCo. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Well said bunny. I too have fallen victim to the “torch and pitchfork” post. And it’s to no fault of Bunny or Alissa (spelling… sorry…) that your fustrated. We all get frazzled… I have found it helpful myself to go to ‘what the deuce’, vent, then come back here and post my input in a calm and courteous manner. You ladies rock and there are many of us who really appreciate what you do and we thank you!

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  8. I am having the devil of a time getting tubs of grease to drop. It doesn’t matter if they are silver or gold robots. I am a week in and only have 22/70 tubs. I get a drop rate of 1 out of every 5 times I hit a robot. Is anyone else having this problem?


    • Everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • At least u have 22 my friend……

      Im 4 days behind every new update because of those stupid leopard print things for Alice way back when lol

      So I have a total of 5 grease tubs so far…..

      Oh well I’m totally freemium after the mobster event so I’m chilled. Just gonna get what I can

      Still coming here often and admiring the work of our lovely addicts and tryna plan best I can


    • You know what the problem here will be? Next week when you need to do new tasks to get deaf guy, how will you be able to do those AND get vats at the same time? We only have like 8 characters doing everything else.


  9. I have been earning microphones but they don’t show up on Spooner Stage, they’re going to earning New Brian. What am I doing wrong?


  10. I defeated the robot got the microphones but not the gold robots. I thought the gold robots spawn upon defeating the robot


  11. I still havent unlocked carl or dj herbert…am i really far behind?


  12. When does the vat appeat for greased up deaf guy? I havent seen him.


  13. I haven’t placed the Vat yet, but Greased Up Deaf Guy hasn’t been seen in my town for about 30 hours. Should I report it?


  14. What is the benefit of spending three mechanics versus one on the robot bugs? Do the silver drop extra tubs of grease? Are they guaranteed drops versus less than 1/3 for the gold?


    • Just more likely.


    • They are not guaranteed. I have tried them several times and the best that I got from them was a single tub, which you get with a gold robot. More than once they dropped absolutely nothing. No glow sticks or even coins. I asked TinyCo about this and they told me they were designed that way.


  15. Thank you so much. I’ve collected all the necessary short shorts for Ricardo yet they are still dropping and the quest still shows for characters and buildings. Are you aware if this is a bug or will they be needed for other things?


    • Normal. Until he is live and walking your game, there is no way to tell the game you are done collecting for him. Others, like GUDG and the Musicians you can tap the bubbles above their heads to clear the item. He does not have that option. So they will still drop til you have him. No worries. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  16. Bunny, have you notice a decrease in toad lickers? I used to have 2-3 in my town at any given time. But now, the same one guy has been there all alone, without any other toad lickers, since Saturday.


  17. 23 tries with gold robot and not a single drop. doesn’t seem “common” to me. very frustrating


  18. How do I get help? I didn’t have fans drop for over 37 minutes to finish the first 24 hour task. I wrote several notes for help, and no response from Tiny Co and then all the requests for help were gone when the second 24 hour task showed up.


    • Wait… huh? 37minutes on a 24hr task? That sounds like the WRONG Concerts. That was the “Secret Concert” that was a glitch, not intended for use, and was “use at your own risk”. So if you tried to use a Glitch in the game, there would be no “fix”. It wasn’t supposed to be.

      Now as to the actual REAL Concerts performed for 2 minutes, those are the ones we are referring too. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • No – it was the True Fan Challenge for the Peter Palooza Sign – -the first 24 hour contest.

        I sent request for help through the help screen and never heard back and it was all gone with the second True Fan Challenge started.


        • You said the “Fans”. Did you mean the Bee Girls? Because those spawn nothing like the Female Fans during on Stage Concerts.


          • It was what was needed to finish with the beekeepers – I was getting all the right ones until the last 37 minutes where they stopped showing up. I’m not good with the names of all the characters, but I know which were the right ones to catch

            This still doesn’t answer why Tiny Co did not acknowledge my requests (3 different ones) over several days and erased the requests without response either.

            Either way, over the 37 minutes the characters I needed to catch with the Beekeepers to finish never showed up for me to complete the PeterPalooza.

            They were showing up often enough before that


            • Bee Girls. They only spawn every 3 to 4 hrs… as far as customer support…. they are Tiny. Think one person handling thousands standing in line one at a time. They do it all in house. No massive outsourcing worldwide like other game giants. All I can suggest is keep contacting them every 5 days if you seek a resolution but don’t have a response in 5 days. If you get an auto reply (which usually means they’re flooded with messages) respond back to each and every one you still have an issue to keep in queue.

              Remember, we’re not TinyCo. We’re the Addicts just here to help. If you need assistance with an issue you want them to resolve… gotta take it up with them. I can’t answer for them… just my own personal knowledge.


  19. I had been working on Rising Star and noticing GUDG was no longer appearing, but as soon as I hit part 5 two of them appeared at once so I could complete that step.

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  20. I’ve taken a break for a few days from the game. I think I might be to far behind now to continue this event. I also just nuked my town ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    Is impossible to beat stage 3 of the Robot with only Peter

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  22. Hayley smith battle task was good while it lasted. Able to do the 3rd lvl without rick. I’m sad that they fix it


  23. Just did an Encore and had much better luck, with my saved fans and the ones that spawned I got 111/120 stars, I did a uninstall/reinstall since my last one and not sure if that was the fix or what, but whatever, due for 1 more encore tomorrow so will see if its still working as it was before and let TC know too!
    This is one of the many reasons I like this site and the hard work you guys do, I noted the issue and asked if others were having similar issues and they were, I didn’t come here and start complaining about it, just wondered if the game was getting harder, as could be expected, or if it was a glitch and if so was TC aware since the 2 in-game messages I sent disappeared with my reboot and the issue had been passed to TC and I knew that I could wait it out to see if there was a fix posted, or try some basics and see if that helped my game or not and let you and others know what I am experiencing and then they can take in the info here and decide what actions they might try or decide to wait it out or not rush to get another in if the issue is still known!

    Its like a lot of other things in life, if you just get angry and focus your energy on that then you lose sight of your goal and how to achieve it.
    Not saying that I NEVER do it in life, but I don’t take it here where it doesn’t do anyone any good,
    Thanks again!
    & Rock ON! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • It is very helpful to give me descriptive info on technical issues too. Very appreciated. People do not realize just how much attention I pay to them. I watch to see if they are just one here or there… spreading… or a mass issue. If I start seeing a trend, I will report it and continue to monitor it. All while sending TinyCo feedback and updates on what I am seeing.

      I think many do not realize just how MUCH behind the scenes work, emails, and constant communication goes on. It is insane at times the back and forth messages I have with them. But it all goes to help the Players, which is my ultimate goal. So I appreciate those that explain an issue to me instead of just yelling and screaming “IT’S BROKE!! FIX IT NOW!!” That won’t help anyone. Just give me the stats. I can work with stats. I can pass useful stats on. Stats solve issues. Yelling and screaming just gives us all a headache. Of course reporting it too helps so they can see an impacted game to test the issue and find fixes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  24. FYI Alice speak with the dead worked for me. Fixed?


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