Kingdom of the Full Moon Event

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Kingdom of the Full Moon, the first Event in TQFS, is upon us!  Here’s where you can find all of the posts from the Addicts Team about the Event:

Overview & Event Rundown
6/3 Mini Update (New Premium Items)
Where Are My Butts?
Mummy Glitch
Another Update 6/20

Basics of Game Play:
Idols Vs. Trophies (Score)
Tasks That Earn You Booty
Kingdom of the Full Moon Walkthrough
More Bang for Your Booty…Math of 1-2 Hour Tasks
More Bang for Your Booty…Math of 4-6 Hour Tasks
More Bang for Your Booty…Math of 8-12 Hour Tasks
What Happens to Cleveland When the Pyramid Is Gone?
It’s ALIVE!!  The Pyramid is Open…What’s Inside?
Unlocking Cleveland
Unlocking Adventure Peter (coming soon)
80’s Cleveland
Dear Diary
Sarcophagi Thoughts

Do I Want That:
Small Magma Shrine– 75 Clams
Medium Magma Shrine– 200 Clams
Large Magma Shrine– 400 Clams
Exotic Snack Stall– 25 Clams
Adventurer’s Bazaar– 100 Clams
Antiquities Bazaar– 150 Clams
Chaste Camel– 75 Clams
Ricky’s Cantina– 150 Clams
Hanging Gardens of Babylon– 175 Clams
Razzle Dazzle, Fast Fresh & Budget Badass

Where Did THAT Come From?!:(coming soon)
Cat Statue

Addicts Fun and Opinions: (coming soon)


3 responses to “Kingdom of the Full Moon Event

  1. I’m done with this game. Everything needs clams. Spend money. I have over $140,000 from my buildings waiting for new stuff and when it comes you gotta spend real money to get them. Sticking with Simpsons.


  2. I accidently put the cat shrine outside of the sand area, and now I keep getting an error message telling me I’ve made this mistake which I can’t fix any thoughts?


    • Outside the sand area? or in the sand area? You’re not supposed to be able to place or move things from the sand area. Prizes can all go on your main Quahog only


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