Tips for Earning Money Faster on Your Quest for Stuff

UPDATED 4/16 to reflect new 1m quests for characters

Hello There Questers!

One of the most common questions we see is…”how can I earn money faster?!” As you work your way through your quest for stuff you’ll notice it starts to become more difficult to progress in the game because you don’t have enough money!  The higher your progress in the game, the more expensive it becomes to unlock buildings.  However, there are some things you can do to earn money faster in FG:TQFS…while you won’t be banking millions you’ll still be earning money at a faster pace to help you find more stuff!

So let’s break down some of these tips for earning money faster shall we?

Stewie Gambling

Don’t forget if you are just starting the game to NOT level up Quagmire yet. If you wait. Bonnie, Chris, and Peter have 6 second tasks that you can do over and over to level up really quick and get a ton of extra XP and cash from the start.

See more information in Alissa’s earlier post here. 


Tip #1:
So the first thing you’ll notice in the game is the limited amount of houses you can buy AND the fact that they are all unique (meaning you can only have 1 of each in your town).  Because of this it limits the ability to “house farm” in your town (house farm is when you place multiples of the same house to generate income faster).  HOWEVER, you can “Office Farm”.  The Common Office costs $150 to build (takes 45m) and generates $10/hr.  This is the best deal out of the offices for “office farming”.

Tip #2:
Better than “office farming” you can McBurgertown Farm.  Each McBurgertown costs $50 (1hr to build) and will generate $10/hr in income.  This currently is the best deal for non-unique buildings if you want to “farm” them.

TinyCo has changed it so you are unable to have anymore McBurgertown Franchises in your games. Those of you that have them in place already can keep them. Others will no longer be able to use this shortcut.

“To fight the Quahog obesity epidemic, McBurgertown will be limited to one per town going forward. Existing McBurgertown empires will be unaffected”

Tip #3:
Spend at least 1hr straight in your game/day (or more).  Here’s why….
-The Griffin House earns $3 every 30seconds
-Quagmire’s House earns $4 every minute
-Swanson House earns $5 every 10 minutes
-Peter Earns $5 every 1 minute when you make him Surf the Bird
-Chris Earns $5 every 1 minute when you make him Find a Friend
-Characters Earn $20 when sent on 1hr tasks.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Because while it may not seem like much if you spend at least 1hr/day straight in your game and repeatedly do these tasks it seriously adds up.

-Tap on the Griffin House every 30 seconds for 1 hr and you’ll earn… $360
-Tap on Quagmire’s House every minute for 1 hr and you’ll earn… $240
-Tap on the Swanson House every 10 min for 1 hr and you’ll earn… $30
-Send Peter to Surf the Bird every minute for 1 hr and you’ll earn… $300
-Send Chris to Surf the Bird every minute for 1hr and you’ll earn… $300
This alone adds up to $1,230/hr

On top of that at the end of 1hr:
-Collect money from characters 1hr tasks ($20/character)
– Collect money from 1hr buildings (farming) $10/1hr building.

Of course the number of characters and 1hr buildings you have will vary, but you get the idea.

Update 4/16: Many characters now have their 1hr tasks switched to 1m tasks, that earn at the $5/hr rate.  So make sure you include these when doing the 1m quests for Peter/Chris to earn money.  You’ll earn an additional $300/hr for each character:

This will add an additional $1800/hr

Tip #4:
Set your characters on tasks that coincide with what you’re doing.  If you’ll be sleeping for 8hrs set them ALL on 8hr tasks before you go to sleep.  If you’ll be at work or school for 6-8 hrs do the same.  This will ensure that while you’re not in the game your characters are still earning you money.

Tip #5:
Read the walkthroughs and don’t purchase buildings in the early stages unless you need them the progress to the next round in the game.

So there you have it my friends, MY tips for earning money faster in Family Guy:The Quest For Stuff.  What are some of YOUR ways of earning money faster?  Have you used any of these methods on your own games?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!




13 responses to “Tips for Earning Money Faster on Your Quest for Stuff

  1. i have got more idea from here. thanks a lot for this best idea


  2. I just reAd the post above , I posted a question similar in another thread , but the one mistake above for anyone looking to “house farm” lol, ( I just learned this term & still getting a chuckle outta it , sorry) is that the “Common Office” isn’t the best bang for your buck , it’s actually the “Standard Office” C.O. = 5 XP & 10$ Ph.. While S.O.=. 15XP. & 20$Ph


  3. I haven’t been able to connect all morning bc Consuela and her servers are down is this going to be fixed soon you think¿


  4. I’m currently working on getting Brian Griffin. I just built 6-8 of the glass buildings (sleek, classy etc) was this a huge mistake? Which buildings should I build the most of?


  5. Keeping Tip #4 in mind (match the jobs to your schedule), I consider the Standard Office a better deal. It costs more, but the coins/hour are the same and I only have to collect half as often. If you can’t check in at all during the workday, the Typical and Average offices might be better.

    Common Office: costs 150 coins, gives 10 coins & 5 exp every 1 hour.
    Standard Office: costs 200 coins, gives 20 coins & 15 exp every 2 hours.
    Typical Office: costs 250 coins, gives 30 coins & 20 exp every 4 hours.
    Average Office: costs 300 coins, gives 40 coins & 25 exp every 6 hours.


  6. Alissa and Bunny eluded to this in one of the earliest posts. After previously struggling for money in my game that got locked out for nearly two days at level 8 and district 4 with the Bruce Glitch, I created a new game Sunday night. For those just starting out, my tip is to NOT unlock Quagmire. Stay in District 1 and keep performing the 6sec Fat Leapfrog for $15 and 8XP using Peter and Chris and the 6sec Bake Sale for $5 and 3XP using Bonnie.

    In under 48 hours, I’m already at level 11, Peter is at level 16, Bonnie is at level 12, Chris is already at his max level, and I’ve already earned over $40k.

    In 1 minute, I cane earn $100-$150. If I tap half-heartedly whilst watching a rerun of The Simpsons or The Big Bang Theory, I usually come away with just over $2k in half an hour. If I tap whole-heartedly for half an hour in between my 30min TSTO tasks, I earn over $3k in half an hour.

    So if you read this before you get into the game, do NOT unlock Quagmire until you have a decent amount of coin.


    • So true. I put the link in the post. Thanks! 😉


    • I wish I had known this earlier…already unlocked the Q man and am now working on Mort…this game is so complicated and has so many options, but it takes so long to get anything done…most important tasks are 6-12 hours, and then I feel like I’m missing out on the game! I wish they hadn’t moved to longer tasks until farther along in XP, cause it seems like with TSTO it went quicker in the beginning. Could be just rose colored glasses with TSTO, I don’t know…


  7. Any idea if we’ll be able to sell buildings and decorations back, like in Tapped Out? I bought a doghouse that I don’t really need.


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