Premium Walkthrough: Buzz Killington

Hello There Clammers!

So you think you’re as rich at Carter Pewterschmidt? Own a fancy house like Buzz Killington? You sure gotta lot of clams there, whatcha gonna do with them?


With cool stuff comes cool walkthroughs, right? Of course! Money…err…CLAMS buy everything, right? Most definitely! Since Consuela can only be in SO many places at once, and we know a rich person with your means would HATE do have to do all the hard work… we went ahead and did it for you (the extra 100’s in our pockets didn’t hurt either.) Here, for your tapping pleasure, is your PREMIUM WALKTHROUGH.


250 Clams, Instant build

Victorians Wanna Have Fun…Pt.1
Buzz starts

Buzz Reads Out Loud- 12hrs, Earns $100, 65xp
Completed Task Earns $100, 65xp

Victorians Wanna Have Fun…. Pt. 2
Buzz starts

Tell a Baudy Joke at the Barrington Country Club- 18hrs, Earns $125, 80xp
Completed Task Earns $200, 130xp

Victorians Wanna Have Fun…. Pt. 3
Buzz starts

Peter Hangs Out at the Clam– 1hrs, Earns $20, 12xp
Quagmire Drinks at the Clam-12hrs, Earns $100, 65xp
Buzz Drinks at the Clam-1hr, Earns $20, 12xp
Completed Task Earns $300, 195xp

Victorians Wanna Have Fun…. Pt. 4
Buzz starts

Buzz Drinks with Peter– 4hrs, Earns $125, 75xp
Completed Task Earns $400, 260xp

Victorians Wanna Have Fun… Pt. 5
Buzz starts

Sip Tea- 24hrs, Earns $150, 100xp
Completed Task Earns $500, 350xp

And there you have it my friends!  The complete 6 part quick walkthrough for Buzz Killington!  What do YOU think of Buzz?  Have you made the purchase?  What are your thoughts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

15 responses to “Premium Walkthrough: Buzz Killington

  1. Is there any reason Buzz Killington doesn’t appear in my menu to purchase? every other premium does but I don’t have Buzz?


  2. Will he be back to the store ? I thought he was one of the permanent characters like consuela.


  3. Hey, Buzz Killington and Cleveland have disappeared from my store. I was just about to buy them, too. Does anyone else have this problem?


  4. I have 300 clams and am wondering if I should get just Consuela or Buzz Killington AND Jake Tucker?


  5. I only got him because i was struggling for days to get the needed books for Brian.


  6. Not so much a walk through. Just a list of objectives really


    • That’s pretty much what a walkthrough is. Telling you who to keep free, and how long you need them for. If it was just a list of objectives it would only show you the task list and nothing else. These are slightly more detailed.
      Here we do them with out the dialogue so that players can experience the jokes for themselves. These are just guides to help show you how many tasks are involved, how long it will take, what you’ll earn, and if any other characters are required. For example, Buzz requires Peter and Quagmire at various parts, this shows you to keep them free to complete the task.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sorry Was just thinking out loud really.
        Any chance of doing a building guide.showing which buildings are most profitable etc love the work you guys do on here


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