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What Happens After I’ve Collected the 10 Clowns?

Hello There Clammers!

Seeing lots of questions pop up in the comments and on Facebook about what happens once you’ve cleared the 10 required clowns for the task with Chris.  Do the clowns stop appearing?  Will you be able to earn all the required horns and pies?  Do you have to buy premium?  Why is TinyCo Forcing you to spend clams?  And my personal favorite…Why Don’t they give us MORE free clams?!  So let’s take a look at all of these and more….I promise it’s not as bad as it may seem.

clowns pie

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Playing Favorites

ClamHello clammers! I Hope you’ve come across as many golden clams as I did since the game launched a few weeks ago. I’m genuinely surprised by how often I find them and THAT is my first favorite thing about this game. In today’s post, I’m gonna talk about my favorite things in Quest For Stuff. I know it’s been 3 weeks since my initial post on this thread and I must apologize for my lack of presence. Between trying to fully understand the game and it’s mechanics, I got a very bad flu that seemed to last forever. But I’m all better now and I wish I would have had a chance to try the game in its beta version to give me a head start. I had never played this type of game before and it took me a while to get what the goal was and to establish a strategy for my gameplay.

My next favorite thing is the originality of certain tasks. I really like the variety and enjoy seeing my characters in action. I appreciate the fact that most tasks are outdoors and visible. My top 3:

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What’s the Deal with the Clowns?

Good Morning Clammers!

So we’ve been seeing a few things back and forth in the comments over concern about collecting all the “stuff” to unlock the Pee Pants Inebriated Hobo Clown costume for Peter.  With an event end time set for Sunday 5/4 and so many of each item to get many of you are worried it’s impossible to acquire everything, solely by playing freemium, by the time the event ends.  Well let’s break it all down for you….

clown requirements

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