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Circus Update! (Limited-Time Event!)

Hello There Clammers!

Looks like the circus has arrived in Quahog as we’ve received a special update in our games today. (the first content update/ Event to The Quest for Stuff)  More details on this coming just as soon as I go through the update myself 🙂

quahog decorations

Here are a few basics:

Rambo Lois Brings Out the Big Guns

Hello There Clammers!

One of the cool features of the Quest for Stuff is the ability to unlock additional costumes for some characters.  These costumes are not only hilarious to look at but they provide an entirely different set of tasks for the character, as well as unlocking their own questlines…filled with hilarious dialogue!

One costume you’ll earn on your Quest for Stuff is Rambo Lois, a fun costume for Lois!  Somewhere during your Civic Center quests the Rambo Lois quest will pop up for you!  So let’s take you through the steps to help you break out the big guns in your Quahog!


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