Rambo Lois Brings Out the Big Guns

Hello There Clammers!

One of the cool features of the Quest for Stuff is the ability to unlock additional costumes for some characters.  These costumes are not only hilarious to look at but they provide an entirely different set of tasks for the character, as well as unlocking their own questlines…filled with hilarious dialogue!

One costume you’ll earn on your Quest for Stuff is Rambo Lois, a fun costume for Lois!  Somewhere during your Civic Center quests the Rambo Lois quest will pop up for you!  So let’s take you through the steps to help you break out the big guns in your Quahog!


Bring Out the Big Guns Pt. 1
Lois starts

Build Fire Station No. 5– $10,000, 16hrs
Completed Task Earns $300, 200xp

Bring Out the Big Guns Pt. 2
Peter starts

Place the Dry Bush Garden– $5,250
Completed Task Earns $300, 200xp

Bring Out the Big Guns Pt. 3
Lois starts

Craft Rambo Lois– Collect stuff to unlock Rambo Lois.
Costume Unlock Requires:    
5 Fire- Earned by: Make Lois Bake Cookies to Solve Problems OR Get From the Fire Station
5 Headbands– Earned by: Make Lois Practice Tai-Jitsu
5 Lipstick- Earned by: Make Lois Freshen Up OR Make Bonnie Go to Ladies Night OR Make Chris Enjoy Private Time OR Get from Quahog Day Spa OR Make Consuela Clean Up the Town
5 Guns- Earned by: Make Joe Do Target Practice OR Make Jerome Be a Superior Athlete
Instant to create

Completed Task Earns $300, 200xp

Bring Out the Big Guns Pt. 4
Rambo Lois starts

Rambo Lois Wants Target Practice– 4hrs, Earns $50, 30xp
Complete Task Earns $300, 200xp

Bring Out the Big Guns Pt. 5
Rambo Lois starts

Lois Knows Her Guerrilla Warfare – 1hr, Earns $20, 12xp
Completed Task Earns $300, 200xp

Bring Out the Big Guns Pt. 6
Rambo Lois starts

Lois Escapes from Cop Joe– 8hrs, Earns $200, 125xp
Completed Task Earns $450, 300xp

And there you have it my friends!  The complete 5 part quick walkthrough for Rambo Lois!  What do YOU think of Lois’s new outfit?  Have you unlocked it yet?  If you have what are your thoughts on the dialogue for this quest?   Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

33 responses to “Rambo Lois Brings Out the Big Guns

  1. I need ONE more headband to complete the outfit and Lois not even the video arcade i built gives me the head band and i want to get to the next part please help!!!
    Also i want to make anime Peter but when i have Peter and Dr Hartman to the eyeball task i get nothing! help!!!


    • Welcome to the Nightmare that is “Extra Rare” materials in the game. We have all been there and done that. Just keep going, they will drop eventually. It just will take … a long time. 😉


  2. No headband for around 2 months, how random does one have to be, it’s really annoying can’t even buy clams cos its locked me out for some reason, plus all my Facebook friends have vanished and won’t let me search for them, fix these issues tiny or it’s getting deleted!!!!!


    • Sounds like a few different things going on for you. Let’s see if we can help.

      Headbands. Eyeballs. Plutonium. Just to name a few…these are epic kind of items that do seem to take forever to drop, just keep that Character at it again n again. We’ve all been there.

      Clams…do you get some error message or run into some issue when trying to buy them?

      Facebook…this has happened to me before too. It’s like it lost the link. So, fix for it is to unlink, restart, then remind the Facebook account. See the very bottom of this post for details…. (I tested this again about a week ago, worked like a charm)



  3. I’ve never gotten a headband from Louis doing Tai. I’ve only received it when the building drops one. I’ve gotten 3 over the last month for anime Peter. Louis is impossible. I am still waiting for one whip to for her other costume. As much as hooker Peter looks for clients I still can’t get a whip. Louis has frustrated me to the point where I don’t play the game as much as I used to. Even Cleveland wasn’t as difficult. Please fix or game will be deleted from my apps. It’s boring now, and there’s too many building popping up that you can only purchase with clams. Boo!


  4. I just want to say i am highly pissed !!! I have had 4 headbands after weeks of torture tai jitsu & i finished anime peter because he only takes 3 when i made peter costume i checked my louis & she is now back to 1 headband wtf this is ridicolous !!! This game is playing with my intelligence & im about ready to throw my iPad


  5. Getting realli frustrated with the rambo lois headband I got my last one last night and before I cud create her the app force closed and wen I returned back to the game I still needed one more headband wt… Tinyco!!! Fix asap


  6. just ditched this game… it’s back to the simpsons for me… the reason ?

    those damned ‘headbands’, i’ve had lois doing TJ for the last two weeks and i’ve managed to drop only one…
    now i know it’s supposed to be random… but come on for gods sake this is ridiculous..i suspect the reason for this is to get you to drop some hard earned cash on the game…

    having read all the above replies i can see this isn’t just me that’s having this problem…(the Simpsons was never this hard). but TinyCo really nedd to relax a little on the game settings and let folks get on with enjoying it… corporate greed at it’s best folks.


    • I’ve got to say I agree with you in a lot of ways. I think the game needs some revisions, and some tweaks. The basic concept is great, but it’s extremely frustrating for a lot of players. And, as we always say, games are supposed to be fun. If it’s not fun why play?
      I’m hopeful that they’ll have some tweaks coming in the future, and it might take a few months to get just the right formula down (it’s hard to remember the game is not even 2 months old yet). Hopefully, they’ll get it right soon and maybe then you’ll come back and have some fun 🙂


  7. Hi – wondering if you can help. I’ve been trying to get Lois’ headbands for weeks now to complete Rambo Lois and Anime Peter, where she’s constantly performing the kicking ass task.

    I think this tactic of making users purchase clams when you’re supposed to be able to complete the game without purchases is low, really low. I understand drops are random, however I feel its completely clear Tiny Co are trying to frustrate users into purchasing clams etc. I’ve been running the task over and over and over and yet it never drops (I’ve had 4 headbands for over 2 weeks now, must have run the task 30-40 odd times, and it hasn’t dropped since then). It’s obvious that they make you get so far, but engineer it so you can’t get that final item, otherwise it should have dropped by now.

    I’ve fed back to Tiny Co however as you guys are the voice of authority please can you feed back and see if you can get anything other than a pre-canned answer of ‘it’s random’?



    • Honestly..that’s the answer we get from them. It’s random. We’ve asked loads of times about the details into it and all we get back is it’s random. No two games are alike. Just as an example my A game I can get headbands but not seashells and in my B game I can get seashells but not headbands. It’s extremely frustrating, but that’s the only explanation we’ve gotten. This is the direct answer we’ve gotten from the folks over at TinyCo: “Randomness itself is a weird thing, because it can make it seem like patterns appear. This is why some players note that “it dropped a lot after ____, and now doesn’t.” Even with a really low chance, after enough attempts, you’ll see runs that would seem improbable when taken alone.”
      It’s extremely frustrating, I know. My best suggestion is try changing tasks for a short period of time and go back to it. Sometimes that switch up helps trigger an item to drop.


  8. Lois headbands are abkutbthe end of me! I have had her do NOTHING BUT the headband task for a week and I have 2 for all tbis effort. Ibam not going to buy/spend 250 clams to finish her. And now I find I will need MORE of these non-exsistant items? BS! Fix this please!


  9. It is just insane, I’m one headband to complete Rambo Lois, it’s taking forever. Now I’ve unlocked the China district, and anime Peter comes with it, and guess what, yep, more freaking headband required, 3. They’re giving you also the option to buy the video game store to increase chances of getting headband drops. Yet, you gotta buy all those buildings and clean the block, which it takes forever. Imlovong the game, and I even spent a few bucks in it, but this headbands situation is wack. I don’t think is a glitch, since they calling this an extra rare item but, come on guys.


    • That’s odd because I was able to buy the arcade right away, with out clearing space in my Asian Town. But I had all the other land open…maybe that’s why?
      It IS random. We had a conversation with TC about it the other day. Doing a feedback poll on it a little later today.


  10. ive done the task for 4 days straight no drops, I have gotten the headbands from other task just not the practice one…


  11. Still not a single headband. Not to mention the clearing of pirates gave me nothing either.


  12. All I have left is the headbands and I have had her do it numerous times picking it from her normal list and through the outfit store and still can not get her to finish. It keeps showing 1/5.


  13. they need to adjust the chances for the headband. ive been trying for weeks and cant get it. i gave up


  14. As posted previously I have has lois do TJ all the last weekend when the headband was supposed to be 50% easier to get. Ive also done it prior to an since and yet to get a single headband. Roughly 20 plus tries…anyone else experience this problem?


  15. Oh, bother. Yet another story line added to the many that can’t be finished with premium payment. I really wanted to like this game, but the frustration is too much. Too many tasks that require multiple characters, many of whom have their own tasks to complete. Too little chance of rewards for tasks required. Bah. I may keep it around in case of an update, but feh! Feh, I say!


  16. Bring in the clowns!


  17. EvilKitten812

    I don’t wanna put this here, but I totally lost the email address 😦
    I just got an update in FG, with circus content 🙂 not sure if its for all platforms ( I assume it is) it gives a chance to unlock clown suit peter. But just wondering, are you seeing it to? the game said through Sunday, can you guys check & see if that means the premium decor will be gone Sunday too?? Again, really sorry for posting this here 😛


    • Not a problem we appreciate it! With the two sites and just getting back from vacation (and Bunny’s come down the a cold now…) it’s just a little hectic all around! Just getting into my game now and exploring it all. 🙂


  18. New update!


  19. I’ve sent Lois out to do Tai-Jitsu about twenty times and have two headbands to show for her labors. I’m about ready to ditch it


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