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District 7 is now live!

Hello There Clammers!

District 7, Asiantown, is now live in Quahog.  This will only start if you’ve completed the main quest of District 6 (where you unlock Brian & Clear the Bulls)! Lois kicks it off!

2014-05-13 23.20.16

This means Connie and Tricia will be unlocked in our games!

We’ll be back with all the details as we have them…for now enjoy the new content in TQFS!

So what’s new with District 7? Check out the new content below the fold…

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Character Overview: John Herbert

Hey There Clammers!

With the introduction of Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff there’s a whole cast of characters to unlock in your rebuild effort of Quahog!  These overview posts are designed to give you a quick breakdown of the characters, how you unlock them & their tasks so you can play FGG more efficiently!

Of course there will be those players who don’t want to know the details of unlocking the characters so for that reason we’ll post all of the details below the fold.  So if you don’t like to know what’s going on before you play don’t click read more…CAUTION SPOILERS AHEAD

The next character we’ll tackle on our character overview is John Herbert. Herbert is one of the characters you’ll find in the School District.  So now let’s take a look at Mr. Herbert the pervert and his tasks…

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They’re In My Game, Why Are They Locked?

Hello There Clammers!

Lately we’ve been getting a number of questions about why some characters are locked in TQFS, and how can you unlock them.  In particular Tricia, Connie, Stewie, Carter & Mayor West.  In addition a few new costumes have been added to the game with the last update, an we’ve been getting questions about why the costumes aren’t unlocked for some people, in particular a costume for Peter that says unlocks at level 1.  So let’s take a look at these locked up characters and why they aren’t in YOUR Quahog just yet….

missing characters

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