District 7 is now live!

Hello There Clammers!

District 7, Asiantown, is now live in Quahog.  This will only start if you’ve completed the main quest of District 6 (where you unlock Brian & Clear the Bulls)! Lois kicks it off!

2014-05-13 23.20.16

This means Connie and Tricia will be unlocked in our games!

We’ll be back with all the details as we have them…for now enjoy the new content in TQFS!

So what’s new with District 7? Check out the new content below the fold…

First off…your first task is to Enter Asian Town and Build We Heal You Long Time.  This will unlock Connie.  It takes 12hrs to build and will cost you $6,000.

fg_building_chinesemedicalcenter_thumbnail@2x connie-


So what else is new?  Let’s rundown the District…

New Buildings:

building_pfchinese@4xPF Chinese-Comes with Tricia.  Rubble in Asian Town.  Required to clear block first.  Block clear costs $8,000 and takes 2days, 4hrs to complete.  Once block is cleared (and it’s a pretty large strip) It’s a 16hr build and costs $7,500.

fg_building_asiantownnightclub_thumbnail@2xDansu Dansu- 12hr build, $7,500.

fg_building_awfulpersonhattery_v2_thumbnail@2xAwful Person Hattery– 14hr Build, $5,000.  Chance of Exorbitant Hat.  

fg_building_videoarcade_thumbnail@2xVideo Arcade- 16hr build, $10,000.  Chance of Headband.

New Characters:

connie-Connie– We Heal You Long Time

trishatakanawa-Tricia– PF Chinese

New Costumes:

peter_anime-animation-actionModal-002@2x Anime Peter– Requires 8 Hey Cat Keychains, 3 Eyeballs, 8 Sparkles & 3 Headbands

lois-midlifecrisis-animation-shopPic-001@4xMidlife Crisis Lois– Requires 10 Exotic Extract, 15 Exorbitant Hat, 15 Tattoo Ink, 15 Wine Glasses

New Decorations:

decoration_asiantownstreetlantern_thumbnail@2xAsiantown Street Lantern- $250

decoration_asiantownfrontgate_thumbnail@2xAsiantown Front Gate– $500

decoration_parkedrickshaw_thumbnail@2xRickshaw– $1,000

decoration_heycatstatue@4xHey Cat Statue- $1,000

decoration_koipond_thumbnail@2x Koi Pond– $2,000

decoration_gayparadefloat@4xGay Pride Parade Float– $1,575

Premium Stuff:

Solid Gold Emerald– 5 Clams

That’s it for what’s new in District 7 my friends!  We’ll be back with the full District 7 walkthrough shortly.

What do YOU think of Asiantown?  Were you able to start it right away?  What are your thoughts on the new decorations and buildings?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


51 responses to “District 7 is now live!

  1. Why is the Awful Person Hattery building the ugliest one in the game? It looks like a toddler drew it.


  2. Every time I open the game it crashes and I end up with an FAQ page. I’ve contacted tinyco to no success this is going on the third day, I have spent A LOT OF MONEY on this game and countless hours invested in it. They want things I cannot get, user id #, etc because I cannot get past the slap in the face page that says OOPS LOADING ERROR. sigh. Please help…


    • Honestly, TinyCo is the only one that can access your game to see what the issues are. Keep emailing them back and tell them again you can’t give that info as you can’t open the game.


  3. Hi
    I am running the game on an s2 and as of lately the game keeps freezing and to the point where I have to reset my phone as I cant do anything on it,
    Is it due to the game server being overloaded with the people who are now playing the game? or is it something else? My husband has a Sony mobile phone and it does the same thing as my phone. Any ideas on why this is happening?
    I look forward to your response 🙂


  4. Hi, sorry if it’s already been asked, but is there a glitch have with the koi pond ? Every time I click on it to place one I get knocked out of the whole game.
    Thanks in advance


  5. Hi. Since the update i haven’t been able to visit friends. I have done all the basic things still no have contacted tinyco but no response yet. ( this is also happening with that other tapping game.)


    • Thanks for letting us know, we’ll keep an eye out to see if anyone else is experiencing it as well (and yea we’re all over it on the other tapping game 😉 ). Best bet for now is just wait for TC to respond to your request. 🙂


  6. I am still working on Brian, takes forever. And all the time the game is taunting me with pop-ups that Asian Town is no available! Just not for me… 😉


  7. I have a suggestion for the rebuilding part of the game. To me it’s illogic that district 7 was burnt because i had cleared all that was burnt by Peter earlier off. Maybe future districts could be flooded, taken by a tornado etc. It’s a shame to blame Peter and the chicken for future damages as well. 🙂


  8. Have a suggestion, why can’t they add like a remaing xp left to reach the next level, good way to know how far away we are till reaching the next level.

    Like whenever u select XP it gives you like 50/100 to level X


  9. This is Not the best Place to write this but… Can someone tell me if this is a bug, a glitch or it’s just the way it is: When I send the characters on 1minute task I only receive coins, not XP… Thank you in advance


  10. i had to clear two blocks to ready chinatown and when you reach it .. its like 2 days and 4 hrs to clear .. jeez too long a wait


    • Yea it’s a LONG time to clear the land by PF Chinese. I think it’s there way of stretching out the District a bit. Good news is you can clear it right away (if you have the free worker and cash) so that when you need to build it the land is clear. 🙂


      • I should have bought the worker on the last weekend, bummer … But I didn’t have enough clams and after the weekend was over I got double clams coz I had got costumes and unlocked characters.

        Will be interesting to see what’s in store this weekend.


  11. Can someone tell me wat dansu dansu pays u n how often? Like obviously I can see the hour which is 30coins (Really high). So I wanna know how often likd if it’s 120 every 4 or 60 every 2? cuz I may build two. Tip if u start building the same building before it’s complete u can have two. After ones complete n u put it down it’s gone. Comes in handy for stuff that gives u hard items like arcade awful hattery( got 2 if each)


  12. So I’m building a second we heal you long time. Is this a glitch? Will Connie have a twin? Should I suggest this to tinyco? Do I have any other questions I could think of? Well, no. Thanks


  13. Ugh headbands are quite hard to come by.
    : /


    • Yes…they’re quite random. 😦


      • Extra epicly random! Slow going on that front and some serious clamoring..


        • Yeah, for some reason it was easier for me to get those “epic” seashells then those headbands. Now with anime Peter I need another five to get both costumes needing headbands.


    • Got 3 epic eyeballs less than a week, and one headband (to add to the 2 I had earned in August for Lois. Used 3 headbands to complete anime peter.
      Need 5 headbands for Lois to unlock Tricia. Took me 8 weeks to get 3, so maybe sometime in 2015 I will get them.
      Those of you looking for headbands in May, are you still waiting, or did you finally get them, and if so, any tips?


  14. Now that Connie needs hairspray and i collected all the hairspray for mermaid peter and connie my mermaid has gone to zero and now i have to collect all of them again contacted tiny co with no response. THIS IS NOT COOL.


    • When you collect an item that’s used for multiple characters you still need to get double the item for each character. If you use it for one over the other, you’ll need to still earn more.


  15. The task for unlocking tricia says “fight tricia” rather than “help tricia get stuff”
    Whats up with that?


    • She’s actually an easier one to unlock, thankfully! You’ll have to build Anime Peter (Which is a downside) BUT only 1 task per character and they’re all their “fight tasks”.


  16. Wait! “Ruble in Asian Town?”, are we dealing with clams AND Russian currency now?

    Is this temporary, or permanent. After all, we missed Victory Day, and Russia Day isn’t until next month.



  17. Oh my god it’s Ethan Hawke!


  18. Looks like we’re getting lots of land with each new level.


  19. Looks like family guy is going to be generous with the amount of land they give.


  20. I got a little bit too excited when I saw this come up this morning but then forgot that I still need one more book to unlock Brian. Sometimes I also forget how impatient I can be 🙂


  21. Hey everyone, hopefully someone can help me here. I just got a new phone and was wanting to change Family Guy over to my new phone. Every time I click either of the two Facebook Log In buttons, it tells me Existing Account Found and it will replace my current save if I log in. I’ve tried logging out on my other phone to avoid any kind of interference and it doesn’t seem to have an effect. Hopefully I’m just blindly missing something. Thanks


  22. So excited for the new stuff! I’m working on clearing the first block now which will be 14 hrs! Also thought I should say that I have had the Pride Float availble in decorations for almost a week now. Super excited to see how soon Stewie will be unlocked. Keep the updates coming. xD


  23. Just got it and the outfits are sweet as well 🙂


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