Daily Archives: May 10, 2014

What we want: One month in

Hello there addicted Quahogians!

To me, the term “addict” means one thing – a regular dose of something you enjoy. And that really does describe my experience with the game. I love playing this game but I can’t help but think TinyCo could do much more with their game. We are only one month in, which is why I am investigating what TinyCo could bring us in the next week or so.

We have already had a 50% more chance of finding items event, and we have had a minor tie-in circus theme update, but I’m thinking what TinyCo could do to mark one month of this hit game.

I think that they could release a one month update for the start of summer. The reason I say this, is because it can give the game so much more direction. We can get limited time quests, limited time items etc. There could be costumes for Chris, Meg and the rest of the family, and it would be ideal for adding some more content. They could use this as an opportunity for the return of Cleveland (Anyone else think that the game is lacking without him?), the ghost of Horace, Lois’ parents and Peter’s dad. I think that a long quest line incorporating the idea of having to purchase Carter Pewderschmitt with his mansion in the main questline – imagine the diversity between him and Peter!

I would hope that with this update, we can place things on the sea. Currently we can’t place the pirate ship on the sea, but with a summer update, lots more could be added to the sea and the beach to give it that summer feel!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my speculation post on a possible summer update, until next time,

Keep Questing!