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Addicts Poll Question: Did YOU Unlock Pee Pants?

UPDATE:  Now that the event has actually ended, we’ve reopened the poll question.  Let us know if you’ve unlocked Pee Pants.  This is a NEW poll, so if you answered the old one you’ll need to redo it since the old poll was skewed because of the extended event.  

Hello There Clammers!

Now that the Clown Event has come to an end it’s time to see how YOU did.  We want to know if you unlocked the Pee Pants costume.  Let us know in the poll question below…and if you want to go into a little more detail (when you unlocked it, if you did premium or freemium to get it, and what YOU think) sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


Circus is Still In Town….

UPDATE 1:35pm EST: We just received word direct from TinyCo that this will end at 3pm EST (noon PST).  So in just under 1.5hrs from now.  So if you have any last minute collecting to do get those clowns while you still can.  

Good Morning Clammers,

Well after a tense weekend and the constant signs of Ends Sunday I fully expected to wake up this morning to a Clown Free Quahog…..however this is not the case.  It looks like the circus is still in town!

So if you haven’t yet unlocked Pee Pants you still have time to get those last minute clowns to drop pies and horns!

Now…BEFORE you guys start to yell at me (cause I know there are some of you that spent clams to get that last little bit because you were afraid you wouldn’t get it)…we FULLY expected (just like you) for this event to end last night (the poll question post was written ahead of time and scheduled for this morning).  It looks like this was something that was extended at the last minute, perhaps because of your feedback on the Good, the Bad and the Not So Pretty.  Things like this are why we always encourage you NOT to spend clams to speed things up.  You never know what might happen with events like this.

At this point I don’t know when they will disappear.  I’m working on trying to find that out, but keep in mind I’m on the East Coast of the US and TinyCo is on the West Coast (3hrs behind) so it might take a little bit for an answer to come back as it’s not even 6am there yet.  So right now all I can say is just keep playing and see what happens.

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