They’re In My Game, Why Are They Locked?

Hello There Clammers!

Lately we’ve been getting a number of questions about why some characters are locked in TQFS, and how can you unlock them.  In particular Tricia, Connie, Stewie, Carter & Mayor West.  In addition a few new costumes have been added to the game with the last update, an we’ve been getting questions about why the costumes aren’t unlocked for some people, in particular a costume for Peter that says unlocks at level 1.  So let’s take a look at these locked up characters and why they aren’t in YOUR Quahog just yet….

missing characters

You you may be seeing this in your Quahog with you look up these characters:2014-05-13 02.29.04 2014-05-13 02.29.19


These characters are still locked, what gives?  Well…here’s the deal with these locked characters.  While you see them listed as locked, they’re not actually in the game yet.  Consider this a look in the “files” of TQFS.  TinyCo is basically telling you what’s to come in the game with future updates!

-Tricia and Connie will both unlock once District 7 is released in TQFS.
-Carter and Stewie will both unlock once District 8 is released.
-Mayor West and Tom Tucker (not actually in the character build menu just yet) will both unlock once District 9 is released.

So, there’s nothing wrong with your game at this point if you can’t unlock these characters.  They just haven’t been released by TinyCo just yet.  Like I said, consider these guys a preview of what’s to come in the near future!

You might also notice this with some buildings, decorations & characters:
2014-05-13 02.29.36

When it comes to buildings and decorations, if you’re in the Civic Center and there are buildings/decorations still locked for you….those locked items are part of a future update.

As far as costumes are concerned.  If you don’t see it listed as part of the character in the character overview page, it hasn’t been fully released yet & will be part of a future update.

Hopefully this helps ease your mind as to why some characters are still locked up for you.  So you can relax, there’s nothing wrong with your game!  As soon as one of these locked characters, decorations, buildings or costumes is released in the game we’ll be sure to let you know.  For now, go back to building up that income…you’re going to need it for the future updates!

What do YOU think of the concept of the locked, unreleased, characters?  What are your thoughts on knowing what’s coming in the game, but not being able to access it just yet?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!




36 responses to “They’re In My Game, Why Are They Locked?

  1. How do I get stewie unlocked


  2. Ive gotten to level 40 pretty quickly but now it wont count anymore of my XP. Is this the plateau or something?


  3. anyone know when they’re supposed to unlock Level eight and nine?


  4. Struggling to get the eyeballs so I can get the anime peter. Be don’t the tasks loads of times 😦


  5. Drops are a pain. Here’s what they are and the drop ratios I see:

    Common – 1:1 complete the time or pay the clams and it drops every time.

    Uncommon – 1:2 coin flip it drops. Usually every other time at worst.

    Rare: 1:10 – One time in ten activities it will drop. 10% of the time.

    Extra Rare 1:20 – One time in twenty activities it will drop. 5% of the time.

    Epic 1:50 – One time in fifty activities it will drop. 2% of the time. Yuck.

    Again if Tiny Co is going to put special events in, make it obtainable and not have to drink six pots of coffee to make and complete the character quests. That’s a huge turnoff.


  6. New district is out!!!!


  7. It’s here for Android!


  8. This sort of off-topic, but I can’t find any other post: is there a glitch/bug with unlocking Lois’s costumes? Almost 30 attempts at the tai-jitsu head band and only 1 so far. The whip from the fire station and Peter’s job is just as bad.


  9. I gained A LOT of clams playing on my updated Android device, while my IOS was not updated. I have know all premium characters, four builders, all block cleared. I have now more than 1 200(!) clams and 115 000 dollars without spending a real dollar. Was it bug? I don’t know, but I’m happy and awaiting district 7-9. 🙂

    Best regards,
    FGQFS-addict Erik


    • Sorry for bad spelling now and then. My default Swedish keyboard makes it difficult to spell correctly in English. 🙂


      • No worries. And to answer the question, no…not a glitch. As far as I know anyway. The clams were paying out at a higher ratio at one point on friend visits. That has changed. You now also get more clams for completing tasks, so that will add to the count too. 😉


        • I couldn’t believe it when I received 55 clams every login. I was receiving at least 165 every waking hour. 🙂

          I’m thanking my lucky star that I didn’t buy Golden Peter for 1000 clams. 😉


        • I think it was a bug. The same thing happened to me and I gained over 900 clams for free on my android device


    • Well, I tell you my friend I didn’t have that, and I’ve been playing for quite sometime already. I’m about to get 80’s costume for Cleveland. And I’m almost close to get the original character, I believe is a pharaoh.


  10. I just wish they’d release the information about how much it costs so we can know how much to save up for each one.


    • Looks like the items for District 7 show a price (just dark so you have to look hard)..for the buildings and decorations anyway. I think they want to keep the character pricing as at least 1 detail still hidden.


  11. its torturing me not being able to get stewie yet…. but atleast now I can spend money on land instead of saving for chacraters that dont exist yet….


  12. I bought what I thought was just an unlocked decoration as I began on the final available district yesterday. Just looked and it’s now locked! So I now have a gay pride float probably before anyone else 😛 love the fact that they tease what is to come. And I’m sure it makes your job slightly easier, less files to look through 🙂


  13. I’m just ready for something to do. I have all the land blocks, all the costumes, all the characters ( except the premium one), & all the costumes. So I’m just collecting money.


  14. I like how tinyco foreshadows what is coming up in the game. I get all nostalgic, and my tapping fingers get all jittery, I start tapping the buildings, and then unlock the next character. And then “ooh hoo the adventure begins again.”

    P.S. Alissa, did you ever get the email that I sent?


    • I did. Bunny was a little under the weather so i was waiting for her to feel a little better before we talked. Should have a reply to you today 🙂


      • Thanks again for taking the time to consider. I was just curious. If Bunny needs more time, take it. Hopefully all the addicts have a great day. 🙂


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