Christmas 2014 Miracle on Spooner Street

Christmas Tree


Christmas is upon us Clammers!  Here is where you can get all the info Family Guy Addicts puts out about the Christmas Event!

Event Ends December 31st 2014

 Christmas Is Live! (Part 1)

Part 2 is Here!

Basics of Gameplay/What the Heck Is Going on?
Christmas Land!
Character Disclaimer
Character Holiday Tasks (Phase 1)
Question Corner Phase 1 (Secret Santa, Ollie, Jasper & more)
Secret Santa
Phase 1 Updates
Yeti Challenge: Week 2 Tips and Tricks

Gift Boxes
Silver (Premium)

Phase 1
Phase 2
John McClane

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Glitchmas
Gift Box Glitches

Addicts Fun
Holiday Contest- Show us your Quahog! (Entries must be in by 12/20/14)

30 responses to “Christmas 2014 Miracle on Spooner Street

  1. does the Family Guy Christmas event in end today on Tuesday or do we still have through Wednesday to play or is everything disappear on Wednesday I’m a little confused about this


  2. Can you defeat the Yeti completely with just Joe, Mort and Louis or do you need to buy a premium character?


  3. Has anyone completed the Santa gift list? I still have 3 more people: Jesus, quagmire, and Santa. And another question, when I get the new skin for Joe, how hit points does he have to beat the yetti?


  4. The Bygones to I To I Is Know to just ghf just edmonton not get job just the to I Not have get have not know do xghh zero have so with question


  5. anyone else not able to upgrade their tree to the jolly level. Xmas tree i at level 7 but when I click to upgrade, as required in profits and prophets pt 10, nothing happens


    • Sorry never mind, i guess I have the Jolly tree already but I got it before that quest was triggered and so the issue is just that the quest is not being checked off as completed


  6. I can’t make any stripped stockings anymore. Is that suppose to happen?


  7. I’ve beaten childish yeti 3xs … when does it advance .. or is this a glitch?
    Thank you


  8. I’d like to know if you guys think John is worth the clams.


    • So far he has been really helpful in getting stockings while defeating the Yeti. To me he is. Each person has to make that choice though. Will he still be worth it to you months from now? Will you be happy you got him? Regret if you didn’t?


  9. Okay thank you. I have unlocked morts new skin. And if I have him and Lois to defeat cowboy yetti, would I still have enough time to get Rupert snowman?


  10. does anyone know how many clams would it take to re-start/finish cowboy yetti? I know the regular yetti only costed 13 clams. Is that the same? Help.


  11. I wish I hadn’t clicked on the Yeti cave fight scenario! Now i have less than 24 hours and Mort is NOWHERE near having his Hannukah powers activated. Bum deal. I wish there had been a Timer Warning or something.


  12. It asks me all the time I just decline all the time sorry you can’t play though


  13. try Blue stacks that works good I never liked andy anyways


  14. Thanks for locking out us users how rely on emulators to play their game.
    can no longer spend the clams i have purchased so will be looking for a full refund from tinyco.
    should not be able to download it from the playstore if its no longer supported by the andy emulator


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