Christmas Phase 2 Is Live!

Hello There Clammers!

Well it looks like TinyCo had some success in getting the update out…as phase 2 is now live!  In order to kick it off you must go to your tree and tap on it (it should have a bow).  This will upgrade your tree to the 2nd Phase.

One thing you’ll notice is it looks like TinyCo decided to make a little winter storm hit Quahog…as the blizzard conditions have picked up & some wind is now whipping in town!

Miracle on Spooner Street

We’ll be back with more info as soon as we go through it…

More details below the fold…

Let’s start with the new stuff to buy…

Sorry guys…more images are coming.  Waiting for Bunny to land safely and get home so she can help me pull them.  They’ll be up either today or tomorrow…but this should give you a good starting point with info 🙂

New Buildings

Nakatomi PlazaNakatomi Plaza- 250 Cookies.  4hr Build.  Earns 12 Cookies and 2 HC/8hrs.  You WILL be required to build this as part of the questline…so it’s up to you when you want to start it.

Quagmire's CabinQuagmire’s Cabin- 500 Cookies.  8hr Build.  Earns 8 Cookies and 1HC/4hrs This is also required for the questline…

Frosty's Butt Flavored IceFrosty-butt’s Flavored Ice- 200 Clams.  Earns 10 Cookies, 2HC and ALWAYS drops Snowflakes/ 6hrs.

Hanukkah Mort's PharmacyHanukkah Mort’s Pharmacy- 100 Clams.  Earns 10 Cookies, 2HC and ALWAYS drops 1 of the items needed for Mort/ 6hrs

New Decorations

PoinesettiasPoinsettias- 50 Cookies

MenorahMenorah- 75 Cookies

New Mystery Box

Silver Gift Box- 75 Clams.  Chance to win the following:

Big Ol' NutcrackerBig Ol’ Nutcracker- Decoration

Ice CastleIce Castle- Building, Earns 1 Cookie/hr

Fluffy Snow GlobeFluffy Snow Globe- Decoration

Breakdancing DreidelBreakdancing Dreidel- Decoration

Ye New Christmas ShoppeYe New Christmas Shoppe- Building Earns 1 Cookie/hr

Gingerbread MansionGingerbread Mansion- Earns 23 Cookies and 18 HC/hr

Christmas Cookies100 Christmas Cookies

Red Doll Stocking2 Dolls

Snowflake Stocking2 Snowflakes

Clams100 Clams

Clams150 Clams


New Characters

Hanukkah MortHanukkah Mort

Hanukkah Mort is a festive skin for Mort.  You’ll find him in Al Harrington’s to craft.  Here are the details on how to get him:

You’ll need..

Christmas Cookies1,000 Christmas Cookies

Jeweled Dreidel5 Jeweled Dreidels (Uncommon)- Get By: Make Peter Put Up the Tree OR Make Mort Swallow Jewels OR Make Stan Lee Practice Peter Parkour OR Get From Snowy McBurgertown OR Make John Roll Out OR Get from Hanukkah Mort’s Pharmacy

Star of David Shield8 Star of David Shields (Rare)- Get By: Make Lois Train in Flame Combat OR Make Dr. Hartman Test Experimental Drugs OR Make Jerome Be a Superior Athlete OR Get From Hanukkah Mort’s Pharmacy

Super Menorah10 Super-Menorah (Rare)- Get By: Make Stan Keep America Safe OR Make Chris Get a Job OR Make Mort Jetpack to Safety OR Get From Hanukkah Mort’s Pharmacy

For those curious…it’ll cost around 200 Clams to instant build.  Depending on how many Cookies you have. 

Remember: If you unlock Hanukkah Mort before the Christmas event ends, this costume is yours to keep! If he is not completely unlocked, the costume will disappear when the event ends.


You can craft Jesus in the Workshop…BUT he’ll take a while to get.  To get Jesus you’ll need:

Christmas Cookies15,000 Christmas Cookies 

Snowflake Stocking100 Snowflakes: Get From Clearing the Viking Yeti OR Frosty-butt’s Flavored Ice.

However, there’s something cool with Jesus….Once you have Jesus, he will help you defeat Yeti. Once you level him up to Level 3, he will have a special 24-hour action, “Turn Water into Clams,” which has a chance to drop clams!

New Premium Character to Buy

John McClaneJohn in Argyle’s Limo- 200 Clams.  Limo earns 5 Cookies and 1 HC/2hrs.  John can also attack the Yeti.

John’s attack level for the Yeti is a 2 or 3…higher than Lois & Mort.  Great in combination with them to defeat the Yeti Quickly!

YES…he is voiced.  And YES he says what you’re all hoping he says.

For those that don’t know….he’s from Die Hard.  And YES it is Bruce Willis voice.

Argyle's Limo


2014-12-12 03.04.33

You’ll find the Yeti in your Christmas Village.  To defeat the Yeti you’ll need Sexy Santa Lois, Hanukkah Mort, John or Jesus (when you get him) to do the 4-hour action “Battle the Yeti”.  Each completed attack will do either low or high damage to the Yeti.  The higher the level the harder he is to defeat.

You can send multiple characters to attack him at once…this defeats him faster

2014-12-12 03.01.38

Each time you attack the Yeti and defeat him you’ll move him up to a new level, where he’ll change hats:

2014-12-12 03.02.15

Each level of defeat the rewards increase…

As you can see not every hat is unlocked yet…more will unlock as the event progresses.

You’ll be able to see his health meter as it will float over his head….

2014-12-12 03.52.32

Here’s some more Yeti FAQ, this is based off the in-game FAQ provided by TinyCo:

How Often Does the Yeti respawn?
After you defeat him he’ll respawn again in 4hrs.  When he comes back he’ll be at the next level.

What’s the 24hr Timer For?
This counts down how long you have to defeat the Yeti to keep the streak going.  Once you defeat him the clock will reset back to 24hrs.  The streak is the only way to get him to increase his hat level…ie you earn more rewards for beating him.

If you don’t defeat him within 24hrs, he’ll escape and reset back to the first hat level…Viking.

What Are the Different Yeti Levels & How Many Health Points Does it Take to Defeat Him at Each Point?
The levels are…

2014-12-12 03.02.15

And it takes:

5 HP at Viking Level to Defeat
10 HP at Cowboy Level to Defeat
18 HP at Childish Level to Defeat

New Gift Box

Snowflake Gift Box!

Snowflake Gift Box

To open a Snowflake Gift Box you’ll need…

Christmas Cookies500 Christmas Cookies

Candy Cane Stocking4 Candy Canes

Snowflake Stocking2 Snowflakes 

Get the Candy Canes from clearing Snowmen.  Snowflakes can only be earned through the Yeti…or the premium version of buying Frosty-butt’s Flavored Ice.  

What’s inside the Snowflake Gift Box?

We’ll have a more detailed post on this later but you can win…

Royal Flush Poker TableRoyal Flush Poker Table
Rolly HamsterRolly Hamster
Snowy PlaygroundSnowy Playground
Santa's ThroneSanta’s Throne
Death Roe CaviarDeath Roe Caviar

Again more details on each item will be in another post…

Weekly Challenge..

For this week’s Challenge you’ll have to defeat Cowboy Yeti (the middle level) in 4 days.  This should be fairly easy to achieve.  Just continuously send Lois to defeat him once it triggers.  Although if you have Mort it can make it go faster.

2014-12-12 03.08.22

Peter triggers this one after you’ve checked out the details on the Yeti and defeated him once.  It will be shortly after The Great Quahog Blizzard Pt. 2.  So if you don’t want to trigger it…don’t tap on Peter after that point.

Update: Sorry guys…I couldn’t remember last night if it was after Part 2 or 3 that the challenge triggered.  So I went with shortly after Part 2.  Better to be safe then sorry.  If it’s not triggering for you…finish part 3 and see if that helps it trigger.  However, if you don’t want to trigger it…don’t tap on Peter after you get the Clams popup.  (below)

What can you win this week?

Snowman RupertSnowman Rupert! 

2014-12-12 04.02.02

Clam Deal!

Peter Triggers this…BEFORE the Week 2 Challenge:

2014-12-12 03.03.36


And that my friends…is all the details on Phase 2 of Quahog Christmas!

What do YOU think of the Phase 2 Update?  Thoughts on the Yeti?  Similar to items in the past..yet completely different.  What’s your take?  Thoughts on Hanukkah Mort? How about the new decorations/buildings?  How about John entering the game?  Sound off in the comments below, you we LOVE hearing from you!



533 responses to “Christmas Phase 2 Is Live!

  1. I’ve been play this hole time and I’m only missing snowman Rupert. I’ve got the rest mabye its not by week and has to do with quest.and I can’t do the one with stewie cause I’m not that far in the game . I don’t have stewie.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How do I unlock Santa? It says I need the Gold Gift Box, which I have.


  3. Does anyone know how many clams Jesus gives after completing the quest turning water into clams? Just curios?


  4. I accidentally spent a huge number of cookies while saving up for Jesus! I only have 5000 left now. Any advice on how I can quickly get back up to the level I’ll need before his timer runs out????


  5. Bunny, Alissa, does anyone notice that stewie has another costume that is gray, I have all of them, is this one to be released


  6. I just opened a task for Mort to use his Spinning Dreidel attack on the yeti. Does anyone know if it causes more damage than his original 1-2 damage?

    I’m trying to defeat childish yeti again while John is searching the elevator shaft at Nakatomi Plaza. I fell asleep and missed a reset for Lois and Mort and now looks like I won’t be able to beat the yeti without a miracle.


    • That’s a negative, Ghost Rider.

      I should have know since I had Mort do the Spin the Dreidel move to kill time while the yeti was regenerating, before. The way it was presented in the cut dialogue made it sound like it t would. Now there’s no way I’m going to beat the yeti, thus ending my 7-yeti streak.

      I do want to say I really appreciate this site and all of the helpful tips I’ve learned.


  7. I missed the dialouge for when you get the rollyhamster, does anyone remember what was said?


  8. Anyone notice the shaded out character on Jesus face space? I think it may be Santa Claus.


    • Nope; haven’t spent that much money to have Jesus already (probably Thursday). BUT… would it really be all that surprising if it is Santa? We already know we can get him by completing the Wish List. We already know how significant both are to Christmas. Making them friends on FaceSpace seems logical enough…


  9. you said there was a questline for Phase II?


  10. What is the list of prizes for striped gift box?


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