Daily Archives: December 12, 2014

Gift Boxes Glitches

UPDATE BUNNY: In the process of troubleshooting these issues, they want to look more into specific games impacted. For those of you with EITHER issue, can you please email me with your Player ID or a Screenshot of it (Main Menu, Account, Long # lower right corner), the issue that YOU ran into, and what it has prevented (like missing Jasper items or can’t progress).  Thanks so much for your help. 😉 

I am needing a couple Player ID’s from those that ONLY were locked out and did not get all of the items, like the building for Jasper. Please send me your info ASAP. 😉 


Hey there Ho Ho Ho’s. Jumping on in to offer some updates on one of the things we are seeing in the comments. The MAIN one right now is the Gift Box lockouts.

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