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Christmas Character Disclaimer…

Hello There Clammers!

Just a friendly little character disclaimer in the game right now…

The ONLY Characters/Skins available in the game right now (at this very moment, phase 1) are:

Sexy Santa Lois and Jasper

Sexy Santa Lois 1

YES…there are characters/skins teased in FaceSpace for the event but they’re not yet available to get in the game.  So focus on Sexy Santa Lois and Jasper and don’t worry about what’s not yet in the game 🙂

So what are these characters teased in FaceSpace?  Details below the fold…

WARNING…mild spoilers below.  

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Christmas Land!

Hello There Clammers!

Christmas has arrived in Quahog!  Snow is covering the ground and falling from the sky!  Santa is in town…and gifts are coming out of the workshop at a steady pace!  Can it get any better?

Well…TinyCo has another gift in store!  This gift is in the form of LAND!!!

Yes, for the Christmas Event TinyCo as released another strip of land AND there’s the promise of more land in the District 10 area!

Curious about these new patches of snowy Quahog?  Let’s break down the details..

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