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Final Call for American Dad!

Hello There Clammers!

In about 3hrs the American Dad Event will leave our games (3pm PST, 6pm EST…2300GMT) …for good!  So make your FINAL purchases before it’s too late!

Stan Hide Roger


Just what’s leaving?  EVERYTHING pertaining to American Dad that’s in the store (if you already have it in your game it’s yours forever..).  A complete list will be below the fold…for those who aren’t quite sure what’s AD and what’s FG.

What about the characters?  As a reminder…Characters that you purchased but did not yet unlock will STAY.  You will have unlimited time to finish earning the items needed to collect them.  However, if you haven’t yet purchased their item that they come with and placed it in Quahog…you MUST do so before the event ends, otherwise they’ll disappear from the store.  Got it?  Make sense?  No?  Here’s a shorter version…
Step 1: Buy characters with Cash.
Step 2: Place in your town.
Step 3: See cute lil bubbles over their head with items to collect.

If you have NOT done steps 1 and 2 and don’t see Step 3 for ANY character related to American Dad (Stan, Steve, Hayley, Francine & Roger)…you will NOT be able to unlock them when the event is over.  So I suggest you do steps 1 and 2 before 3pm PST… 🙂

So now, for a list of what stays and what goes…well honestly just what goes…click below the fold  Continue reading

Halloween Results & A New Poll About Thanksgiving

Hello There Clammers!

Not to long ago I asked for your feedback and thoughts on Halloween 2014…and as usual you guys didn’t disappoint!  And your results are below the fold….

But before we get to those results we had another holiday event hit our games…Thanksgiving!  So we wanted to get your feedback on Thanksgiving 2014 and what you thought of it….

Now let’s get into the results of the Halloween Poll…

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